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Kamen Rider Kabuto is a Japanese fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 2. The game features all the Riders within the Kamen Rider Kabuto continuity as playable characters.


The game features five different modes of play, ranging from a story mode to several multi-player modes.


Rider Finishers / Finale

  • Kabuto: Rider Kick, Maximum Hyper Typhoon, Maximum Hyper Cyclone
  • TheBee: Rider Sting
  • Drake: Rider Shooting
  • Sasword: Rider Slash
  • Gatack: Rider Kick, Rider Cutting, Hyper Kick
  • KickHopper: Rider Kick
  • PunchHopper: Rider Punch
  • Dark Kabuto: Rider Kick
  • Ketaros: Rider Beat
  • Hercus: Rider Beat
  • Caucasus: Rider Kick

Voice actors



  • Some stages in Story Mode differ from the events of the show and movie:
    • In the episode where Kabuto and Sasword fight a Worm who attacked criminals, Sasword's transformation into the Scorpio Worm was immediately noticed by Kabuto and the player fights the Scorpio Worm. After winning, Tsurugi as Scorpio Worm said "Sister, sister, I am sorry" with the reply from Kabuto that it is fine as she will understand. This stage is the only original story which does not exist in series.
    • Kabuto's fight with Ketaros is staged within the water dam instead. Ketaros' death was also altered, which he died by fighting instead of being crashing into the earth.
    • Caucasus was defeated by both Kabuto and Gatack instead.
    • Instead of Drake, Kabuto was the one who defeated the Uca Worm.
    • In Story mode, if the team-up fight alongside Kamen Rider Hercus is won without changing to Rider Form, Kamen Rider Kabuto will appear riding the Kabuto Extender in its EX Mode while still in Masked Form.
    • The Hopper Riders have the ability to Clock Up, an ability never demonstrated in the show. (Although years later, Kamen Rider PunchHopper used Clock Up in his debut episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O.)
    • Kabuto's fight with his future self as Hyper Kabuto as the special episode if the player wins the original story with no continues never existed in the series because they only met and never talk.
  • Ketaros is able to use a Rider Beat finisher in the game, despite it never being shown in the movie.
  • Hyper Kabuto's Maximum Hyper Typhoon and Dark Kabuto's Dark Rider Kick are modified, making them different from their supposed utilization in series.
  • Dark Kabuto using an Axe kick style Rider Kick instead of the similar rider kick like Kabuto.
    • If you use Dark Kabuto during the Rider Mode in the story mode, Dark Kabuto pins his opponent's shoulder with his axe kick first. Then, he charged his rider kick when his opponent hold his right leg, crushing his opponent by his strong right leg stomp.
  • Tendo is the only character in the show to appear outside of his transformed state.
  • The "Put On" ability cannot be used by any Kamen Rider with a Masked Form.
  • In the opening credits, Kamen Riders Sasword, KickHopper, PunchHopper, Ketaros, Hercus and Caucasus are shown riding personalized Zect Machines. Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto meanwhile is shown rider a black-colored version of the Kabuto Extender. None of these bikes appear in the tv show or movie.
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