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Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER (仮面ライダー平成ジェネレーションズFOREVER, Kamen Raidā Heisei Jenerēshonzu Foebā)[4] is a Japanese superhero crossover film between Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Zi-O, serving as the third and final installment of the Heisei Generations Series, and the 10th Movie War film overall. Serving as a tribute to Kamen Rider Kuuga, Kamen Rider W, and Kamen Rider Den-O, Sento and Sougo attempt to reverse the damages caused by a powerful Time Jacker who wishes to erase the legacy of the Heisei Riders and take over the world.

The taglines for this movie are "A generation ends. A new era begins." (時代が終わる。すべてがはじまる。, Jidai ga owaru. Subete ga hajimaru.) and "For all who love the Kamen Riders..." (仮面ライダーを愛してくれたあなたへ, Kamen Raidā o aishite kureta anata e ...)


"A young Kamen Rider fan is granted his wish of seeing Riders in person, initiating the ultimate Japanese superhero crossover meta film. The third and final installment of the Heisei Generations series finds Kamen Rider Zi-O and Kamen Rider Build joining forces with all of the other Heisei Generation Riders to reverse the damages of an evil Time Jacker named Tid, and save their legacy. Are Kamen Riders real? Will you believe?"
―Official synopsis by Shout! Factory

Continuity and Placement

  • The film is non-canon, as confirmed by producer Shinichiro Shirakura.[5][6], which is further supported by the fact that Sougo and the Den-O crew do not recognize each other later on, and the film's events seemingly having no impact on the previously established continuity in Kamen Rider Build, which ignores the events of Heisei Generations FOREVER in the Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD film series.
    • However, a flashback from the film is clearly shown in Zi-O Episode 44, contradicting the non-canonicity statement.


While walking back home with his friends, Sougo Tokiwa is ambushed by Geiz's Time Mazine, however, the Another Den-Liner appears from the time continuum and makes a crash landing. The Super Time Jacker Tid walks out of the Another Den-Liner and proclaimed that he would destroy the legacy of the Heisei Kamen Riders. Another Den-O jumps out and attacks Sougo, who has apparently lost his memories of being Kamen Rider Zi-O. After touching his dropped Zi-O Ridewatch, Sougo's memories return, and both he and Geiz transform to fight Another Den-O, but it escapes. After canceling their transformations, the two are met with an audience who applaud them. Tsukuyomi, who's memories had just been altered, then yells at the two by their last names, saying they were late for school.

Meanwhile, in the city, a boy named Shingo is caught in a green tornado and falls into the arms of Ryuga Banjo. While Sento Kiryu attempts to make a scientific guess as to what just happened, they are met with Another Double, who attacks the now-transformed Build and Cross-Z. While Ataru Hisanaga happily records the fight, Kazumi Sawatari as Grease and Gentoku Himuro as Rogue arrive to help Build and Cross-Z fight Another Double. After they fend him off, Sento and Ryuga are then confused as to why Kazumi and Gentoku have their memories, as they did not cross through the new world. Later when they realize the boy from earlier was gone, Sento sets out to find him. Later at that moment, Gentoku loses his memories and walks off. Kazumi and Ryuga walk the city trying to figure out what happened to Gentoku and the new world situation when Misora Isurugi arrives and berates Ryuga for not calling or texting her while ignoring Kazumi. Ryuga is surprised to see that Nascita has now changed to Nasubi, when Misora suddenly loses her memories and happily runs off from whom she believes to be her "fans."

At Hikarigamori High School, Sougo and Geiz notice that Tsukuyomi's memories have been heavily altered, and her personality seems too "normal". Ataru approaches her and refers to her as "Tsukuyomi", which Geiz found weird as that is not a name that anyone in the current time period should know, except Sougo and Geiz. After school, Tsukuyomi and her friends decide to head to the formerly 9 5 DO, now Mojimoji to eat. Geiz follows them in and is greeted by Junichiro Tokiwa who offers to take his order. Geiz politely declines, but his poor choice of words landed him a cup of coffee.

