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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This film contains scenes of implied suicide. Viewer discretion is advised!

Kamen Rider Ryuki The Movie: EPISODE FINAL (劇場版 仮面ライダー龍騎 EPISODE FINALエピソード・ファイナル, Gekijōban Kamen Raidā Ryūki: Episōdo Fainaru, Masked Rider Ryuki The Movie: EPISODE FINAL) is a Japanese superhero film that serves as the Summer Movie adaptation of Kamen Rider Ryuki, double billed with Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: Shushuuto the MovieIcon-crosswiki.png. In the film, the Rider War reaches its climax as the final six contenders fight it out for the sake of their hopes and dreams, while Shinji is confronted with a dark version of himself.

The movie catchphrase is "Ryuki's shocking ending. The final episode, made into a movie first." (龍騎、衝撃の結末。最終回、先行映画化。, Ryūki, shōgeki no ketsumatsu. Saishūkai, senkou eigaka.).

The initial tentative title was Kamen Rider Ryuki: The Movie (劇場版 仮面ライダー龍騎, Gekijōban Kamen Raidā Ryūki, Masked Rider Ryuki: The Movie) with the first trailer only showcasing footage from early episodes of Ryuki.[1]

Continuity and Placement

  • This movie serves as the "finale, final chapter of TV series"[2]. It can be considered an alternate timeline of events to the TV series ending.
    • It was hinted to be one of the reseted timeline by Time Vent.[3]
  • This movie can also be considered occurring after episode 44 but before episode 45, with this being the replacement of the series' final 6 episodes. However, some minor errors may be induced by this assumption:
    • The reason and year of the death of Yui's parents, as well as those of Yui in her childhood, are different from the TV series.
    • Kamen Rider Tiger doesn't appear and is replaced by Kamen Rider Femme, though there may be some events between episode 44 and the movie to cause this to happen.
    • Despite Ren's intentions to fight only to save his girlfriend's life, it was never clearly stated in this movie.
    • Shiro Kanzaki does not find another Odin, which contradicts his words to let the final surviving Rider fight Odin. Nevertheless, Odin's arrival would be impossible due to the Battle Fight going past its time limit with no final Rider settled and Kanzaki disappearing right after Yui's death.


This movie is an alternate ending to the series, taking place after the events of episode 44. With only six Riders remaining in the Rider War, Shirō Kanzaki feels that time is running short. As Yui's life grows short, she recalls memories and shows Shinji Kido and Ren Akiyama pictures of her childhood drawing, which explains the reasoning for the Advent Monsters and Shiro's reason to start the Rider War. Shinji, while on a case bumps into Miho Kirishima after she manages to con another wealthy man and take Shinji's wallet. Once he chases after her, the two of them reveal themselves as Riders to each other, before they are suddenly forced into fighting Mirror Monsters. Upon their first battle together, Shinji, then as Kamen Rider Ryuki and as always, tries to convince Miho, as Kamen Rider Femme, not to fight, and she rejects. The other Riders continue to fight with one another, with their own goals present. Miho is revealed to fight for two reasons: to seek revenge on Takeshi Asakura who murdered her sister, and to resurrect her sister. The other, Ryuga, fights so he can be a real human in the real world.

Takeshi Asakura as Ouja battles Miho as Femme and after a few blows are exchanged Femme is on the losing side. Ouja unites his monsters to form Genocider and aims to finish Femme off for good. He's interrupted by Ryuga, who attacks him with his own Final Vent, destroying Genocider and reverting Ouja to his blank form. Femme then finds Ouja, and strikes his Advent deck, shattering it, which leaves him unable to survive in the Mirror World. He disappears after attempting to kill Femme before disintegrating as the first of the six remaining Riders to be finished. During the battle, Shuichi Kitaoka, as Kamen Rider Zolda trades blows with Femme, injuring his wrist and leaving him unconscious following the battle. He tells Goro Yura he will fight again, but he changes his mind and decides to forfeit his mission as a Rider, instead choosing to date Reiko Momoi again.

