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Kamen Rider Kabuto

Kamen Rider Kabuto may refer to any the following characters.


Kamen Rider Kabuto

The Kabuto Zecter (カブトゼクター Kabuto Zekutā) allows Soji Tendo to transform into Kamen Rider Kabuto. As with all of the Zecters, Kabuto has two basic forms that he can transform into.

Masked Form

Masked Form

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 190 cm[1]
  • Weight: 132 kg[1]
  • Punching Power: 8 t[1]
  • Kicking Power: 10 t[1]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 20 m[1]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m/8.9 s[1]

Kabuto's Masked Form (マスクドフォーム Masukudo Fōmu) is a heavily armored form resembling a pupa with low offensive capabilities. This is the default form that Kabuto transforms into, until he flips the "horn" on the Kabuto Zecter (カブトゼクター Kabuto Zekutā), like a switch, to initiate the Cast Off (キャストオフ Kyasuto Ofu) command. This primes the armor to "Cast Off," when fully activated, sends the armor flying off his form, destroying all lower Worms that get hit with the armor. Kabuto then immediately takes on the sleek Rider Form. It is shown to be possible for Masked Form to be bypassed altogether, as seen in the Hyper Battle Video and by the alternate version of Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto in Kamen Rider Decade, by flipping the horn immediately after placing the Kabuto Zecter on the belt before the armor materializes.

Rider Form

Rider Form

Rider Form (With Hyper Zecter)

"Cast Off! Change Beetle!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 195 cm[1]
  • Weight: 95 kg[1]
  • Punching Power: 3 t[1]
  • Kicking Power: 7 t[1]
    • Rider Kick Finisher: 19 t[1]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 37 m[1]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m/5.8 s[1]

Kabuto's Rider Form (ライダーフォーム Raidā Fōmu) is the sleeker and more offensive-based form which resembles more of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle which Kabuto is named and themed after. In this form, Kabuto has access to the Clock Up (クロックアップ Kurokku Appu) command, enabling Kabuto to travel at near-light speeds to match the speeds of the Worms. By pressing the three buttons on the belt in succession, Kabuto can perform his tachyon-powered Rider Kick (ライダーキック Raidā Kikku). Kabuto Rider Form has three variations of Rider Kick: a normal 180 degree roundhouse kick, a counter kick (360 degree roundhouse kick, which is used to surprise opponents who attempt to attack him from behind), and a flying side kick.

Hyper Form

Hyper Form

Hyper Form Clock Up Mode

"Hyper Cast Off! Change Hyper Beetle!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 198 cm[2]
  • Weight: 102 kg[2]
  • Punching Power: 10 t[2]
  • Kicking Power: 15 t[2]
    • Rider Kick Finisher Power: 30 t[2]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 50 m[2]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m/4.2 s[2]

Kabuto is the only Rider in Kabuto (with the exception of Gatack in the Hyper Battle DVD with the aid of another Hyper Zecter from the future) that can achieve Hyper Form (ハイパーフォーム Haipā Fōmu), an even stronger version of Rider Form. While Kamen Rider Caucasus used the Hyper Zecter, he was unable to access a Hyper Form. Accessed through the Hyper Zecter (ハイパーゼクター Haipā Zekutā), a futuristic Zecter made by ZECT and predestined to be used by Tendo, it initiates the Hyper Cast Off (ハイパーキャストオフ Haipā Kyasuto Ofu) command, unleashing its full power. It also has access to Hyper Clock Up (ハイパークロックアップ Haipā Kurokku Appu), a version of Clock Up, able to even time travel due to its faster-than-light speed properties.

The maximum range of this is currently unknown, but its shown to be able to travel back at least seven years. Kabuto is also able to take objects back in time along with him, (the most impressive example being a huge meteor in the movie). His finisher is the flying Hyper Kick (ハイパーキック Haipā Kikku). Even though the original Hyper Zecter from the present was destroyed by ZECT to prevent Tendo from obtaining it, another from the future appeared to replace it. He is also equipped with a jetpack-like device on his back, allowing Kabuto flight capabilities, though usually it's only used to gain height for the Hyper Kick. But his alternate self from God Speed Love, used this device to fly through space, even pushing a meteor far larger than himself.

Zecter Kabuto

"Final Form Ride: K-K-Kabuto!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kamen Rider Decade's Final FormRide allows Kabuto to change into Zecter Kabuto (ゼクターカブト Zekutā Kabuto), a giant version of the Kabuto Zecter that flies and can be ridden by Decade. It is able to burrow underground.

Legend Rider Devices

Ever since Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Riders' arsenals have featured an assortment of Legend Rider-based collectible devices, including many for Kabuto.

Several Rider Cards allow Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade to access the power of Kabuto.

