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Kamen Rider Prime Rogue (仮面ライダープライムローグ Kamen Raidā Puraimu Rogu) is a Hyper Battle DVD of Kamen Rider Build, set to feature Gentoku Himuro using a new Fullbottle to assume a special form of Kamen Rider Rogue. Along with Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z, it was announced immediately following the broadcast of the final episode.[1]


Misora, who had got irritated with Gentoku’s Fashion Sense, takes him out for shopping to buy new clothes. Over there he meets a boy but...


"Gentoku Himuro, the son of Touto's Prime Minister, lived his life in nepotism. He had a conflict with his father, Taizan, and formed Faust. He was then exiled to Seito, which is why he became Kamen Rider Rogue working for Seito. And in an attempt to stop Evolto's plan to destroy the earth, he decided to help Kamen Rider Build. But, because he didn't receive any new powers...he started wearing weird clothes and was eventually rejected by Misora, so much that he was prohibited from entering nascita."
―Gentoku Himuro

The show begins with narration from Gentoku, who recounts his past and Misora banning him from nascita for his odd fashion sense. The scene shifts to Gentoku at a nearby playground, who wonders on why nobody understands his fashion sense. Sento brings him the Prime Rogue Fullbottle as a compensation while his Sclash Driver is under maintenance. Misora calls him at that moment to buy new clothes at a local shopping mall.

Arriving on foot, while Misora picks suitable clothes, Gentoku emerges with yet another odd outfit that was even noticed by Shou, a youth who refuses to wear anything than his late father's oversized jacket. After hearing his story from Shou's mother, Gentoku tries other outfits in disposal, which continue to disgust Misora, until the pair went outside to witness Hard Guardians led by Evolto attacking the mall. Having defeated the Guardians, Build is about to use the Genius Fullbottle but Evol swipes it with 'handkerchief covering swap magic trick' at the last minute and has Sento defeated, much to Sento comically shock. As Evol destroys several nearby buildings, Gentoku manages to rescue Shou's mother and encourages the boy to protect her. Misora tries to transform with Sento's Build Driver until Gentoku takes it and use in conjunction with Prime Rogue Fullbottle into Kamen Rider Prime Rogue. Using his newfound power, Rogue eliminates two Hard Guardians with ease and fights on equal strength against Evol. With encouragements from Shou, Prime Rogue defeats Evol when their finishers clash. Evol retreats as Prime Rogue reverts to Gentoku after the Fullbottle exhausted.

While on their way home, Gentoku was given Shou's jacket as a token of appreciation but his happiness is short lived when Sento reveals that the Prime Rogue Fullbottle would take a month to repair.

Continuity and Placement

  • It takes place before episode 42, which Gentoku started to wear a leather jacket[1].


Kamen Rider Rogue
Gentoku Himuro
Kamen Rider Build
Sento Kiryu



Kamen Rider Evol
Hard Guardian Hard Guardians


Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Bottle used:
    • Build
      • Biotic: FullFull RabbitTank (Rabbit Mode)
      • Abiotic: N/A
      • Other: Hazard Trigger, Genius (failed)
    • Rogue
      • Biotic: Prime Rogue Bottle
      • Abiotic: N/A
  • Form used:
    • Build
      • RabbitRabbit Form
    • Rogue
      • Prime Rogue


  • Bottle used:
    • Evol
      • Biotic: Cobra
      • Abiotic: Rider
  • Form used:
    • Evol
      • Cobra Form (Phase 1)


  • Misora holds the Build Driver upside down when attempting to equip it, though Gentoku snatched it out of her hands before she could.
  • When Gentoku equips the Build Driver, the equip sound is of Zi-O's Ridewatch insertion sound instead. This has been happening as of episode 43 of Kamen Rider Build when the riders would equip their belts.
  • When Evol transforms, only the Cobra Evolbottle moves up and down. The Rider Evolbottle stays in place.


Kamen Rider Prime Rogue Closing Screen
  • This special breaks the tradition started with Kamen Rider Drive's Type LUPIN: ~Lupin, The Last Challenge~ of featuring a Movie War/Heisei Generations villain on the first post-series Hyper Battle Video as none of the two Kaisei Mogamis or Bikaiser were present in this special.
  • The first set of clothing that Gentoku changed in the store share the same colour scheme with Kamen Rider Ichigo. Misora made a remark that he looks like a bug.
  • This is the last Hyper Battle DVD special to be released in the actual Heisei era, though not officially considered to be the last one in the franchise's Heisei lineup, which would instead be Kamen Rider BiBiBi no BibillGeiz.

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