Sento finds Shingo and reveals that he is Kamen Rider Build, however, Tid appears wanting to take Shingo away. Sento enters a fight with him to protect Shingo, but he gets brainwashed himself and is forced to do Tid's bidding. Tid becomes displeased that Riders exist in this world despite them being fictional and wants to know why. He reveals that Shingo is the key to his plans. In secret, Sento programs his Build Phone.

Ataru walks home and discovers that Sougo was following him, so Ataru introduces himself as Sougo's classmate. He also reveals that he has the ability to draw Kamen Riders to him, so he knows Sougo is Zi-O. Sougo is not convinced, so Ataru takes him to Futo City to eat at Master of Fumen's shop, hoping to draw out Kamen Rider Double, however, they end up drawing out Another Double instead, who was chasing Shingo. Sougo attempts to transform, but Another Double escapes at the sight of seeing Sougo's Driver and Ridewatch. Master then discovers that Sougo was the one that Shotaro Hidari was talking about, so he presents him with the Double Ridewatch. Sougo then talks to Shingo and offers to help him find his mother, however, Shingo replies that his mother is currently in the hospital giving birth to his younger brother. He also expresses interest in watching Kamen Rider Kuuga, which Ataru is surprised to hear such a young kid be interested in the classics. Ataru reveals he was born the day before Kuuga had aired its first episode on television, and Shingo thought today was Ataru's birthday.

Sougo brings Shingo and Ataru to the now Cafe Mojimoji, where he finds Geiz studying and has now lost his memories. Outside, Sougo tells Shingo that he should bring him home and brings out his map app on his smartphone, which Shingo replies that it was his first time seeing a "small laptop". Ryuga and Kazumi arrive and see Shingo, who he reveals that after Sento found him, he was caught. Sento's Machine Builder arrives unmanned, which Ryuga deducts that Sento sent it here so they can find him.

Ataru, Kazumi, and Shingo ride the bus home. Ataru finds that Kazumi highly resembles Otoya Kurenai from Kamen Rider Kiva (a reference that both Kazumi and Otoya are portrayed by Kouhei Takeda), but Kazumi replies in confusion. The three get off and arrive at Ataru's house. Discovering that the nameplate is "Hisanaga", Shingo asks for Ataru's name and it strikes familiarity with him. Another Double appears and Kazumi transforms to fight him. Another Den-O arrives and helps Another Double gang up on Grease, and they defeat him. Another Double approaches Ataru and Shingo, but Shingo assures to his younger brother that everything would be ok. He jumps in front and shields Ataru, but is then taken by Another Double. Another Den-O walks up to Ataru and reveals his identity to be Ataru himself, from the future.

Taking the bike, Cross-Z and Zi-O arrive and Tid and Sento's location. Sento transforms into TankTank form and fights the two. Build manages to take down both Cross-Z and Zi-O, and prepares to finish them. However at the very last moment, he turns the blaster and fires at Tid instead, who then uses his powers to stop the attack. Realizing that Sento was only feigning his brainwashing, he did not care as Another Double had already completed his mission by kidnapping Shingo, and leaves. Sento then apologizes to Ryuga and Sougo, as he had to trick his allies first before he is able to effectively fool the enemy. Sento then realizes that the entire fight was actually a diversion in the first place, to lure them away from Shingo and Another Double.

Sougo and Sento then return to Ataru's house looking for "Shingo", but Ataru doesn't know why the two would know the name of his older brother, and realizes they were referring to the boy. He brings them to his room which is filled with Kamen Rider memorabilia, with Sougo and Sento stunned to see toys of themselves. Ataru reveals that Kamen Riders are fictional and were brought to this world due to him making a contract with an Imagin named Futaros. He also reveals that on the day he was born, his older brother of seven years, Shingo Hisanaga went missing. As he grew up a fan of Kamen Rider, he wished that they would one day come to live and help find his brother, which was the main conviction of his contract with Futaros. Realizing that it would never happen because they were fictional, Ataru heeded no mind to the situation with Tid and the Another Riders. This angered Sento, who berated Ataru for having no compassion for people, real or not, and walked away. As the two walk downstairs, Sento discovers a picture. Futaros then reveals to Ataru that his powers are diminishing, and the remaining Riders left in the world will soon disappear.

