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Icon-faiz.png This article is about a Rider in Kamen Rider 555.

Kamen Rider Pyron (仮面ライダー白龍(パイロン), Kamen Raidā Pairon) was an unused Kamen Rider from Kamen Rider 555. Its first appearance is in the "妄想戏话" (Tamotsu Shinohara's Giga Fancy) part of Uchusen (宇宙船) tokusatsu magazine Vol.109. The design is later included in artbook ICON: Tamotsu Shinohara Character Art Works.

Appearing in a mock-up of a Smart Brain Autumn sales catalogue, the Pyron Gear is said to belong to the Omicron Series, meaning it was developed from the Riotrooper Rider Gear. Described as a "sports model", It was apparently intended for civilian recreational use, and optionally comes with a motorcycle called the Gyro Tourer. The Pyron Gear comes in three colors: Grand Prix Blue, Sonia Red, and Midnight Black. Though the official description mentions no weapons, a modified version of the Riotrooper's Axelaygun can be seen on its left hip.

In addition to being a play on the Greek letter Pi (π), the name "Pyron" is derived from the Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean Pái Lóng (Chinese: 白龍; Vietnamese: Bạch Long; Korean: 백용, Baeklyong), meaning "White Dragon", which can be seen written on the Pyron's right thigh.


  • SBR-816S Pyron Driver - Pyron's transformation belt.
  • Unnamed modified Axelaygun - The Pyron's personal weapon
  • Gyro-Tourer - Pyron's combat motorcycle.