"Kamen Ride: Kabuto! (Kabuto Zecter's Cast off transformation sound) Change Beetle!"
―DX Neodecadriver Transformation announcement[src]

Transforms Decade into Kabuto's Rider Form, used once before its power is sealed.Rider War Regained when Tsukasa taught Mayu the true meaning about her Grandmother's saying of looks being deceiving while praising Sohji's family bonds.The Grandma Way of Taste During Super Hero Taisen event, Tsukasa is shown able to summon Kabuto Kunaigun when assume as Kabuto. He also able to use Clock Up without using Attack Ride Clock Up card, first shown when battling Go-Busters. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

  • Kabuto Masked: Decade transforms into Kamen Rider Kabuto Masked Form. This card is not used in the series, but in the S.I.C. Hero Saga side story, Masked Rider Decade: World of Stronger where Decade uses this card to protect himself from Delza Army General Steel's steel shaft. Unlike the other Form Ride Cards, this card transforms Decade into the default form of the Rider instead of a mid-upgraded form.

When Kamen Rider Decade is in his Complete Form, he uses the K-Touch to summon the Final Forms of the Nine Heisei Riders. After he presses the Rider's symbol, a card of that Rider's Final Form appears in a set of nine on Kamen Rider Decade's chest. The Kabuto Hyper card summons Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form. Using the Kabuto Final AttackRide card allows Decade to execute a double Hyper Kick or a Maximum Hyper Cyclone (armed with the Perfect Zector in Gun Mode) alongside Kabuto Hyper Form. Also used by default form Decade to transform into Decade Kabuto Hyper Form in SIC Hero Saga, World Of Stronger to fight Stronger Charge Up Form, but was defeated. Also used again by Decade Complete to fight Stronger Charge Up Form but unfortunately beaten by Stronger Charge Up' Super Stronger Electric Kick.

These cards allow Decade to perform any of their own attacks, Decade is also able to use any signature attacks of whatever Kamen Rider he has transformed into.

  • Clock Up: As Kabuto, or Decade moves extremely fast to the point that seconds slow down into minutes. In the novel, the card somehow ended up in Tendo's possession and give it to Tsukasa after he realized that he is Decade with the card itself being used by Decade while in Kuuga Mighty Form.
    • When this attack is used in Kabuto form, Kabuto Zecter's voice will be played. But Decadriver's voice will be played instead if Tsukasa stays in his Decade form.
    • Hyper Clock Up : As Kabuto Hyper Form, Decade is able travel at near light speeds, allowing him to travel forward or backward through time. This card is not shown in the TV series, but is used in the S.I.C Hero Saga side story published in Hobby Japan magazine.

The Zecter Kabuto card transforms Kabuto into a giant Kabuto Zecter, able to burrow underground.

The Zecter Kabuto charges at the opponent in a devastating mid-air body slam, Decade Meteor. With the target left vulnerable in mid-air, Kabuto and Decade execute their respective kick attacks while in Clock Up. The same card can be used by Decade in Kabuto's Rider Form to execute Kabuto's Rider Kick.

Kabuto Memory

Kabuto Rider Form Medal

Kabuto Rider Form Medal (カブトライダーフォームメダル Kabuto Raidā Fōmu Medaru): Based on Kamen Rider Kabuto Rider Form.

Kabuto Hyper Form Medal

Kabuto Hyper Form Medal (カブトハイパーフォームメダル Kabuto Haipā Fōmu Medaru): Based on Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form.

Kabuto Astroswitch

The Kabuto Module (カブトモジュール Kabuto Mojūru) is the legendary Fourze Module based off of Kamen Rider Kabuto, which is equipped on the left leg of Kamen Rider Fourze via the triangle-based Kabuto Switch (カブトスイッチ Kabuto Suitchi). The Kabuto Module allows Fourze to perform Kabuto's Rider Kick. Like Kabuto, the module is in a Masked mode when activated until it is able to Cast Off and then the module changes to Rider mode.

This Rider Ring which bears the likeness of Kamen Rider Kabuto is exclusive to Kamen Rider Wizard's Wizard Ring toyline. When used by a Wizardriver wearer, it would be able to summon Kamen Rider Kabuto.

  • Kabuto Lockseed (カブトロックシード Kabuto Rokkushīdo): Allows the user to transform into Kabuto Arms, equipped with the Kabuto Kunaigun. The core image depicts the Kabuto Rider Belt while the lid backside image depicts the Kabuto Zecter. Gaim/Kurokage/Bujin Gaim/Kamuro-styled Lockseed.
    • Transformation: Kabuto Arms: Ten no Michi My Way! (カブトアームズ・天の道、マイウェイ! Kabuto Āmuzu - Ten no Michi, Mai Uei!, lit. "Path of Heaven, My Way")
      • Squash: Cast Off! (キャストオフ! Kyasuto Ofu)
      • Au Lait: Clock Up! (クロックアップ! Kurokku Appu)
      • Sparking: Rider Kick! (ライダーキック! Raidā Kikku)

Kabuto Signal Bike

  • Signal Legend Kabuto (シグナルレジェンドカブト Shigunaru Rejendo Kabuto, Based on Kamen Rider Kabuto's Kabuto Extender): Allows Mach to activate a Kourin Signal Legend. When used in the DX Drive Driver, it gives the sound for a Tire Exchange into Drive: Kabuto (ドライブ・カブト Doraibu - Kabuto).