At Tid's newly created Another Double/Den-O tower, he meets up with the two Another Riders who have successfully taken Shingo. He puts Shingo inside a box and declares his intent to correct the world. The tower then rises to its apex and causes the weather to change to heavy rain. Sougo began to have an existential crisis, but Sento reassures him that as a man who used to not exist, he had learned to deal with it and convinced Sougo to as well. The two transform in the rain and fight the horde of soldiers that stand in their way. Inspired by what Sento said, Ataru walks out of his house and finds Kazumi, but he has lost his memory and cannot help him. Ataru is downed by a group of soldiers but is saved by Futaros. Finishing up his contract, Futaros enters Shingo. At that moment, Sougo arrives and sees Futaros enter. Because Ataru has lost his conviction, Sougo, Sento, and Ryuga disappear.

Sougo then awakens in 9 5 DO and explains what happened to Black Woz. Sento then comes into the shop and tells Sougo to recall the photo they saw at Ataru's house. The photo is revealed to be a picture of Shingo, which Sougo deduced that Shingo is in fact Ataru's older brother from the past. Knowing what to do, he reveals the Double Ridewatch and uses it to transport the three back to Ataru's world. Sougo arrives at where Ataru was at last, and Woz uses the Gaia Library to ascertain the date that Futaros has gone back to, January 29, 2000, the day Ataru was born. Sougo takes Ataru to that date, to the hospital where Futaros had just arrived and begun to chase after Another Double. Another Double takes "Shingo Hisanaga" hostage. After hearing Shingo's last name, Sougo reveals Shingo's true identity to Ataru. After realizing that his older brother was trying to protect him after all this time, Ataru lashes out at Another Double, but is forcibly transformed into Another Den-O. Another Den-O then leaves with Another Double and Shingo aboard the Another Den-Liner and travel back to where they were at the start of the film. Sougo reveals that he already notified friends to meet him.

At the mummified tomb of Riku, the original Kamen Rider Kuuga, Tid steals its powers into an Another Ridewatch. Geiz arrives in an attempt to stop him from destroying the Heisei Rider legacy. Tid turns himself into Another Kuuga, and Tsukuyomi fights him using his Time Mazine, which gets damaged. Sougo and Futaros follow-through using Sougo's Time Mazine, but they are ambushed by Another Kuuga and the Another Den-Liner, which ends up wrecking up their Time Mazine, and they crash into the mountains. Tid turns back into his human form, and the Another Den-Liner travels forward to December 3, 2018. As it crashes into Geiz's Time Mazine, Shingo takes this chance to run, though Another Double catches him to him and chases him to the city.

By making himself Another Kuuga, Futaros deduces that Tid already erased the history of the Heisei Riders, and reveals that Shingo is a Singularity Point, meaning temporal changes in his past will not affect him. Futaros announces his intent to help save Shingo and the world but is distraught that Sougo's Time Mazine is wreaked. After Geiz and Tsukuyomi arrive, they attempt to travel back to 2018 together, but their temporal systems were too damaged to get them anywhere. Miraculously, they are saved by the real DenLiner.

Back in the present-day, Sento and Ryuga confront Tid, who is angry that the Riders still exist. The two transform into RabbitRabbit and Cross-Z Magma and fight the soldiers. After taking the fight outside, Sougo and his team return with the DenLiner's help, and Sento welcomes them back. Sougo, Geiz, and Futaros confront Tid and the Another Riders, who voices his intent on erasing the Heisei Rider legacy. Sougo and Geiz attempt to transform, but Tid stops them and ambushes soldiers on them, while Futaros attempts to save Ataru from Another Den-O through empty ears. Before Another Den-O is able to finish Futaros off, everyone in the room (except Tid) are transported to safety by Kamen Rider Den-O, which Momotaros, Kintaros, Ryutaros, and Urataros take turns fighting the soldiers and defeating Another Den-O, turning Ataru back to normal. Urataros as Ryotaro Nogami helps him up and reveals that Kamen Riders do and will continue to exist as long as people remember them. They then transport the team back, and the Taros fight amongst themselves. While Ryotaro is seemingly possessed by Urataros, Momotaros revealed that he wasn't fooled and Ryotaro smiles.

