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Icon-exaid.pngThis article is about a crossover film in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider Ghost.Icon-ghost.png

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Riders (仮面ライダー平成ジェネレーションズ Dr.パックマン対エグゼイド&ゴースト with レジェンドライダー, Kamen Raidā Heisei Jenerēshonzu: Dokutā Pakkuman tai Eguzeido ando Gōsuto wizu Rejendo Raidā) is a Japanese superhero crossover film between Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider Ghost, serving as the first ever installment of the Heisei Generations Series, and the 8th Movie War film overall. In the film, Emu and Takeru enlist the support of Wizard, Gaim, and Drive to assist them in stopping the malicious Pac-Man from infecting all of Japan.

The catchphrase for this film is "Movie War Super Level Up! Five warriors stand up against the ultimate lifeform's invasion of the world." (MOVIE大戦 超レベルアップ 究極生命体の世界侵略に、5人の戦士が立ち上がる。, Mūbī Taisen chō reberuappu Kyūkyoku seimei-tai no sekai shinryaku ni, 5-nin no senshi ga tachiagaru.)


This battle game must be cleared! The Super Hero Year finally reaches its climax!!

A computer virus called "Pac-Man" invades Japan from cyberspace. It is up to the Kamen Riders to put a stop to the destruction it is causing by finding the source of it.


The film opens on Genm Corp, which falls under attack by a trio of gun wielding terrorists in white suits, with the big muscular one of the trio shooting his gun in the air to scare away the company employees. They use their combat skills and firepower to swiftly deal with security by killing the guards. A fourth member appears to join with the trio once the commotion dies down a bit, a mysterious figure who is phasing in and out of existence and wearing a Pac-Man mask. An alarm goes off and the surviving security warn Kuroto Dan on the phone in his office that there are hostile intruders coming toward his floor. Kuroto tries to pack up the Proto Rider Gashats and his Gashacon Bugvisor and flee, only to be held at gun point by the three armed terrorists. They seem to know who Kuroto is and the female terrorist says it has been six years since they last saw each other. They demand that he hand over the Proto Gashats and the Gashacon Bugvisor, with Kuroto silent at first. The Pac-Man masked figure walks in and Kuroto is shocked to see him, saying he shouldn't even exist anymore. The figure says he is indeed alive and wishes to complete his research. The four attempt to leave, only to be stopped by the police. The brute of the group injects the Proto Gekitotsu Robots Gashat into his body to become the Robol Bugster, releasing a powerful shockwave that destroys the police barricade.

At a high school, a group of kids are gathered around a girls smartphone reading the latest news about Hatesate Puzzle reaching over 20 million downloads on app stores. The girl tells a boy named Togo, who created the game, the good news. He at first cannot hear her because of his headphones but later replies that it is nothing as he aims for a higher goal. The group hears screaming in the classroom and sees a swarm of Pac-Men coming at Togo and start to devour him. Togo's classmates flee in terror as more Pac-Men appear.

At Seito University hospital, Emu is watching an asthma patient play Hatesate Puzzle on his phone after teaching him how to play. Emu is relieved the patient is feeling better and the young boy thanks Emu for being his doctor and helping him. Asuna frantically runs to him and tells Emu they have recieved a large number of emergency calls and they need to go to the scene of the pandemic. Emu apologizes to the young boy for leaving so soon and tries to hurry, but trips over his own feet and falls on his face. Asuna picks Emu up and drags him back to the hospital.

At another high school, Takeru Tenkuji is smiling and daydreaming in class, happy that his days are peaceful since the defeat of the Gamma while an important lesson is going on for an exam. The teacher is annoyed by this and reminds Mr. Tenkuji that he is six months behind everyone else in class and he needs to pay attention if he is serious about wanting to pass his university entry exams. Takeru apologizes and says he'll try harder, as the class laughs at him. Akari and Onari burst into the classroom and inform Takeru that a supernatural phenomenon is going on outside.

As the catastrophe spreads, a news bulletin announces that casualties have gone up since it started. Emu and Asuna arrive on the scene and see a group of people being devoured by small Pac-Man viruses. The news report continues, stating that the Ministry of Health has issued a pandemic alert and ordered civilians to stay in their homes. Victims of the Pac-Man virus have a high fever and show signs of infection when bitten by the creatures. Takeru, Onari and Akari arrive on the scene and Akari reminds Takeru that he has a mortal body now so he must be careful and not to overdo it. Togo's classmates run into the three and ask Onari for help to rescue Togo. After the two heroes arrive on the scene, recognizing each other's belts, Takeru explains to Akari that both he and Emu have met each other before. The Pac-Man viruses attack the group before either can transform, specifically targeting Takeru and negating his powers after biting him. The Ghost Driver vanishes and Takeru is unable to summon his Parka Ghost from the Ore Ghost Eyecon or transform. Emu tries to reassure Onari and Akari that he will do what he can, transforming into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 1 to battle the virus.