"Kaigan! Kabuto! (Zecter belt standby sounds) Ima sugu kasoku! Cast Off! (Masked Form post-transformation pneumatic sounds)"
―Transformation announcement with Ghost Driver[src]

"Tengan! Ghost! Mega Ulord!"
―Transformation announcement with Mega Ulorder[src]

Kabuto Ghost Eyecon (カブトゴースト眼魂 Kabuto Gōsuto Aikon) is one of the 16 title Kamen Riders' Ghost Eyecons. It shows the number R07 on its Startup Time setting, Kabuto Rider Form's face on its Transformation Time setting, and Kabuto's symbol on its Move Invocation Time setting.

"Konchuu Daisensou Kabuto!(Kabuto's Cast Off standby noise)"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Gashat! Let's Ride! Metcha Ride! Mutcha Ride! What's your Ride!? I'm a Legend Rider!"
Level 1 announcement[src]

"Gachan! Level Up! (Kabuto Zecter activation noise) Kabuto ni Kuwagata! Hachi! Tonbo! Sasori! Batta! Konchu Daisensou! (Kabuto Zecter buzzing noise) (Jet Combat-styled song)"
Level 2 announcement[src]

"A Gacha! (Zecter inserting noise) Te-Ten-Ten-Ten no Michi! Ca-Ca-ca-Cast Off! Clock Up! Beetle! (post transformation noise) (Bang Bang Shooting-styled song)"
Level 3 announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Konchuu Daisensou Critical Strike!"
―Gamer Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Konchuu Daisensou Critical Finish!"
―Weapon finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! (Word from other Gashat's name) Kabuto Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Key Slasher finisher announcement[src]

Kabuto Rider Gashat

"(Digital beeping) Kabuto!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Cast Off and super accelerate! The Beetle Rider is... (Clock ticking noise) Kabuto! (キャストオフして超加速!ビートルのライダーは…カブトだ! Kyasuto Ofu shite chō kasoku! Bītoru no Raidā wa... (Clock ticking noise) Kabuto da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! (Electronic beat mixed with Kabuto Zecter post-Rider Form noises) Change Beetle! Kabuto!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's right-hand slot[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Electronic beat mixed with Kabuto Zecter post-Rider Form noises) Change Beetle! Kabuto!"
―Rider Armor transformation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! Kabuto! Clock Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Rider Armor finisher announcement[src]

Kabuto Ridewatch (カブトライドウォッチ Kabuto Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Kabuto Rider Form, this Ridewatch provides access to the KabutoArmor used by Zi-O. It is dated 2006.

"(Digital beeping) Hyper Form!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Go beyond time with super speed! Flap with rainbow-coloured wings! Kabuto Hyper Form! (超スピードで時を超えろ!虹色の翼ではばたけ!カブトハイパーフォーム! Chō supīdo de toki o koero! Niji iro no tsubasa de habatake! Kabuto Haipā Fōmu!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! Habatake! Chou soku! Hyper Kabuto! Hyper Beetle!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Kabuto! Hyper Clock Time (Break/Burst/Jack)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Kabuto Hyper Form Ridewatch (カブトハイパーフォームライドウォッチ Kabuto Haipā Fōmu Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form, this Ridewatch would provide access to the KabutoHyperFormArmor. It is dated 2006[3], but shown on the Ziku-Driver's screen as FIN.

Another Kabuto Anotherwatch

Another Kabuto Watch (アナザーカブトウォッチ Anazā Kabuto Wotchi): A twisted version of the Kabuto Ridewatch used to transform into Another Kabuto.

"Progrise! Change Beetle! ClockUpping Kabuto! He who was born a god and governs all."
―Transformation announcement with the Hiden Zero-One Driver[src]

ClockUpping Kabuto Progrisekey (クロックアッピングカブトプログライズキー Kurokkuappingu Kabuto Puroguraizu Kī): Based on Kamen Rider Kabuto, this Progrisekey's ability is "Speed".[4]

The Kousoku Kabuto Goroku Wonder Ride Book (高速カブト語録ワンダーライドブック Kōsoku Kabuto Goroku Wandā Raido Bukku, lit. "High-Speed Kabuto Sayings Wonder Ride Book") is based on Kamen Rider Kabuto and his forms. The book's name is shortened to "Kabuto" in the Swordriver's announcements, and announced as "Worm" in the Ankokuken Kurayami.


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