The four return to the tower, and Ataru tells Tid what Ryotaro had said to him. With his conviction now at its maximum, all the Riders that had lost their memories return, including Kazumi and Gentoku who transform into Grease and Rogue. Two children are ambushed by a pair of soldiers, but their cry for help summons Kamen Riders Ghost and Ex-Aid to their rescue. As two young men are about to be attacked, Double appears to save them. A young man encourages two boys to believe in the Kamen Riders, which results in him summoning Kamen Rider Kuuga. In the public, Kamen Riders Kiva and Gaim appear, followed by Kamen Riders Agito, RyukiWizard. Kamen Riders Blade, Faiz, and Hibiki then follow through. Kamen Riders Kabuto, Decade, and Fourze arrive as well. Last but not least, Kamen Riders OOO and Drive appear. Momotaros in Den-O Sword Form and makes his stand against a group of soldiers. All the Riders are manifested from all the civilians' imaginations and protected them from the monsters.

While Another Double fights Build and Cross-Z, Sougo arrives and transforms into Zi-O DoubleArmor, with Woz giving a speech shortly after commemorating DoubleArmor's first appearance. With the new Armor, Zi-O defeats Another Double. An enraged Tid transforms into Another Kuuga and attacks Zi-O and Geiz. They take their Time Mazines, now fixed by Sento to fight Another Kuuga. Geiz gives Sougo the Kuuga Ridewatch, which he had created at Riku's gravesite before Tid forced him out. After being defeated, Zi-O and Build chase Tid back to the tower, and he merges himself and Shingo before transforming into the giant Another Ultimate Kuuga. The two follow him on their bikes to an empty battlefield, with the public cheering them on. However, Tid summoned a horde of soldiers, which then all the Riders appear to help the two clear the battlefield. The Riders then charge their final Rider Kicks alongside Kuuga himself in order to defeat Tid and save Shingo. In the midst of the battle, Shingo wakes up and is met with an awe sight of all 20 Riders assembled.

As Shingo prepares to be taken back to 2000, Ataru thanked his brother for protecting him, and Shingo apologized for making his younger brother wait to see his brother after 18 years. Futaros considered his job complete and walks away. DenLiner departs and the timeline changes. On January 29, 2000, Ataru Hisanaga is born with Shingo and a Kuuga figurine and plush right beside him. In 2003, the two pose with Kamen Rider Faiz gear. In 2005, the two pose with Hibiki gear. In 2007, the two attend a Kamen Rider Den-O show, posing with Den-O himself. In 2010, the two pose with the Cyclone and Joker Gaia Memories. In 2018, the two pose with Zi-O memorabilia.

In the new timeline, Sougo walks home from school and meets up with Sento, who both found themselves to still exist in the world. Sento decides to let this matter slide and just continue to exist, and Sougo proudly agreed. During the end credits, Sento and Ryuga ride off on their bike, and Sougo meets up with Geiz and Tsukuyomi.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo Tokiwa
Kamen Rider Geiz Geiz Myokoin
Kamen Rider Build Sento Kiryu
Kamen Rider Cross-Z Ryuga Banjo
Kamen Rider Grease Kazumi Sawatari
Kamen Rider Rogue Gentoku Himuro

Legend Riders

Kamen Rider Kuuga Yusuke Godai (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Agito Shoichi Tsugami (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Ryuki Shinji Kido (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Faiz Takumi Inui (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Blade Kazuma Kenzaki (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Hibiki Hitoshi Hidaka (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Kabuto Soji Tendo (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form Ryotaro Nogami/Momotaros
Kamen Rider Den-O Rod Form Ryotaro Nogami/Urataros
Kamen Rider Den-O Ax Form Ryotaro Nogami/Kintaros
Kamen Rider Den-O Gun Form Ryotaro Nogami/Ryutaros
Kamen Rider Kiva Wataru Kurenai (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Decade Tsukasa Kadoya (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Double Philip & Shotaro Hidari (transformed only)
Kamen Rider OOO Eiji Hino (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Fourze Gentaro Kisaragi (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Wizard Haruto Soma (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Gaim Kouta Kazuraba (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Drive Shinnosuke Tomari (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Ghost Takeru Tenkuji (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Emu Hojo (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Lazer Kiriya Kujo (transformed only)