After the opening title, the mysterious attackers from earlier locate a target and prepare for a mission. Ex-Aid battles the virus by trying to smash them with his Gashacon Breaker but he cannot even dent the Pac-Man viruses. Takeru sees Togo struggling to get help and collapsing, rushing to help, only to be targeted by two of the terrorists with one transforming into the Doral Bugster. Ex-Aid changes into Action Gamer Level 2 to fight the Bugster, telling Takeru, Asuna, Akari and Onari to get Togo somewhere safe while he holds the Doral Bugster off. The woman tries to follow them and battles Takeru with her sword when he interferes. Despite the efforts of both heroes, they are overpowered and beaten down. The Pac-Man masked figure appears, revealing it is he who spread the Pac-Man virus and introduces himself as Dr. Pac-Man. The two heroes ask why is he doing this, with Dr. Pac-Man responding that he wants revenge on humanity before leaving with his subordinates.

Seito University Hospital is overrun with people sick from the Pac-Man virus, with so many ill that nurses and doctors are treating them on the floor due to how full the hospital is. Asuna and Emu take Togo to the CR, with Akari, Onari and Takeru pushing the young boy's bed. Asuna reads his profile and how, according to Togo's friends, he is the creator of Hatasate Puzzle. Both Emu and Asuna explain their jobs and about the Bugsters to Takeru and company as they wheel the patient to the examination room. Examining Togo with scans, he oddly shows no signs of game disease as the machines read no data on his ailment. Emu asks Takeru if he has any symptoms since he was bit by the virus, but Takreu says he seems to be fine.

Later the group gathers with Director Kagami and Hiiro to have a conference with Director Hinata of the Ministry of Health via video call to the CR, informing them he is taking command of CR during this crisis. Kyotaro thanks the Daitenkuu Temple investigators for their help in this crisis. Hiiro reports there are over 100,000 cases of infection so far and it is spreading and despite their best efforts there is no means of treatment yet. If they do not formulate a plan to cure the patients, death may be an unavoidable outcome. Asuna assumes her true form of Poppy Pippapo and reports her data analysis on the virus, shocking the Daitenkuu Temple group as they see her jump out of her game cabinet screen. Poppy explains that Pac-Man isn't a virus itself, but rather a game character infected with a virus and being controlled by someone. But since Ex-Aid's attacks have no effect, Emu uses his gamer knowledge to come up with a solution. Since the game of Pac-Man has Ghosts as enemies, only a ghost can defeat the Pac-Man virus, thus explaining why the virus attacked Takeru. Thus, Pac-Man ate Takeru's ability to transform so he would no longer be a threat. Kuroto and Taiga arrive to help, though Taiga makes it clear he doesn't want to help them and just wants to eliminate the virus "freaks". Kuroto explains the events that happened earlier at Genm Corp, but withholds the information on who the people who attacked him are and only asks for the CR Riders to recover the Proto Gahsats.

At an abandoned apartment complex, Dr. Pac-Man begins the next phase of his plan, waiting on a specific person with game disease to awaken their Bugster and analyzing the genome sequence of an unknown DNA strand.

Hiiro is interested in the patient Togo as he observes him, wondering why he would be targeted. Togo wakes up and stubbornly tries to leave the hospital, but his game disease leaves him too weak to even stand. Takeru and Emu ask questions about why he was being targeted, but Togo gets angry and acts disrespectful to his rescuers. Emu tries to defuse the situation by talking to Togo about his app game Hatesate Puzzle, which makes Togo more angry as he says that is the reason he cannot stay as he has to work on improving the game. Emu tries to reason with Togo that he cannot work if he pushes his body while sick and worrying about work is the least of his worries if he lets the game disease remain in his system. Takeru agrees, telling Togo there is nothing more important than his life. Hiiro comes in and tells the two that if the patient wants to leave they should not stop him. Emu at first objects, but Hiiro says he has a plan.

On the roof of the hospital, Emu and Takeru talk for a bit, with Takeru admiring his successor for being a doctor and showing the Ex-Aid Eyecon he got from Emu after meeting him for the first time. Emu admires Takeru for fighting to protect lives, even after death as Ghost. Takeru confesses that now that he has been restored to life, he has a greater appreciation for being alive. Emu considers Takeru admirable for having such perspective at such a young age. The two compliment each others efforts as Kamen Riders, though Emu is humbled and says he just does what he can and wants to become a doctor who makes every patient smile and cure them. Kuroto meets with them on the roof and asks Takeru to give him his Ore Eyecon to analyze, as he think he can use it to create something to eliminate the virus. Takeru gives the Eyecon to Kuroto, who thanks him for his cooperation.

Togo is working on the latest version of his game on his laptop, with Asuna wondering why Hiiro let him outside. Hiiro explains that Togo is bait to lure the boy's would-be kidnappers to him as they may hold the key to the cure for the virus. Emu arrives and disapproves of this plan as Togo is a patient, but Hiiro reminds him there are hundreds of thousands of people affected by the virus, so the ends justify the means for now. He then asks Emu to take over his "shift" of watching Togo and insists that Emu contact him if the kidnappers appear. At first Togo is happy as he has been working on his game for the past five hours, but then suddenly collapses.