Miho and Shinji's relationship continues to develop. She treats him to dinner, claiming Shinji had saved her life and assisted her in getting a step closer to winning the Rider War with Shinji completely unsure of her sudden kind attitude to him. While in the bathroom, Shinji's mirror image enters the real world, and disguised as the real one, tries to throw Miho off the roof of the building where they are. As she realizes that he isn't Shinji, he reveals himself as Ryuga, and Miho transforms to Femme to fight him. Ren, as Kamen Rider Knight, was fighting another Mirror Monster when notices Ryuga and Femme fighting, mistaking Ryuga to be Shinji. Femme is soon mortally wounded, but is saved by Shinji as Ryuki who then catches a glimpse of his own mirror doppelganger before Ryuga leaves.

After leaving the Mirror World, Shinji and Miho share a final moment together, before Miho dies from her wounds shortly after seeing Shinji off. Ren returns to Shinji, thinking the latter had finally realised the meaning of the Rider War and demands the two of them fight, while Shinji rejects Ren bluntly and claims he never thought of that. Shinji then remembers that he had previously known Yui as a child, and that he had abandoned her previously. This made her enter the mirror world and merge with her mirror self, resulting in Shiro starting the Rider Fight in the first place so as to grant Yui a new life. Shinji realizes that everything that has happened all along was all his fault, and breaks down as his mirror self emerges from a reflection.

Taking Shinji's guilt into account, Ryuga tricks Shinji into uniting their bodies so he can be a real human, taking over Shinji's body in the process. This is seen by Ren, who transforms into Knight and battles Ryuga. As the two of them fight, Yui meets with her brother in Room 401 as her twentieth birthday approaches. Shiro vows to always be at Yui's side to protect her, however Yui tells him that he doesn't need to anymore as she eventually loses consciousness after blowing the candles on her birthday cake. Shiro, opening the windows to the room, notices blood dripping from her left arm and realizes that his sister had taken her own life. He lets out a scream of agony, causing all the mirrors in the city to shatter and summon an army of Hydragoons as he vanishes.

In the midst of the battle, Ren as Knight hears Shiro's scream. He detransforms and rushes to Room 401 only to find Yui's corpse still sitting in her chair. Ryuga eventually arrives at the scene as well and is about to strike the finishing blow onto Ren when he notices Yui as well. Shinji then struggles and separates from Ryuga, finally understanding Yui's actions as she didn't want the life of another person. In denial of this, Ryuga attempts to subdue Shinji, who transforms into his Rider form as well. After a climatic battle, Ryuga is killed by his original counterpart via Ryuki's Final Vent. Following the battle, Ren tells Shinji that he must win, and Shinji agrees he shall not let up and will fight Ren willingly. Before they fight, Shinji and Ren transform into their respective Survive Rider forms and face a horde of Hydragoon Mirror Monsters as the movie ends.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Ryuki Shinji Kido
Kamen Rider Knight Ren Akiyama
Kamen Rider Zolda Shuichi Kitaoka
Kamen Rider Femme Miho Kirishima

Kanzaki Family

ORE Journal



Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Ouja Takeshi Asakura
Kamen Rider Ryuga Dark Shinji/Shinji Kido

Mirror Monster


Guest actors

All main actors from Kamen Rider Agito made cameo appearances in this movie.

  • Restaurant Staff (レストラン店員, Resutoran Ten'in): Toshiki Kashū (賀集 利樹, Kashū Toshiki, Cameo)
  • Amusement Park Staff (遊園地スタッフ, Yūenchi Sutaffu): Rina Akiyama (秋山 莉奈, Akiyama Rina, Cameo)
  • Asakura's Victim (浅倉の被害者, Asakura no Higaisha): Yūsuke Tomoi (友井 雄亮, Tomoi Yūsuke, Cameo)
  • Okonomiyaki Restaurant Customers (お好み焼き屋の客, Okonomiyaki-ya no Kyaku): Jun Kaname (要 潤, Kaname Jun, Cameo), Tōko Fujita (藤田 瞳子, Fujita Tōko, Cameo), Jun Yamasaki (山崎 潤, Yamasaki Jun, Cameo)
  • Okonomiyaki Restaurant Staff (お好み焼き屋店員, Okonomiyaki-ya Ten'in): Akiyoshi Shibata (柴田 明良, Shibata Akiyoshi, Cameo)

