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Kamen Rider Happy Set Toys (仮面ライダーハッピーセット Kamen Raidā Happī Setto) are toys produced by the fast food chain McDonald's.[1]

McDonald's is a major sponsor of children's programming on TV around the world (including Japanese TV) and thus it licenses the properties it sponsors into toys for its Kids Meals.

In 2007, Toei and Toei Animation signed a deal allowing McDonald's to sell toys based on thier properties such as the shows of their Sunday Kids TV block: Pretty Cure, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider. Beginning in 2010, McDonald's gave away special Ganbaride cards in the kids meals to promote the arcade game until the Ganbarizing game was made, then they gave away cards for that arcade game afterwards.

List of Happy Set Toys


  • W Ganbaride Cards

OOO [2]

  • OOO Ganbaride Cards


OOO Happy Set toys



Happy Set Toys

Kamen Rider Fourze Happy Set


  • Wizard Ganbaride Cards


Wizard Happy Set Toys (August 2013)


Gaim Happy Set Ganbarizing Cards

  • Gaim Ganbarizing Cards


Kamen Rider Gaim Happy Set


Drive Happy Set Ganbarizing Cards


Kamen Rider Drive Happy Set


Ghost Ganbarizing Happy Set Cards, include exclusive Galileo Damashii Card.


Kamen Rider Ghost Happy Set


2017 Ganbarizing set:
Ex-Aid Action Gamer Lv 2.
Ex-Aid Burger Gamer Lv. 4 (exclusive)
Genm Zombie Gamer LV X.
Para-DX Knock Out Fighter Lv. 50
Brave Quest Gamer Lv. 2

  • Ex-Aid Ganbarizing Cards[3]


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Happy Set toys



Kamen Rider Build Happy Set toys

  • Build Driver
  • Fullbottle Holder
  • Drill Crusher
  • Kamen Rider Build mask and glasses
  • HawkGatling launcher
  • RabbitTank Rider Kick pullback Toy



Zi-O Happy Set Toys

  • Transform! Ziku Driver[4]
  • Armor Time! Ziku Driver
  • Zi-O Ridewatch Launcher
  • Glow in the Dark Zi-O Spinner
  • Face Changing Zi-O and Geiz Ridewatch
  • Spin Kick Kamen Rider Zi-O

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