Takeru, Akari and Onari visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to recruit help, Shinnosuke Tomari aka Kamen Rider Drive. Shinnousuke is glad to see that Takeru was able to restore his life and brings police files on the mysterious trio, who are all connected the Next Genome center as gene therapy researchers. Shinnosuke also suspects that the identity of Dr. Pac-Man is Michihiko Zaizen, the head of the Next Genome research center. However, Shnnousuke points out all of them died six years ago and any evidence related to their deaths had been erased and the facility has been sealed, though some corrupted camera footage was able to be recovered by the police. The video shows the researchers operating on a patient and suddenly vanishing in a yellow light after a few brief seconds of groaning in pain. Shinnouske says there are nasty rumors about Next Genome, including illegal human cloning experiments and creating mutants. Akari compares them to mad scientists.

At the plaza, Emu and Asuna berate Togo for pushing himself too hard as they warned him not to. An angry Togo mutters he'll die when its time to die. Emu refuses to let that happen to Togo as he is his doctor and wants to save him. Dr. Pac-Man appears and Emu takes Togo and tries to run from the mad doctor. At the police department, Shinnosuke tells Takeru he'll investigate further into the Next Genome case and Akari gets a text call from Emu. Shinnouske offers to help, but Takeru doesn't want to see him get hurt now that he cannot transform into Drive. Onari reminds Takeru that he is in a similar situation, but the young hero ignores that fact and they rush to help Emu. Shinnosuke laments the fact that he can't transform anymore, as he wants to help.

Emu and Asuna try to escape with Togo but are soon surrounded by the Next Genome group. Emu asks why Togo is being targeted, with Dr. Pac-Man saying that the Pac-Man virus was just a tool to lure out the young programmer and it contains a program to detect a specific virus. Togo grasps his chest in pain and shows signs of extreme game disease, with Dr. Pac-Man stating Togo has a specific strain of Bugster Virus that is key to his master plan. Emu is confused as they didn't detect any Bugster Virus with the medical equipment at the CR, thus this must be a new strain the machines could not detect. The Hatena Bugster emerges from Togo as he struggles to maintain his physical form due to his game disease. Takeru and the others arrive and he exposes Dr. Pac-Man as Micihiko Zaizen, questioning how he is still alive.

Dr. Pac-Man confirms that he is Dr. Zaizen and that he revived as a Bugster to enact his revenge. He tells of how six years ago he was doing an experiment on a patient implanted with the Bugster Virus into a human to evolve it into a new lifeform. An accident happened and all of the researchers were killed by the newly formed Bugster infecting them and they became denizens of the "game world". Now that he has returned, he can complete the research he started. Emu is upset that a man who claims to be a doctor is using his skills for evil to hurt thousands. Dr. Zaizen does not care and proclaims that anyone who gets in his way will die. The Hatena Bugster attacks using falling explosive puzzle bricks to try to kill the heroes. Makoto and Alain arrive on the scene and Akari is in danger of being crushed by a puzzle block. Takeru races toward her and takes the blow meant for her, using his body as a shield to cover her from the blast. When the smoke clears, Akari is unconscious and Takeru is upset, thinking she is dying, but she wakes up and he is relieved. However, both of them show signs of game disease and start to fade as Takeru gets stressed over Akari's condition when she passes out. The Hatena Bugster informs them that his virus has a time limit, if he is not defeated in twenty-four hours, both Akari and Takeru will die. Makoto and Alain are upset over this and are ready to fight the Hatena Bugster, but they are interrupted by Ageha who attacks them with her sword, Kazushige attacks Emu using his martial arts skills to overpower the young doctor. Takeru asks Onari to take Akari to safety and Asuna helps Onari carry Akari back to the hospital. Takeru tries to fight the Hatena Bugster despite the pleas of Makoto and Alain to get to safety and let them handle the Bugster. Togo is fading away and pleading for Emu to save him, but Emu is trapped in Kazushige's headlock and can't escape. Dr. Zaizen uses the Gashacon Bugvisor to abduct Togo and all four heroes are beaten down and knocked aside. Kiriya arrives and pushes Kazushige back, with Taiga and Hiiro following behind him. Hiiro coldly berates Emu for failing to protect Togo, he then gives him a Gashat based on the data of Kamen Rider Ghost that was created by Kuroto. Ageha takes on Kamen Riders Brave and Specter as the Giril Bugster with an army of Bugster viruses while Kiriya, Taiga and Alain challenge the Doral Bugster as Lazer, Snipe and Necrom. Takeru struggles against the Hatena Bugster and Dr. Zaizen says that without Ghost's powers it is hopeless. The mad doctor then summons Pac-Man to attack Takeru and Emu, who changes into a demonic looking version of itself after the virus affects the beloved game character.

