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Icon-krThis article is about a series entry (the 38th) in the Kamen Rider Series.

For the series' main character, Gotchard, see Houtaro Ichinose.

Kamen Rider Gotchard (仮面ライダーガッチャード, Kamen Raidā Gatchādo) is a Japanese Tokusatsu drama in Toei Company's Kamen Rider Series. It is the fifth series to debut in the Reiwa Era and the thirty-eighth overall. The series premiered on September 3, 2023, joining Ohsama Sentai King-OhgerIcon-crosswiki in the Super Hero TimeIcon-crosswiki lineup after the finale of Kamen Rider Geats. After King-Ohger concluded, Gotchard was joined in the Super Hero Time line-up by Bakuage Sentai BoonboomgerIcon-crosswiki on March 3, 2024. After the finale of Gotchard, Boonboomger will be joined in the line-up by Kamen Rider Gavv.

The catchphrase of this show is "Seize it! The greatest Gotcha!" (「つかめ!最高さいこうのガッチャー!」, Tsukame! Saikō nō Gatchā!).

The show's theme revolves around alchemy.


Development for the series began in April 2023, where the producers brainstormed multiple ideas, took inspiration from Kamen Rider J, wanted to make a "Agito 2", and, turned every trading card into a single Kamen Rider instead of mystical creatures. These ideas eventually coagulated into Gotchard. [2]

Toei Company confirmed and filed the trademark for Gotchard on May 22, 2023.[3] On July 3, 2023, a logo was trademarked.[4] On July 21, 2023, TV-Asahi updated their website with a visual and crew announcement. On July 28, 2023, Bandai showcased the DX Gotchardriver, new Ride Chemy Cards, and Gotchard's Appareskebow form.[5]

On August 6, 2023, Toei announced that longtime Rider suit-actor Eitoku would be the suit-actor for Gotchard.[6] On August 9, 2023, a full trailer was uploaded to the Bandai YouTube channel and a press conference took place revealing the core cast members, along with the general premise of the show.[7]


"Chemies: magical monsters created through Alchemy. When the seal on the Chemy cards is broken, fate rests on the shoulders of one young man!"
―Opening narration by Katsuyuki Konishi (episode 1-16).[src]

"The magical monsters known as Chemies, and the three young alchemists who obtained those Chemy cards. As the battle draws closer, they'll each hold on to their own dreams!"
―Opening narration by Katsuyuki Konishi (episode 17-onward).[src]

"Alchemy" is a pseudo-science that attempts to create "gold" from various different combinations. One experiment to do so artificially brings to life a race of creatures, and the story revolves around an era where these experiments were being conducted in secret.

In the story, the artificial lifeforms known as the "Chemy", made to imitate things that exist in the world such as grasshoppers, were created from the art of the best alchemy techniques. Each and every one of them were carefully stored in "Ride Chemy Cards' until they were accidentally released all at once into the wild.

Our main protagonist, Houtaro Ichinose, is entrusted with the Gotchardriver and the mission to recollect the Chemies that have been released into the world. Some are well suited for human companionship and if resonated with a good heart, Houtarou can fuse with them and transform into Kamen Rider Gotchard. However those that are influenced by human malice, there is a danger of them birthing monsters known as the Malgam. This is a story that explores the nature of good and evil, which are two sides of the same coin.

Will Gotchard be able to "collect them all", or will he let his carelessness mark the destruction of the world?


Kamen Riders

Gotchard Riders

Gotchard Riders: Gotchard, Majade, Valvarad, Legend, Dread, Wind, Gotchard Daybreak

TV Show

Kamen Rider Gotchard Houtaro Ichinose
Kamen Rider Majade Rinne Kudo
Kamen Rider Valvarad Supana Kurogane
Kamen Rider Legend Ho-Oh Kaguya Quartz
Kamen Rider Dread Clotho (Other users)
Kamen Rider Gotchard Daybreak Future Houtaro
Kamen Rider Wind Fuga Kudo
Dreatrooper Dreatroopers
Gotcharbrothers Appareskebow Skebows & Apparebushido
Gotcharbrothers Goldmechanichor Mechanichani & Golddash
Gotcharbrothers Steamhopper Hopper1 & Steamliner
Gotcharbrothers Lightningjungle Junglejan & Raidenji
Gotcharbrothers Antwrestler Wrestler G & Antrooper
Gotcharbrothers Needlehawk Hawkstar & Saboneedle
Gotcharbrothers Madpirates Pilets & Madwheel
Gotcharbrothers Venommariner Venomdake & Deepmariner
Hundred Riders
Kamen Rider Barlckxs Gengetsu
Kamen Rider Dark Kiva Saigetsu
Kamen Rider Eternal Tasogare
Kamen Rider Glare Mimei
GM Rider Rinne Kudo
Kamen Rider Ark-Zero Saigetsu
Kamen Rider Ark-One