Suit Actors

Advent Cards

  • Cards used:
    • Ryuki:
      • Final Vent, Survive Rekka
    • Knight:
      • Darkwing, Trick Vent, Final Vent, Survive Shippu
    • Zolda:
      • Shoot Vent, Final Vent
    • Ouja:
      • Sword Vent, Evildiver, Venosnaker, Unite Vent, Final Vent (Genocider)
    • Femme:
      • Sword Vent, Final Vent, Guard Vent
    • Ryuga:
      • Final Vent, Dragblacker, Strike Vent, Sword Vent
  • Weapons/Powers summoned:
    • Ryuki:
      • Dragon Rider Kick, Dragreder, Dragvisorzwei
    • Knight:
      • Darkwing, Trick Vent, Flyinglancer, Darkvisorzwei
    • Zolda:
      • Gigalauncher, Gigacannon, End of World
    • Ouja:
      • Veno Saber, Evildiver, Venosnaker, Genocider, Doomsday (failure attempt)
    • Femme:
      • Wing Slasher, Misty Slash, Wing Shield
    • Ryuga:
      • Dark Dragon Rider Kick, Dragblacker, Dragclaw, Dragsaber

Additional scenes in Director's Cut

A Director's Cut edition of the film was released on DVD, including about 20 minutes of additional scenes. These scenes include:

  • The opening scene has an additional sequence showing the thirteen Riders' respective Final Vent cards, before seven of them vanish, leaving only the cards of the Riders featured in the film.
  • Before Shinji and Reiko confront the "con artist", there is a scene of them meeting up with Miho at a restaurant.
  • An additional scene is added where Ryuki performs his Dragon Rider Kick on a group of Sheerghosts.
  • A flashback is inserted showing Asakura killing Miho's sister.
  • Miho suggests teaming up with Ren and Shinji to defeat Asakura, but Ren declines. Shinji then questions her as to whether her vendetta towards Asakura is true or not.
  • In the director's cut, Miho lures Shinji to a Thai restaurant in order to help her shake off a past victim of her con act. This scene features a longer cameo of actor Toshiki Kashu. In the theatrical cut, this scene is cut short and Toshiki's cameo is instead inserted in the middle of the montage of Miho and Shinji having fun together.
  • There is an additional scene of Yui running out of her house after seeing the mirror in her room crack.
  • After Shuichi discards his Zolda deck, an additional scene shows him and Goro discussing what flowers to get as they leave the house. After that, Reiko is shown doing up her makeup at the ORE Journal office, showing that she did indeed agree to go on a date with him.
  • The cameo of Jun Kaname, Tōko Fujita, and Jun Yamasaki is extended.
  • A short scene of Shinji going after Miho as she transforms and pursues his mirror counterpart is added.
  • Shinji and Miho's final farewell is extended.
  • A few extra scenes of civilians being attacked by the Hydragoon horde are added.


  • This movie was released along Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger: Shushuuto the MovieIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • This movie features the first appearance of Ryuki's Survive Form, which would debut on the series in episode 34 a month later.
  • The cast of Kamen Rider Agito made cameo appearances in this film with different roles though several members played a role similar to their character.
  • The Rider's assembly inside the abandoned church about the time limit would later be mirrored in a scene in episode 48.
  • This movie is the only time Shinji and Ren transform into Survive directly without transforming into Ryuki and Knight first.
  • Ryuki & Ryuga's fight is featured in Kamen Rider: Battride War II.
  • This is the first Movie to feature 2 movie exclusive Riders.
    • This is also the first movie to feature a non-antagonistic movie exclusive Rider and the first official Female Rider in the franchise, Femme.
  • Though it is not explicitly shown, dialogue from various characters, as well as Yui's body not fading away as she died from the wound on her arm, imply that Yui had taken her own life in an attempt to stop her brother.
    • Notably, this film disproves Hideyuki Kagawa's theory of the Rider War. As revealed in the climax, the Mirror World would not be closed if Yui had died beforehand, with its link instead being strengthened by Shiro's grief, allowing multiple Mirror Monsters to invade the real world without restraint.
  • This is the only summer film that ends with a cliffhanger.
    • Like some other movies that bait a sequel or simply have no means of ending the story proper, this cliffhanger is never resolved as it was never followed up on.


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