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A version of Kamen Rider Onyx appeared in Kit Taylor's dream and fought Kit as Dragon Knight, the dream as a result of the call of the Advent Beast Dragblacker.

Kit would later have dreams of himself becoming Onyx and defeating Wing Knight and Siren separately. After being rescued from the Advent Void, Kit would eventually take up the Onyx deck, being reassured by Eubulon that the dreams would not become reality. After Xaviax's defeat, Kit gave up the Onyx deck in favour of reclaiming the Dragon Knight deck.


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Fighting with Dragon Knight

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Dragblacker is a black dragon that is a clone of Dragredder. It's Kamen Rider Onyx's Advent Beast which was given to him by Eubulon.

Kamen Rider Onyx


Kamen Rider Onyx

A black-colored version of Dragon Knight contracted to Dragblacker, Onyx possesses the same abilities and combat potential as the former; however, Onyx is relatively stronger than Dragon Knight, due to his Advent Cards having a higher AP. The only disadvantage of the Onyx form is the lack of a Survive Mode card.

Advent Deck

Like Dragon Knight, Onyx slots his cards on the dragon-like slot on his left arm called the Black Drag Visor.

  • Attack Vent: Summons Dragblacker to directly attack his opponents.

Appearances: Dragon Knight Episode 23 - Kamen Rider Siren - 24 - Dark Temptation

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