Emu and Takeru flee out of the building as Dr. Zaizen escapes with the Hatena Buigster, with Pac-Man chasing them outside. Takeru is badly hurt from his last fight, but stubbornly tries to continue fighting despite Emu's pleas to stop. Takeru tells Emu that while he is scared to die again, he is more afraid of seeing Akari die. Takeru's resolve to keep fighting re-activates the Ore Eyecon which flies back to him and the Ghost Driver activates again. Takeru transforms into Kamen Rider Ghost and fights the giant Pac-Man using his floating ability to evade its attacks. Emu is reluctant to join in the fight at first, dwelling on his recent failures in his mind, but he sees Ghost's determination and regains his fighting spirit to transform into Ex-Aid Ghost Gamer Level 1 and goes to assist Ghost.

Dr. Zaizen is ready for the final phase of his plan, using the Hatena Bugster's power to rewrite his DNA into that of an evolved being, writhing in pain as he starts the process.

Specter tries to fight Giril as Houdini Damashii, but gets knocked back. Brave also tries but fails at first. The two Riders then coordinate an attack by freezing the Giril's sword slash with Brave's Gashacon Sword and then using Specter Nobunaga Damashii's Omega Spark. The Giril easily repels the attack with her blade slashes, so the duo use their strongest forms of Brave Beat Quest Gamer Level 3 and Deep Specter. Despite the Rider landing a few good hits to the Giril, both opposing sides get hit by the blast of Brave's DoReMiFa Critical Strike when Giril tries to block it and both are knocked out of their transformations. Ageha flees as Makoto passes out from his injuries and Hiiro tries to wake him up. Necrom tries to fight the Doral Bugster but gets knocked back into Transient state and then assumes both Grimm Damashii and Sanzo Damashii to gain an advantage without much success. Snipe and Lazer access their Level 3 forms and after barraging Doral with gunfire, execute the Giri Giri Critical Finish and Jet Critical Strike with Necrom executing his Omega Ulord punch. The damage is only strong enough to knock Kazushige out of his Bugster form though, and he flees before the Riders can do anything. Alain collapses from his injuries as well and Taiga calls him an idiot for overdoing it.

Back at the fight with Pac-Man, Ghost pleads for the video game character to snap out of it, but the corrupted game character simply roars at him. Ghost uses the Ex-Aid Eyecon to change into Ex-Aid Damashii while Ex-Aid changes into Ghost Gamer Level 2. The two fight and then suddenly enter the mouth of Pac-Man, whose body is a giant maze dimension similar to the mazes of the character's game. The Riders are chased by the Pac-Man virus, but dodge him when he charges and it goes through a wall. The Riders then uses the environment to their advantage and begin striking the virus with their swords. This hurts the virus, but the Riders tell Pac-Man to hang on just a bit longer. The duo then use the Kaigan Critical Strike and the Heisei Rider Omega Drive to execute a Double Rider Kick to destroy the virus inside Pac-Man and purifies him when they exit his mouth. Pac-Man smiles at the Riders as a way of saying "thank you" as he fades into data. Takeru collapses after the battle and Emu rushes to check on him. Meanwhile, a familiar figure is watching these events from afar: Haruto Soma.

Pac-Man's dissolved data spreads over town and showers on those affected by game disease at Seito University Hospital, with the patients suddenly recovering and feeling better. Onari and Asuna witness this as they carry Akari to the hospital, with Asuna thanking Pac-Man for curing the game disease of the patients.

Dr. Zaizen is still in pain and struggling with his transformation, when Ageha and Kazushige arrive and stagger into the room. Soji is surprised the "kids" put up a good fight, but Dr. Zaizen think it doesn't matter as he has finished his evolution.

Alain and Makoto are in the hospital resting, with Hiiro finishing patching them up and applying bandages. Hiiro limps to Makoto's bed and sits down to try and tend to his own injuries, but Taiga sees how pathetic he looks and does it for him. Takeru is in the CR operating room, struggling to rest as his heart rate elevates while Emu sits in the CR doctor's office worried about him. Poppy checks in on Emu, who says he is a failure as a doctor. Poppy says he's wrong as he saved over hundreds of thousands of lives in a single day, but Emu says he couldn't save Togo and that is what is bothering him. He starts to cry, wondering what could have convinced him he could be a doctor. As Poppy leaves Emu alone for a bit, she sees Kiriya sitting by himself. She tries to make the coroner leave, but Kiriya wonders why someone like Emu became Ex-Aid as he has not had the necessary compatibility surgery. Poppy says that she doesn't know either, but perhaps Emu has a special power that give him that strength.

At the hideout of the Next Genome researchers, the Tokyo Police surround the building with Shinnosuke part of the squad ready to move in. Kazushige tells Ageha over a headset he will deal with the intruders personally. Shinnosuke warns Kazushige not to move and surrender or the police will open fire. Kazushige attempts to transform into Doral Bugster, only to be stopped by the sight of a magic portal appearing out of nowhere. The portal moves over toward the police and they all vanish as it disappears. Haruto appears behind Kazushige and pretends to be evil, claiming he was helping Kazushige by getting rid of the police. Dr. Zaizen transforms into his evolved state of the Genomes and then infects Togo with more of the Hatena virus. He then sees Haruto enter with Kazushige and Ageha is curious as to who he is. Haruto introduces himself as a wizard who is interested in joining in on whatever they are planning. Kazushige is suspicious of him and refuses as they don't need anyone to join with them. Haruto tries to win favor with them by telling Dr. Zaizen he had taken care of the police outside and could serve as a far better look out than Kazushige. Kazushige doesn't like Haruto's attitude, but Dr. Zaizen is interested in the proposal.

