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Icon-kr.pngThis article is about a rider form used by several identities in the Kamen Rider Series.

Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen Rider Hibiki (仮面ライダー響鬼, Kamen Raidā Hibiki) may refer to any the following characters.




Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen Rider Hibiki With Ongekimei Narukaze

Kamen Rider Hibiki (Sengoku period)

  • Height: 222 cm[1]
  • Weight: 156 kg[1]
  • Punching Power: 20 t[1]
  • Kicking Power: 40 t[1]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 75 m[1]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3 seconds[1]

In this form, Hibiki is a purple demon. This is his basic form and the easiest form for him to reach. To become this form, Hibiki simply needs to tap his tuning fork against a solid surface, the vibrations from the fork causing his body to be engulfed in a fiery purple aura. Hibiki also gains a second "oni face" which is a crest that forms on his forehead. Unlike most Kamen Riders, Hibiki does not wear a suit, rather his demon form is his true form.

Hibiki Kurenai

Hibiki Kurenai

Hibiki Kurenai (Imcomplete)

Hibiki Kurenai (Sengoku period)

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 7 shaku 3 sun[2] (approx. 221.2 cm, one say 222 cm[2])
  • Rider Weight: 41 kan[2] (approx. 153.8 kg, one say 156 kg[2])

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 8000 kan[2] (30 t)
  • Lifting Power: 700 man-power[2] (7 t)
  • Kicking Power: 13333 kan[2] (approx. 50.0 t)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 49.5 ken[2] (90 m)
  • Maximum Running Speed: 1 chō per 2 seconds[2] (100 m per 1.8 seconds, one say 2 seconds[2])

Hibiki's second form, also known as Hibiki Kurenai (響鬼ヒビキ, Hibiki Kurenai), was reached during the summer of training. It is exactly the same in appearance as his original form except that it is red instead of purple, and the face possesses a white plate-like mouth guard, with the "eyes" appearing black. Hibiki learned that he would be able to go beyond his basic form during the summer. At first, he was unable to reach this form completely, only able to transform his arms when under attack. This greatly drained him and caused him to begin tougher training.

After an attack by a group of Summer Makamou, Hibiki finally reached this form mid-battle. His body froze as red fumes raised up from the ground and caused his body to change. In this form, Hibiki's powers are all nearly doubled from that of his basic form. He can easily defeat many different types of Makamou with a single strike in this form.

Appearances: Hibiki Episodes 24-29, 31, 33-36, 38-48, Wizard Episode 53

Armed Hibiki

Armed Hibiki

Armed Hibiki (Sengoku period)

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 7 shaku 7 sun[2] (approx. 233.3 cm, one say 233 cm[2])
  • Rider Weight: 44.8 kan[2] (168 kg)

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 40 t[2]
  • Lifting Power: 800 man-power[2] (8 t)
  • Kicking Power: 80 t[2]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 100 m[2]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 1 second[2] (one say 1 chō per 1 sec.[3], approx. 100 m. per 0.9 sec.)

The third and final form Hibiki was able to reach is known as Armed Hibiki (装甲アームド響鬼ヒビキ, Āmudo Hibiki). Unlike Kurenai Form that simply changes colors, the armor pieces of equipment here are much greater. To reach this form, Hibiki must use the Armed Saber, also serving as a weapon in this form. When initiating the call "Hibiki Sōkō!" (響鬼装甲) then hits the button on the bottom of the Armed Saber, Hibiki automatically assumes Kurenai Form, then is wreathed in fire. Hibiki calls upon the power of the Disk Animals to fuse with him, each becoming armor for his form. Finally, his oni face is covered with a samurai-like shield, his horns expand, and the little oni face on his forhead is covered with the character for Armed, 甲. Hibiki is able to destroy most lower-leveled Makamou with little to no effort in this form.

