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Icon-exaid.png This article is about a/an web series in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Kamen Rider Information Program: Poppy Pipopapo's Room (仮面ライダー情報番組「ポッピーピポパポの部屋」 Kamen Raidā Jōhō Bangumi `Poppī Pipopapo No Heya') is a web-exclusive series of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, which is released on TOEI's official YouTube channel. This series stars Poppy Pipopapo, the true identity of Asuna Karino, and tends to review what happened in the episode of the main show its accompanying. Running alongside the first quarter of the Ex-Aid series, Poppy Pipopapo's Room was discontinued at the end of 2016.


  1. Episode 1 (第1回 Dai 1-kai)
  2. Episode 2 (第2回 Dai 2-kai)
  3. Episode 3 (第3回 Dai 3-kai)
  4. Episode 4 (第4回 Dai 4-kai)
  5. Episode 5 (第5回 Dai 5-kai)
  6. Episode 6 (第6回 Dai 6-kai)
  7. Episode 7 (第7回 Dai 7-kai)
  8. Episode 8 (第8回 Dai 8-kai)
  9. Episode 9 (第9回 Dai 9-kai)
  10. Episode 10 (第10回 Dai 10-kai)
  11. Episode 11 (第11回 Dai 11-kai)
  12. Episode 12 (第12回 Dai 12-kai)



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