At the CR, the Condor Denwor flies into Takeru's room, changes into its phone mode and rings. Takeru answers it and speaks with Shinnosuke. In Akari's room, Kanon, Shibuya and Narita are at her bedside watching over her with Onari and Poppy. Onari tries to lighten the mood by trying to remain positive, encouraging the others to hope that Akari will recover. Takeru stumbles into the room, but is held back by Poppy who insists he go back to his room and rest. Takeru asks how much time is left, with Poppy pointing to a clock on the bed's monitors counting down with only 8 hours remaining. Takeru tries to leave, telling his friends that Shinnosuke found location of the hideout and he's going after the Next Genome researchers. Even if he's alone, he has to do what he can to save Akari while there is still a chance. Emu realizes there is still time to save both Togo and both Akari and Takeru and heads out to save his patients. He meets up with Takeru, telling him that he has a reason to fight as both join hands. Shinnouske is on the phone with his wife Kiriko, apologizing to her as he'll be working late and not to worry as she has to worry about two lives now, revealing that Kiriko is pregnant. Shinnouske then hangs up the phone adjusts his tie and heads out to fight.

Dr. Zaizen watches as Togo transforms into a Bugster, with a disgusted Haruto watching and becoming angry as he hears Togo screaming in pain.

Takeru and Emu arrive at the hideout and Haruto meets up with them, complaining it took them long enough to get here. Emu doesn't trust Haruto and thinks he could be leading them into a trap. Haruto explains that he took the role of a lookout so they could be escorted inside and introduces himself as Kamen Rider Wizard. The trio enter the hideout and the villains figure out that they have been tricked. The Hatena Bugster summons puzzle themed Bugster viruses who attack the heroes. Emu gets attacked by Ageha, who uses her martial arts on the combat inexperienced doctor to overpower him. Haruto fights Kazushige, with both evenly matched in combat skill. Takeru fights some of the Bugster viruses, only to get some surprise help from Shinnosuke using his gun to dispose of them. Shinnousuke says that even without his powers, he is still a Kamen Rider and can make a difference. Both he and Takeru do fairly well until Soji charges into the fight and uses his superior strength to toss Shinnouske around and beat him up.

Emu, Haruto and Takeru help Shinnousuke up and prepare to face Soji, only for a familiar ally to come crashing through the ceiling to help: Kamen Rider Gaim. The senior Riders are surprised to see him again and Gaim gives Shinnousuke another surprise by handing him Mr. Belt. Mr. Belt explains that Gaim used his god-like powers to teleport into the Drive Pit's underground vault to wake him up, telling Mr. Belt he was needed again. Shinousuke is not surprised by this, as that is what he would expect from a space god. Mr. Belt asks Shinnousuke about his "engine", who says without hesitation that he still is in "top gear" like always and that Mr. Belt is once again going for one last ride. Haruto introduces Gaim to Takeru and Emu and the five Riders stand ready to battle. Dr. Zaizen shows a mutating Togo inside the Bugvisor, revealing he plans on evolving him by splicing his DNA with his Bugster virus into the ultimate lifeform: a modified human completely immune to disease. Once the experiment is completed, Dr. Zaizen plans on mass producing the "treatment" to forcefully evolve all humans into Bugster hybrids. Emu is disgusted, as that is not how medicine works as he is using it against the will of others and real medicine helps people and should make them happy. Ageha, Soji and Kazushige transform into their Bugster forms and Dr. Zaizen becomes Genomes again. The heroes transform and prepare for battle, but the Hatena Bugster generates a Stage Select and teleports Wizard, Drive and Gaim away with Robol, Doral and Giril. Ex-Aid and Ghost face Hatena and Genomes and charge.

Akari wakes up in the CR and wonders where Takeru is, with Onari reassuring her that he is fine and he will return. She thinks about how Takeru put his life in danger for her and gets out of bed. She pleads for Poppy to take her to him, to which she agrees and carries Akrai out of the CR. Onari and the others follow, joined by Alain and Makoto.

Wizard battles Bugster Viruses in an amusement park setting using his Water, Hurricane and Land Styles. Doral then challenges Wizard and the two collide in an exchange of powerful punches. Gaim battles Bugster Viruses in a Feudal Japan setting, using Pine Arms to smash some of the Bugsters and then using Ichigo Arms's Ichigo Charge on his Musou Saber to defeat the remaining Bugsters with a rain of Kunai blades. Giril appears and Gaim assumes Banana Arms, trying to finish her with an Au Lait attack, but she charges and slices through it. Drive is at a harbor fighting yet more Bugster Viruses, using his speed and Handle-Ken to make quick work of some of them. Drive then uses Max Flare, Type Wild with the Rumble Smasher and Type Technic with the Door-Ju and Frostreamer to eliminate the Bugsters until he is surprised attacked by Robol leaping toward him.

