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Kamen Rider SD was published in several manga series from various publications. Comic BomBom, CoroCoro Comics, TV Land and TV Magazine.

Kamen Rider SD: Mighty Riders

Kamen Rider SD: Mighty Riders was a manga published by Kodansha's Comic Bonbon imprint from June 1992 to December of 1993. The story involves Kamen Rider Black RX as the protagonist.

Image Release Date ISBN #
SD Rider Manga
March 1992 978-4061766280
Mighty Ridersd SD Vol. 2
June 1992 978-4061766457
Mighty Riders Vol. 3
October 1992 978-4061766532
Mighty Riders Vol. 4
March 1993 978-4061766723
Mighty Riders Vol. 5
December 1993 978-4061767119

Kamen Rider SD: The Legend of Stormy Ace

Kamen Rider SD: The Legend of Stormy Ace (仮面ライダーSD疾風伝説 Kamen Raidā Esu Dī: Kaze no Densetsu) was a manga series which ran in CoroCoro Comics from January 1992 until April of 1993 and later collected into three volumes published by CoroCoro's Lady(bird/bug?) Comics division. It was then reprinted in 2004 in two volumes published by Asahi Sonorama. [1].

The story centers around Kamen Rider V3 and his adventures with the other 10 Kamen Riders.

Image Release Date ISBN #
Gale Legend Vol 1
October 1992 (Volume 1) 978-4091420312
Gale Legend Vol. 2
March 1993 (Volume 2) 978-4091420329
Gale Legend Vol. 3
June 1993 978-4091420336

Kamen Rider SD: Roaring Laughs School

Image Release Date ISBN #
Roaring Laughs Vol. 1
July 1992 978-4091420213
Roaring Laughs Vol. 2
April 1993 978-4091420220

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