Futaros Futaros
Drive Driver Krim Steinbelt


Another Kuuga Tid
Another Ultimate Kuuga Tid & Shingo Hisanaga
Another Double Another Double
Another Den-O Ataru Hisanaga



Zi-O cast

Build cast

Returning Cast

Guest Cast

Archive recordings

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used



  • Bottle used:
  • Form(s) used:
    • Build
      • RabbitTank Form, TankTank Form, RabbitRabbit Form
    • Cross-Z
      • Cross-Z, Cross-Z Charge, Cross-Z Magma


  • Jelly used:
    • Grease
      • Robot
    • Cross-Z Charge
      • Dragon

Wizard Rings

  • Ring Used:
    • Transformation - Flame
    • Magic - Special
  • Style Used
    • Flame Style

Gaia Memories

  • Memory Used
    • Soul - Cyclone
    • Body - Joker
  • Half Changes:
    • CycloneJoker


Rider Cards

  • Card Used:
    • Kamen Rider Decade
      • Kamen Ride: Decade
      • Final Attack Ride: Decade
    • Forms:
      • Decade

Rouse Cards

  • Cards used:
    • Blade
      • Change, Kick, Thunder
  • Forms used:

Advent Cards

  • Cards used:
    • Ryuki:
      • Strike Vent, Final Vent
  • Weapons/Powers summoned:
    • Ryuki:
      • Dragclaw

Rider Gashats

Core Medals

  • Medals Used:
    • Head - Taka
    • Arms - Tora
    • Legs - Batta
  • Combos Used:
    • Tatoba Combo

Ghost Eyecons


Shift Cars

Other Form Changes

  • Kabuto: Rider Form
  • Faiz: Axel Form
  • Den-O: Sword Form, Axe Form, Gun Form, Rod Form
  • Kuuga: Mighty Form
  • Kiva: Kiva Form
  • Agito: Ground Form

Theme song


  • The film premiered in Japanese theaters on December 22, 2018.

  • The film was released in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats on May 8, 2019.

  • The film was released in Hong Kong on March 14, 2019, available in both Japanese language with Cantonese subtitles and Cantonese dub.
  • The film was distributed throughout Southeast Asia by Purple Plan, a film distributor based in Singapore. The film premiered in Singapore on March 23, 2019, and in Malaysia and Indonesia on March 30, 2019.[11][12][13][14] The film was later made available on iTunes in said regions on April 2020. [15]
  • Dex Limited Company released the film in Thailand on April 4, 2019, available in both Japanese language with Thai subtitles and Thai dub.
  • Hangzhou Anime Festival in China held an opening night ceremony on May 2, 2019 for the film. The film became available to stream on the VOD service Tencent Video on May 8, 2019.[16] The film was released in Taiwan on September 27, 2019.
  • A screening of the film had occurred in South Korea.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a screening of the film by Shout! Factory at Anime Expo 2020 was canceled. The film held its first live screening in North America on July 11, 2020 via. Nerdist's YouTube Channel and on Twitch. The film was made available for streaming at TokuSHOUTsu on July 15th, ahead of its original August 1st release date due to popular demand.[17][18]


  • When Sento was transforming into TankTank Form, the 'Tank & Tank' sound from FullFull RabbitTank Bottle is played when he 'caps' it, not when it is closed or put into the Build Driver.
  • Shingo somehow knows who Otoya Kurenai is. This should be impossible as Kamen Rider Kiva would not air until nearly a decade from his time. The only explanation is that he heard Ataru mention it as he was talking to Kazumi.
  • When Ryuki was using his Strike Vent, he was somehow able to use the Dragclaw Fire attack without aid of Dragreder, which he usually does in the TV series. This error also happened in episode 53 of Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • Wizard is shown using the Special Ring while in regular Flame Style, in spite of use of a Dragon style being needed for the ring to work.
  • The lower part of the upper body armor of Kamen Rider Cross-Z Magma has a massive dent on it. The reason for it is unknown.
  • While not an error, Kabuto's undersuit is visibly worn out from repeated use.