Ex-Aid battles Genomes while Ghost fights Hatena, but both monsters are too strong. Ghost assumes both Musashi Damashii and Edison Damashii and fails to stop Hatena, while Ex-Aid tries using Robot Action Gamer Level 3 and manages to land a few good hits and uses the Emission Energy Item and the Gekitotsu Critical Strike before getting blasted out of his transformation by Genomes. Ghost fights Hatena as Toucon Boost Damashii, but still struggles to defeat the Bugster even when transforming into Ghost Greatful Damashii as his Mega Omega Formation kick gets blocked by Hatena's puzzle block projectiles and gets knocked back. Takeru tries again by transforming into Ghost Mugen Damashii and fires a Tanoshii Strike, but Hatena fires a powerful beam of energy that pushes it back and hits Takeru. Takeru staggers toward Hatena after he de-transforms, refusing to give up. Hatena is about to blast Takeru with one more beam, but Nobunaga saves Takeru by transporting him inside his Eyecon. Nobunaga acknowledges Takeru's strength and determination and offers to lend him his power along with two other Parka Ghosts, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu, with all three fusing into a new Eyecon and form, Ghost Tenka Touitsu Damashii. Ghost then gets the upper hand on Hatena.

Wizard continues his battle with Doral assuming Flame Dragon using both styles of dual wielding guns and swords before going into All Dragon to do an aerial attack and then changing into Infinity Style for the finishing blow with his Dragon Shining attack to destroy Doral. Gaim fights Giril in Jimber Lemon Arms and fails to hit her as she deflects his arrows with her sword. Gaim quickly changes into Kachidoki Arms and uses his war flags to knock Giril off balance and finally lands a direct hit with the Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju. Gaim then changes into Kiwami Arms and then uses the Musou Saber and Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju in Taiken Mode to finish off Giril with a Hinawa Daidai Musou Zan with the Orange Lockseed in the Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju. Drive battles Robol as Type Dead Heat, delivering a flurry of powerful punches to knock Robol back and then uses Type Formula's speed to outmaneuver Robol and deliver a direct hit with the Trailer-Hou. Drive then finishes off Robol with Type Tridoron's Tridrop kick.

Genomes has Emu at his mercy as he repeatedly beats him up, revealing he knows something about Emu as he has met him before. Ghost tries to rescue Emu by fighting Genomes, he then touches Genomes shoulder and looks into Dr. Zaizen's soul to learn that Emu was a patient of Dr. Zaizen. Genomes reveals that Emu was Patient Zero, the first human to be infected with the Bugster virus, and he was the one who operated on him six years ago. Hatena pushes Ghost away from Genomes and continues his battle with him.

Genomes cannot understand why Emu would go so far to protect Togo, with the young doctor replying that he would like to see Togo's smile as he shares his love of games and wants him to smile again. This stirs a reaction in the Bugvisor as Togo hears him and tries to fight Genomes by projecting outside of his body. Togo thanks Emu for trying so hard to save him and apologizes for the way he acted towards him. Emu says he's just glad he's okay and he'll do what he can to save his life. Togo decides to listen to his doctor and pleads for Emu to save him. Genomes forces Togo back into the Bugvisor and then forcefully puts both the Mighty Action X and the Proto Mighty Action X Gashats into Emu's Gamer Driver, which infects Emu with a large amount of the Bugster Virus. Dr. Zaizen says his only thought after reviving was revenge on Emu for ruining his life and nearly killing him, wanting him to die and his data to be banished to the Game World. Emu however refuses to give up and his Bugster Virus mutates as Emu's face glows orange and blue, knocking Genomes back. The two Mighty Action X Gashats fuse into a new Gashat, the Mighty Brothers XX and Emu transforms into Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer Level XX. Genomes is shocked by this turn of events and the two Ex-Aids use their new power to overwhelm Genomes. Ghost destroys Hatena with a Omega Drive double slash and clears Hatesate Puzzle. The two Ex-Aids uses the Mighty Double Critical Strike kick to knock the Gashacon Bugvisor off of Genomes and destroy him.

Akari feels better as her game disease leaves her due to the defeat of Hatena and Togo emerges from the Bugsvisor exhausted but feeling better. Ex-Aid reverts back to Action Gamer Level 2 confused as he has no memory of his transformation into Double Action Gamer. Ghost tells him he saved Togo and they carry the young programmer outside. The two Riders meet with their seniors and thank them for their help. The five Riders join hands and promise that they will meet again if the world needs them.

