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This is the second series to use a special nomenclature for its episodes, similar to the Super Sentai series; in this case, having them called "Chapters" ( Shō)[1].

The names for the episodes are also written like descriptive sentences, along with being broken by commas, and ending with periods. The visual effect on the title is that of an opening book, and the font used has an ancient tale aesthetic.

  1. Chapter 1: In The Beginning, There Was a Flame Swordsman. (はじめに、炎の剣士あり。 Hajime ni, Honō no Kenshi Ari.)
  2. Chapter 2: The Water Swordsman, Along With a Blue Lion. (水の剣士、青いライオンとともに。 Mizu no Kenshi, Aoi Raion to Tomo ni.)
  3. Chapter 3: A Father, and a Swordsman. (父であり、剣士。 Chichi de ari, Kenshi.)
  4. Chapter 4: I Opened the Book, Therefore. (本を開いた、それゆえに。 Hon o Aita, Sore Yue ni.)
  5. Chapter 5: My Friend, the Thunder Swordsman. (我が友、雷の剣士につき。 Waga Tomo, Kaminari no Kenshi ni Tsuki.)
  6. Chapter 6: Like the Wind, He Arrives. (疾風の如く、見参。 Hayate no Gotoku, Kenzan.)
  7. Chapter 7: The Sword of the King, Lies in Avalon. (王の剣、アヴァロンにあり。 Ō no Ken, Avaron ni Ari.)
  8. Chapter 8: The One That Is Sealed Is, Arthur. (封印されしは、アーサー。 Fūin sa Reshi wa, Āsā.)
  9. Chapter 9: Overlap, the Swordsman's Timbre. (重なり合う、剣士の音色。 Kasanariau, Kenshi no Neiro.)
  10. Chapter 10: Crossing Swords, and Crossing Feelings. (交わる剣と、交差する想い。 Majiwaru Ken to, Kōsa Suru Omoi.)
  11. Chapter 11: Disturbed Thunder, Spreading Dark Clouds. (乱れる雷、広がる暗雲。 Midareru Kaminari, Hirogaru An'un.)
  12. Chapter 12: The Promise, in that Place. (約束の、あの場所で。 Yakusoku no, Ano Basho de.)
  13. Chapter 13: I, Will Stay True, To My Convictions. (俺は、俺の、思いを貫く。 Ore wa, Ore no, Omoi wo Tsuranuku.)
  14. Chapter 14: These Feelings, Dwell in this Blade. (この思い、剣に宿して。 Kono Omoi, Ken ni Yado Shite.)
  15. Chapter 15: Beyond The Resolution, and Beyond. ((覚悟を超えた、その先に。 Kakugo o Koeta, Sono Sakini.)
  16. Chapter 16: Saving the World, A Ray of Light. (世界を救う、一筋の光。 Sekai o Sukuu, Hitosuji no Hikari.)
  17. Chapter 17: The Ancient Messenger, of Either Light or Shadow. (古の使者は、光か影か。 Inishie no Shisha wa, Hikari ka Kage ka.)
  18. Chapter 18: The Flame's Obsession, Defeating the Megid. (炎の執念、メギドを討つ。 Honō no Shūnen, Megido o Utsu.)
  19. Chapter 19: Flame and Light, Sword and Sword. (炎と光、剣と剣。 Honō to Hikari, Ken to Ken.)
  20. Chapter 20: To Destroy the Stronghold, the Will of the Sword. (牙城を崩す、剣の意志。 Gajō o Kuzusu, Ken no Ishi.)
  21. Chapter 21: Shine the Best, Full Color. (最高に輝け、全身全色(フルカラー)。 Saikō ni Kagayake, Zenshin Zen Iro (Furu Karā).)
  22. Chapter 22: Nevertheless, I Want to Save People. (それでも、人を救いたい。 Soredemo, Hito o Sukuitai.)
  23. Chapter 23: Raging, Hand of Ruin. (荒れ狂う、破滅の手。 Arekuruu, Hametsu no te.)
  24. Chapter 24: On My Father's Back, the Future He Carried. (父の背中、背負った未来。 Chichi no Senaka, Shotta Mirai.)
  25. Chapter 25: Clad in Smoke, the Crimson Assassin. (煙をまといし、真紅の刺客。 Kemuri o Matoishi, Shinku no Shikaku.)
  26. Chapter 26: Deep Darkness, With a Sword. (深き闇、剣と共に。 Fukaki Yami, Ken to Tomoni.)
  27. Chapter 27: Sorrow, Turn It Into a Smile. (哀しみを、笑顔に変えて。 Kanashimi o, Egao ni Kaete.)
  28. Chapter 28: Writing the Past, Drawing the Future. (記す過去、描く未来。 Shirusu Kako, Kaku Mirai.)
  29. Chapter 29: At That Moment, the Swordsman made his Move. (その時、剣士が動いた。 Sonotoki, Kenshi ga Ugoita.)
  30. Chapter 30: Bonded, Even When Apart. (絆、切り裂かれても。 Kizuna, Kirisaka Rete mo.)
  31. Chapter 31: Believing in Strength, Strength Believed In. (信じる強さ、信じられる強さ。 Shinjiru Tsuyo-sa, Shinji Rareru Tsuyo-sa.)
  32. Chapter 32: My Thoughts, Crystallized. (僕の想い、結晶となりて。 Boku no Omoi, Kesshō to Narite.)


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