Appearances: Kamen Rider Hibiki And The 7 Senki, Hibiki Episodes 33-48, Wizard Episode 53

Hibiki Akanetaka/Ongekiko



"Final Form Ride: H-H-Hibiki!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Decade's Final Form Ride allows Hibiki to change into Hibiki Akanetaka (茜鷹ヒビキアカネタカ lit. "Hibiki Madder Hawk"), then when Decade activates the Hibiki Final Attack Ride Card, Hibiki Akanetaka transforms into the Hibiki Ongekiko (音撃鼓ヒビキオンゲキコ) to deliver the final blow.

Legend Rider Devices

Several Rider Cards allow Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade to access the power of Hibiki.

Transforms Decade into Hibiki, used once before its power is sealed.Rider War (episode) Its silhouette turned black after Hibiki's metamorphosis into Gyūki.Idle Hibiki Regained after Asumu becomes Hibiki and Tsukasa learns the true meaning of the Ongekidō.Ending Journey

These cards allow Decade to perform any of their own attacks, Decade is also able to use any signature attacks of whatever Kamen Rider he has transformed into.

    • Ongekibou Rekka: As Hibiki, Decade conjures up two drumsticks to charge them with power and use the finisher Kiboujutsu Rekkadan, igniting the tops with flames, creating torch-like weapons that shoot fireballs to incinerate targets. Decade's fireballs are powerful enough to destroy giant Makamou as well.
    • Onibi: As Hibiki, Decade exhales a stream of hot flames through a mouth that forms from the mask.

When Kamen Rider Decade is in his Complete Form, he uses the K-Touch to summon the Final Forms of the Nine Heisei Riders. After he presses the Rider's symbol, a card of that Rider's Final Form appears in a set of nine on Kamen Rider Decade's chest. The Hibiki Armed card summons Kamen Rider Armed Hibiki, armed with the Armed Saber. Using the Hibiki Final AttackRide card allows Decade to execute an Ongeki Ha: Kishin Kakusei-style slash alongside Armed Hibiki.

The Hibiki Ongekiko card transforms Hibiki into the Hibiki Akanetaka, a giant version of the Akanetaka Disk Animal.

With Hibiki Ongekiko, Decade performs the Decade Wave, where Hibiki Akanetaka transforms into the Hibiki Ongekiko and attaches to the target and allows Decade to perform his version of an Ongeki Da finisher using Hibiki's Ongekibou Rekka.

Hibiki Gaia Memory.

Hibiki Medal

Hibiki Medal (響鬼メダル, Hibiki Medaru): Based on Kamen Rider Hibiki.

Hibiki Switch

  • Hibiki Switch (響鬼スイッチ, Hibiki Suitchi, Square): The Hibiki Switch arms Fourze with the Hibiki Module (響鬼モジュール, Hibiki Mojūru) on his left arm, which allows Fourze to use the Ongekibou Rekka and the Ongekiko Kaentsuzumi in for the Ongeki Da: Bakuretsu Shinku no Kata finisher.

Armed Hibiki Ring

  • Hibiki Lockseed (響鬼ロックシード, Hibiki Rokkushīdo): Allows the user to transform into Hibiki Arms, equipped with the Ongekibou Rekka. The core image depicts the Ongekiko Kaentsuzumi while the lid backside image depicts the Onkaku. Zangetsu/Mars/Jam-styled Lockseed.
    • Transformation: Hibiki Arms: Tatakikome Kiyome no Oto! (響鬼アームズ・叩き込め清めの音!, Hibiki Āmuzu Tatakikome Kiyome no Oto!, lit. " The Drive into the Sound of Cleansing")

Hibiki Signal Bike

  • Signal Legend Hibiki (シグナルレジェンド響鬼, Shigunaru Rejendo Hibiki, Based on Kamen Rider Hibiki's Gaika): Allows Mach to activate a Kourin Signal Legend. When used in the DX Drive Driver, it gives the sound for a Tire Exchange into Drive: Hibiki (ドライブ・響鬼, Doraibu - Hibiki).