Lazer's missing Gamer Driver

  • Kamen Rider Lazer Level 2 is visibly missing the Gamer Driver in the racing scene. Despite this, the Rider Machine that Ex-Aid used is Lazer, due to the latter possessing eyes and the transformation announcement of Bakusou Bike was used.

Kiva's missing collar piece

  • The collar piece of Kamen Rider Kiva's suit is missing during the bike scene.
  • From the beginning of the film, it had been established that it takes place in the real world, where Kamen Rider only exists as a fictional franchise. This causes a logical conflict and paradoxically would make no sense for a Time Jacker, an Imagin, the tomb of Riku, singularity points, Sento Kiryu, and Ryuga Banjo to even exist in the first place. Moreover, Sougo Tokiwa should have lost his memories instead of actually disappearing when Ataru decides to erase his delusions.
  • If Shingo Hisanaga was kidnapped in 2000, then his status as a Singularity Point should prevent his 25-year-old self from disappearing from existence in 2018. However there is no mention or even a sight of him anywhere.


  • Ridewatch Count at movie end:
    • Watches in Zi-O's possession: Zi-O, Build, Ex-Aid, Fourze, OOO, OOO Tajadol Combo, Gaim, W, Kuuga, Bike, Phone, Taka, Kodama
    • Watches in Geiz's possession: Geiz, Ghost, Drive, Cross-Z, Faiz, Wizard, Genm, Bike, Phone
    • Watches in Tsukuyomi's possession: Phone
  • Fullbottle Count at movie end:
    • Fullbottles in Team Build's possession: All 60 Pandora Fullbottles, Crocodile Crack, RabbitTank Sparkling, FullFull RabbitTank, Dragon Magma, North Blizzard, Genius (depleted), Hazard Trigger, Magma Knuckle, Blizzard Knuckle
    • Sclashjellies in Team Build's possession: Robot, Dragon
  • The prominent placement of Den-O, Kuuga, and Double on the film's second poster is intriguing, as their actors Takeru Satoh, Joe Odagiri, and Masaki Suda are currently amongst Japan's most prolific actors, which is a reason as to why they have been unable to reprise their roles in recent crossovers.
    • The film originally had a plot point in which Philip would have assisted Sougo and accessed the Gaia Library for him, however this was scrapped due to Suda's prior obligations which made him unavailable despite his interest in reprising his role, thus his character was replaced with Woz instead.[19] As such, a replacement surprise was created with Satoh, where his return to the franchise was tightly kept under wraps until the release of the film's final trailer before the film's premiere. This would mark the first time in ten years since Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown that Satoh returned to portray Ryotaro Nogami as his rising unavailability since the end of Den-O resulted in him being replaced by Takuya Mizoguchi in the Cho Den-O Series, and Momotaros acting as Den-O's prime representative.
    • On the topic of returning actors, Hiro Mizushima expressed his interest in appearing, but stated that Toei did not invite him.[20]
  • According to Kento Shimoyama on Twitter, the premise of the movie was partially inspired by the Ultraman movie Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, & Ultraman Gaia: The Decisive Battle in Hyperspace, which had a similar occurrence of the fictional heroes being brought to the real world via a person's wishes.[21]
  • Footage from the first episode of Den-O is used during Woz's exposition about the Imagins in the True Gaia Memory.

Sougo in "top gear".

  • The scene where Sougo realizes that Ataru and Shingo are brothers is a homage to Kamen Rider Drive, recreating a recurring sequence from early episodes where Shinnosuke would be surrounded by spinning "flashback clips" while he put together the facts about the current case.
  • The Legend Riders who arrive during the third act of the film are confirmed by Shinichiro Shirakura to not be the original characters, but instead manifestations of the civilians' imaginations of the Kamen Rider franchise.
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga is the only Legend Rider silent for most of the film, with no voice recordings used and rarely grunts, but Kuuga's trademark battle cry was heard in one scene.
  • When Momotaros as Den-O appeared with the other Legend Riders, he mutters Ii jan! Ii jan! Sugee jan?!, which are lyrics to the opening, Climax Jump.
  • This is the second Kamen Rider film to be legally available in the United States, the first being Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue. During the film's first live premiere, it was accompanied by a message from Keisuke Watanabe, who gave away an autographed DX Beyondriver.


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