Emu carries Togo and Takeru meets up with his friends, relieved that Akari is alright. Takeru then goes into caridac arrest from his long battle and injuries and collapses. Emu rushes to his side and frantically tries to use CPR chest compressions. Onari begs Emu to stop after a few minutes as he believes Takeru is gone but Emu pushes him aside as he refuses to give up. All of Takeru's friends, Poppy and Emu begin to cry as Emu keeps trying to revive him. Takeru finally draws a breath and wakes up coughing as Emu tells his senior that he will not let him die again as he is his doctor. Takeru thanks Emu and tells him he won't waste this new chance at life he has given him.

During the credits, the movie shows an epilogue of the characters: Haruto is enjoying a scenic view of Tokyo from the top of a building and enjoying his plain sugar donuts from Donut Shop Hungry. Shinnousuke is given a surprise baby shower by his co-workers who celebrate the news of his wife being pregnant. Shinnousuke does point out it is too soon as he doesn't know if it is a boy or a girl yet despite the fact the shower gifts are for a boy. His co-workers ask if Shinnosuke has chosen a name for his kid yet, to which Shinnosuke laughs and just blushes. On Planet Helheim, Kouta is enjoying the serene environment with Mai. Togo is showing off the latest version of Hatesate Puzzle to his friends before heading off to class. Alain, Makoto and Kanon depart back to the Gamma World and bid farewell to their friends at Daitenkuu Temple. Hiiro is enjoying some cake, Taiga heads back to his clinic, Kiriya relaxes on the roof of the hospital and Poppy plays Pac-Man on her cabinet. Emu is treating a young boy with a cold by trying to examine his throat with a tongue depressor, but the child is less than cooperative and runs away with Emu tripping over his feet trying to chase after him.

After the credits, Kuroto is seen in his office with all of his Proto Gashats and the Gashacon Bugvisor recovered. He tells Parado that thanks to Dr. Zaizen's actions, he has obtained valuable data as his unsuspecting pawn. Kuroto reveals that he had been observing the fights and the results created a Gashat based on Pac-Man as well as a Gashat Game based on the data of Hatesate Puzzle: Perfect Puzzle.

Continuity and Placement


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Emu Hojo
Kamen Rider Brave Hiiro Kagami
Kamen Rider Snipe Taiga Hanaya
Kamen Rider Lazer Kiriya Kujo
Kamen Rider Ghost Takeru Tenkuji
Kamen Rider Specter Makoto Fukami
Kamen Rider Necrom Alain

Legend Riders

Kamen Rider Wizard Haruto Soma
Kamen Rider Gaim Kouta Kazuraba (suit only)
Kamen Rider Drive Shinnosuke Tomari





Drive Driver Krim Steinbelt


Next Genome Institute

Dr. Pac-Man Michihiko Zaizen
Robol Bugster Soji Kuruse
Doral Bugster Kazushige Ryuzaki
Giril Bugster Ageha Takeda



Ex-Aid cast
Ghost cast
Returning cast
Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Rider Gashat

Energy Items

  • Energy Items Used:
    • Ex-Aid
      • Emission

Ghost Eyecons

Shift Cars and Signal Bikes

  • Car Used:
    • Type Change - Shift Speed (once in Trailer-Hou), Shift Wild (once in Trailer-Hou), Shift Technic, Shift Deadheat, Shift Formula, Shift Tridoron
    • Tire Exchange - Max Flare, Rumble Dump, Road Winter
  • Type Used
  • Tire Blending used in Type Tridoron:
    • N/A
  • Bike Used:
    • Form Change: Shift Deadheat
  • Type Used:
    • Type Dead Heat


Wizard Rings

  • Ring Used:
    • Transformation - Flame, Water, Hurricane, Land, Flame Dragon, Infinity
    • Magic - Driver On, Copy (on the WizarSwordGun), Drago Timer
  • Style Used
    • Flame Style, Water Style, Hurricane Style, Land Style, Flame Dragon, All Dragon, Infinity Style



  • The film was released in theaters on December 10, 2016, and on DVD/Blu-Ray on May 10, 2017.


  • The film was released in Thailand theaters on April 20, 2017, available in both Japanese with Thai subtitles, and Thai dub.



Where's the Proto Mighty Action X Gashat?

  • Though Ex-Aid saw Graphite using Proto Dragon Knight Hunter Z Gashat multiple times in previous episodes, he did not recognize the Gashat when Kazushige used it.
  • When Ex-Aid reverts from Double Action Gamer Level XX to Action Gamer Level 2 after defeating Genomes, the Proto Mighty Action X Gashat is no longer in the second slot of his Gamer Driver.
  • In the scene after Ghost, Ex-Aid, Drive, and Wizard had finalized their transformations, Gaim walks in, however the Riders have seemingly shifted over to make room for Gaim to fit in the camera shot despite none of them have seemed to have moved at all while saying their catchphrases.
  • Like with Kamen Rider Taisen, certain parts of the film had sound editing issues where the background music was louder than other sound effects or dialogue and drowned them out.
  • When Ex-Aid changes to Robot Action Gamer Level 3, the transformation announcement isn't heard.
  • When Snipe and Lazer change into their Level 3 forms, their Level 3 announcements aren't heard.
  • When Drive Type Tridoron performs its finisher, several sound announcement isn't heard.

