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Kamen Rider Neo-Alpa (仮面ライダーネオ・アルパ Kamen Raidā Neo-Arupa) was an unused Kamen Rider from Kamen Rider 555. Its first appearance is in the "妄想戏话" (Tamotsu Shinohara's Giga Fancy) part of Uchusen (宇宙船) tokusatsu magazine Vol.109. The design is later included in artbook ICON: Tamotsu Shinohara Character Art Works. As seen in the book, the concept of the suit is under the world of Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost , developed by Smart Brain for Orphnoch citizens to guard against human force's assault.

Appearing in a mock-up of a Smart Brain Autumn sales catalogue, the Neo Alpa Gear is based on the 'bestseller' Omicron Series, meaning it was possibly developed from the Riotrooper Rider Gear. The suit includes a photon blood cartridge providing 32-hour using length and have a 98% photon blood recycle rate, and guards the user against possible harmful touch with the energy. The eye part provides X-ray scanner and nightview function. The weapon 'Alpa Raizer' is a modified version of the SB-913X Kaixa Blaygun, have the normal slashing function and a pararizer function, it cannot shoot photon beam though. The armor is seen including a camera knuckle, and buyers can customize the photon blood color. Buying the belt requires identity documents, and Smart Brain shops over the country provides aftersale services.


  • SBU-001A Neo-Alpa Driver - Neo-Alpa's transformation belt, only has one photon blood vessel.
  • Alpa Raizer - A special weapon that is both a pistol, a dagger and a lightsaber.
  • Unnamed camera knuckle - A weapon alike the SB-555C Faiz Shot and SB-913C Kaixa Shot , used for close combat.
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