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Icon-krThis article is about an OVA in the Kamen Rider Series.

Kamen Rider SD: Strange!? Man Spider (仮面ライダーSD 怪奇!?クモ男, Kamen Raidā Esu Dī Kaiki!? Kumo Otoko) is an OVA based on the Kamen Rider SD manga. It was originally released to video on March 22nd, 1993.


The OVA begins with the Kamen Rider squad called the Battle Riders, consisting of Black RX, Rider 1, and ZX destroying a Grand Shocker soldier factory, after which Rider 1 decides to speed around the race track whilst Black RX and ZX gamble. After being beat up by ZX for welching on his losses, Black RX reveals he has fallen in love with Michiru, an instructor at a local Sportsclub.

Rider 1, Tachibana and ZX decide to help Black RX win Michiru over. After ZX's plan goes completely wrong, Michiru is kidnapped by Kumo Otoko. Shortly afterwards, Black RX is ordered to come alone to a cave to retrieve her from Grand Shocker. Defying Rider 1 and ZX's advice, Black RX goes to save Michiru, only to find she's been brainwashed and ordered to kill him. Black RX is beaten senseless by Kumo and Michiru and is helpless to retaliate.

After Rider 1 and ZX show up to help, Tachibana calls in V3's squad for assistance. The Mechanic Riders, V3, X, and Super-1 make short work of Grand Shocker's troops while Rider 1 and ZX assist Black RX. Super-1 is able to break the mind control over Michiru, after which Black RX destroys Man Spider.

Afterwards, Michiru is awoken by V3, who instantly becomes smitten with her. V3 and Michiru ride off into the sunset, while Black RX is left behind to cry over his loss, which he quickly forgets after triumphantly burying the defeated General Jak in the sand.

Movie Background[]

The Kamen Riders do not appear to have human forms in this movie, and remain in their transformed states throughout the entire movie. (A flashback indicates that BLACK RX and Shadowmoon have both been Kamen Riders ever since they were children, negating the existence of Kamen Rider BLACK.) The shapes of their helmets change to show their emotion; their mouthplates move while they are talking. Akiji Kobayashi was the only Kamen Rider live action veteran to voice his character, Tachibana Tobei; Hiroshi Fujioka and the other past actors did not reprise their roles for this animated short.


Kamen Rider Squad[]

Kamen Rider Black RX Black RX
Kamen Rider 1 Kamen Rider 1
Kamen Rider ZX ZX
Kamen Rider V3 V3
Kamen Rider X X
Kamen Rider Super-1 Super-1
Skyrider Skyrider
Riderman Riderman
Kamen Rider 2 Kamen Rider 2
Kamen Rider Amazon Amazon
Kamen Rider Stronger Stronger

Grand Shocker[]

Century King Shadow Moon Shadow Moon

Other Characters[]

Home Media Releases[]

Kamen Rider SD: Strange!? Man Spider was released on VHS on March 22nd 1993.

Kamen Rider SD: Strange!? Man Spider was released in a Blu-ray Box set alongside Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue, Kamen Rider ZO and Kamen Rider J.

  • Kamen Rider: Shin · ZO · J Blu-ray Disc BOX, which contains Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue, Kamen Rider ZO, Kamen Rider J and Kamen Rider SD: Strange!? Man Spider was released on December 24th, 2015.


  • RX (RX, Aru Ekussu): Jo Onodera (小野寺 丈, Onodera Jō)
  • No. 1 (1号, Ichigo): Hideyuki Tanaka (田中 秀幸, Tan aka Hideyuki)
  • ZX (ZX, Zekurosu): Keiichi Nanba (難波 圭一, Nanba Keiichi)
  • Tobei Tachibana (立花 藤兵衛, Tachibana Tobei): Akiji Kobayashi (小林 昭二, Kobayashi Akiji)
  • V3 (V3, Bui Surī): Ryoichi Tanaka (田中 亮一, Tan aka Ryōichi)
  • Super-1 (スーパー1, Sūpā Wan): Toshio Kobayashi (小林 俊夫, Kobayashi Toshio)
  • X (X, Ekkusu): Yasuhiko Kawazu (川津 泰彦, Kawazu Yasuhiko)
  • Skyrider (スカイライダー, Sukairaidā): Masaya Onosaka (小野坂 昌也, Onosaka Masaya)
  • Riderman (ライダーマン, Raidāman), Scorpion Man (さそり男, Sasori-Otoko): Hisao Egawa (江川 央生, Egawa Hisao)
  • General Jark (ジャーク将軍, Jāku Shōgun): Takeshi Aono (青野 武, Aono Takeshi)
  • Shadow Moon (シャドームーン, Sha dō Mūn): Kaneto Shiozawa (塩沢 兼人, Shiozawa Kaneto)
  • Man Spider (クモ男, Man Spider): Masaharu Sato (佐藤 正治, Satō Masaharu)
  • Demon God Great Leader (魔神大首領, Majin Daishuryō): Michihiro Ikemizu (池水 通洋, Ikemizu Michihiro)