"Kaigan! Hibiki! (Onkaku ringing) Oni no hibiki! Kore ga ongeki! (Hibiki transformation)"
―Transformation announcement with Ghost Driver[src]

"Tengan! Ghost! Mega Ulord!"
―Transformation announcement with Mega Ulorder[src]

Hibiki Ghost Eyecon (響鬼ゴースト眼魂, Hibiki Gōsuto Aikon) is one of the 16 title Kamen Riders' Ghost Eyecons. It shows the number R06 on its Startup Time setting, Hibiki's face on its Transformation Time setting, and Hibiki's symbol on its Move Invocation Time setting.

"Taiko Master Hibiki! (Hibiki's tuning fork tapping noise followed by pre-transformation noise) "
―Activation announcement[src]

"Gashat! Let's Ride! Metcha Ride! Mutcha Ride! What's your Ride!? I'm a Legend Rider!"
Level 1 announcement[src]

"Gachan! Level Up! (Ongekiko hitting noise) Hit! Hit! Hit! Taiko Master Hibiki! (tuning fork ringing noise) (DoReMiFa Beat-styled song)"
Level 2 announcement[src]

"A Gacha! Do-Don-Don-Do-Don! Do-Don-Don-Do-Don! Kitaetemasukara Hibiki!(Hibiki post-transformation noise)(Bang Bang Shooting-styled song)"
Level 3 announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Taiko Master Critical Strike!"
―Gamer Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Taiko Master Critical Finish!"
―Weapon finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! (Word from other Gashat's name) Hibiki Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Key Slasher finisher announcement[src]

  • Taiko Master Hibiki Gashat (太鼓マスター響鬼, Taiko Masutā Hibiki, lit. Drum Master Hibiki): Based on Kamen Rider Hibiki. Used to activate Decade Gamer Level 1, advances to Level 2 after pulling the lever on the Gamer Driver.

"(Digital beeping) Hibiki!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"The power of the demon! The power of sound! The Rider who fights with a drum is... (Clock ticking noise) Hibiki! (鬼の力!音の力!太鼓で戦うライダーは…響鬼だ!, Oni no chikara! Oto no chikara! Taiko de tatakau Raidā wa... (Clock ticking noise) Hibiki da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! (Orchestral fanfare mixed with Onkaku ringing) Hibiki!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's right-hand slot[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Orchestral fanfare mixed with Onkaku ringing) Hibiki!"
―Rider Armor transformation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! Hibiki! Ongeki Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Rider Armor finisher announcement[src]

Hibiki Ridewatch (響鬼ライドウォッチ, Hibiki Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Hibiki, this Ridewatch provides access to the HibikiArmor used by Zi-O. It is dated 2005.

Armed Hibiki Ridewatch (アームド響鬼ライドウォッチ, Āmudo Hibiki Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Armed Hibiki, this Ridewatch would provide access to a corresponding Rider Armor. It is dated 2005, but shown on the Ziku-Driver's screen as FIN.

Another Hibiki Anotherwatch

Another Hibiki Watch (アナザー響鬼ウォッチ, Anazā Hibiki Wotchi): A twisted version of the Hibiki Ridewatch used to transform into Another Hibiki.

"Progrise! Fight with sound! Drumming Hibiki! A demon warrior that is always training."
―Transformation announcement with the Hiden Zero-One Driver[src]

Drumming Hibiki Progrisekey (ドラミング響鬼プログライズキー, Doramingu Hibiki Puroguraizu Kī): Based on Kamen Rider Hibiki, this Progrisekey's ability is "Beat".[4]

"Katsute Kitae Nukareta Karada to Oto de Tatakau Hitori no Oni ga Ita...[5]

Translation: Once there was a demon who fought with a well-trained body and sound... (かつて鍛えぬかれた体と音で戦う1人の鬼がいた…)
―Story announcement[src]

Ongekiden Hibiki Wonder Ride Book (音撃伝響鬼ワンダーライドブック, Ongeki Den Hibiki Wandā Raido Bukku, lit. "Sound Attack Legend Hibiki Wonder Ride Book") is based on Kamen Rider Hibiki and his forms. The book's name is shortened to "Hibiki" in the Swordriver's announcements.


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