Deleted Scenes

Exaid-ghost16110510 compressed.jpg
  • A close up shot of Kouta's Sengoku Driver while he is transforming into Gaim was unused in the movie.


EA SYNG Screen.png
  • Closing Screen:
    • Text Color: Pink
  • Video Game References in this Movie
    • The victims of the bite of a Pac-Man virus experience a high fever as one of the symptoms. Real life Pac-Man did cause a fever in the form of a pop culture craze in the early 1980s dubbed in mainstream media as "Pac-Man Fever". Pac-Man Fever was also the name of a 1982 music album and song by Buckner & Garcia.
    • Coincidentally, the colors of the Riders match up with the colors of the four ghosts from Pac-Man (Ex-Aid being pink (Pinky), Gaim being blue (Inky), Ghost being orange (Clyde), Wizard and Drive being red (Blinky)).
    • When Ex-Aid obtains the Emission Energy Item, he does so by hitting the chocolate block from underneath to make it come out. Mario does this as well when he needs to obtain a power up in the Super Mario games.
    • The final battle against the Pac-Man virus is set in a maze, the main environment mechanic of a Pac-Man game.
    • Ex-Aid uses Ghost Gamer Level 2 and Ghost uses Ex-Aid Damashii to defeat the virus. Both powers are connected to ghosts, the one thing that can kill Pac-Man in the video games.
  • This marks the first time a non-tokusatsu licensed property of Bandai's has made a crossover with Kamen Rider. Bandai owns the rights to Pac-Man by having Namco, the creator of the original Pac-Man games, being part of its corporate structure due to a merger with the gaming company in 2006.
  • This is also the first actual video game character from a popular real world video game who will interact with the cast of Ex-Aid. Most of the games in Ex-Aid's series were mash-ups/expys of copyrighted games or contained elements of them. Most of the Genm Corp. games are fictional, non-existent games, except for Mighty Action X, but Mighty Action X was a fictional game before being made real.

Man of the Beginning and Woman of the Beginning in the Credits scene.

  • Out of the 5 main Riders teaming up in this movie, Gaim is the only Rider whose actor had no involvement in this film, not even to provide a voice role. The film used recordings from Gaim related material instead.
  • Ironically considering the gathering of Legend Riders, this is the first Movie War to feature no antagonists from previous series whatsoever; the adversaries in this movie are solely comprised of the Next Genome Institute and their Bugsters.
  • This is the first Movie War since:
  • Unlike the previous films, this is the first time to not feature a new Rider for the current series.
    • First appearance of the Perfect Puzzle title screen in the Post-Credits scene.

      However the post-credits scenes foreshadows the arrival of Kamen Rider Para-DX to the series by featuring the title screen of one of his two games, in this case: Perfect Puzzle.
  • Despite appearing in this movie, Kuroto Dan does not transform into Kamen Rider Genm as the Proto Mighty Action X Gashat was one of the Proto-Gashats stolen by the Next Genome Institute.
    • Although, Kuroto Dan does transform into Kamen Rider Genm using the Dangerous Zombie Gashat in the next Heisei Generations movie.
  • Despite having a major role in the TV series, Parado only makes a small appearance in the film's post-credits scene.
    • Flashback of Parado's birth shown in the movie (Parado is not fully shown in order to hide his identity as the first Bugster).

      He also briefly appears in a flashback when he is removed from Emu by the Next Genome Institute. His full appearance is not shown in order to hide his identity as the first Bugster virus as well his connection with Emu.
    • Parado holding the Pac Adventure Gashat in the Post-Credits scene

      Said post-credits scene also features the Pac Adventure Gashat foreshadowing Parado's role in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm as the second Dr. Pac-Man. Also shows the title screen of Perfect Puzzle foreshadowing Parado becoming Kamen Rider Para-DX in the series.
  • The Legend Riders share similar themes with the monsters they fought against in the climax battle:
    • Wizard vs. Doral Bugster: European dragon theme.
    • Gaim vs. Giril Bugster: Samurai theme.
    • Drive vs. Robol Bugster: Technology and machine theme.
  • Out of the Riders' respective season opening themes which were featured in the movie, only Ghost's opening theme was not featured.
  • When Asuna changes into Poppy, a "digital" modulated vocal effect occurs when she speaks as Poppy. This never happens in the TV series, another Ex-Aid movies or specials, as Poppy speaks normally, making this an odd irregularity in the film.
  • When finishing off Genomes, Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer R and L shout "Rider Kick!". Given that this film was part of the 45th anniversary celebration in 2016, this can be seen as a tribute to the original Double Riders, as Emu never does this in the TV series.
  • This is the only Heisei Generations film to not have the ending theme be a mash up of the series opening theme.
  • This is the only Heisei Generations film to feature both lead Riders gaining two movie forms (Ex Aid Ghost Gamer Levels 1 and 2, and Ghost Ex-Aid Daimashii and Tenka Touitsu Damashii respectively.
    • Ghost Gamer Level 2 cannot, however, be considered movie exclusive since it then features in the Genm Tricks special.


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