Kamen Rider Gotchard Renge Icho (Class 3G), Clotho (Class 3G)
Kamen Rider Dread Lachesis (Class 3G)
Kamen Rider Meikoku no Sanshimai TBA
Kamen Rider Dorado Future Geryon
Dreatrooper Future Dreatrooper Army


Kamen Rider 1 Transmutation
Kamen Rider Black RX Transmutation
Kamen Rider Kuuga Transmutation
Kamen Rider Zi-O Transmutation
Kamen Rider Dark Kiva Transmutation
Kamen Rider Double Transmutation
Kamen Rider OOO Transmutation
Kamen Rider Zero-One Transmutation

Debatable Riders

TV Show

Valvarad Supana KuroganeLachesis
Ark-One Malgam Saigetsu

Other media

Geats Killer Licht Kugimiya
Valvarad Supana Kurogane (Class 3G)
Another Kabuto Transmutation
Another Blade Transmutation
Another Ghost Transmutation
Another Den-O Transmutation


Alchemist Academy


Alchemys Union

Furasu High School


Kongo Laboratory


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Decade Tsukasa Kadoya
Kamen Rider Geats Ace Ukiyo
Kamen Rider Tycoon Keiwa Sakurai
Kamen Rider Na-Go Neon Kurama
Kamen Rider Buffa Michinaga Azuma
Kamen Rider Keilow Ittetsu Tanba
Jyamato Rider Various Jyamato
Kamen Rider Zein Zein/Yuto Sakurai
Kamen Rider Gavv TBA


Dark Kings

Three Dark Sisters



Captain Kasshine Alpha



Main article: Kamen Rider Gotchard Episodes

The series is divided into multiple story arcs dubbed Chapters:[8][9][10]

  • Episodes 1-10: Chapter 1: Gotcha! Chemy! (第1章・ガッチャ!ケミー!, Dai Issho: Gatcha! Kemī!)
  • Episodes 11-15, Gotchard & Geats: Chapter 2: Invasion! Level Number 10! (第2章・襲来!レベルナンバー10!, Dai Nisho: Shūrai! Reberu Nanbā 10!)
  • Episodes 16-27: Chapter 3: Disassembled! Alchemist Academy! (第3章・解体!錬金アカデミー!, Dai Sansho: Kaitai! Renkin Akademī!)
  • Episodes 28-TBA: Chapter 4: TBA (第4章 • , Dai Yonsho:)

Each episode title includes at least part of a Chemy's name.

  1. Gotcha! Hopper1! (ガッチャ!ホッパー1!, Gatcha! Hoppā Wan!)
  2. Pursuit, Alchemy, Skebows! (追跡、錬金、スケボーズ!, Tsuiseki, Renkin, Sukebōzu!)
  3. Bushido, Found. (ブシドー、見つけたり。, Bushidō, Mitsuketari.)
  4. Antrooper Labyrinth (アントルーパー・ラビリンス, Antorūpā Rabirinsu)
  5. Burn! Fight! Wrestler G! (燃えよ!斗え!レスラーG!, Moeyo! Tatakae! Resurā Ji!)
  6. Super A-Class ☆ Twisted Star (超A級☆ネジれスター, Chō A-kyū ☆ Nejire Sutā)
  7. Goodbye Saboneedle (さよならサボニードル, Sayonara Sabonīdoru)
  8. Great Bond (グレイトなきずな, Gureito na Kizuna)
  9. Dash to Kyoto! School Trip! (ダッシュで京都!修学旅行!, Dasshu de Kyōto! Shūgakuryokō!)
  10. Kyoto on Fire! ~ Sad Love: Chemy Thunder Incident ~ (炎の京都!〜悲恋・ケミー雷電事件〜, Honō no Kyōto! 〜Hiren・Kemī Raiden Jiken〜)
  11. Catch! A Spy!? Rider Disqualified!? (キャッチ!スパイだ!?ライダー失格!?, Kyatchi! Supaida!? Raidā Shikkaku!?)
  12. Runaway Liner! Dark Rider! (暴走ライナー! 暗黒ライダー!, Bōsō Rainā! Ankoku Raidā!)
  13. Take It Back! Friendship × Forever! (とりもどせ!ユージョー×フォーエバー!, Torimodose! Yūjō × Fōebā!)
  14. Chomping Rex! Dangerous X (パクっとレックス! キケンなエックス, Pakutto Rekkusu! Kikenna Ekkusu)
  15. Seize the Happy! Shine Bright Gotchalibur! (掴めハッピー! 輝けガッチャリバー!, Tsukame happī! Kagayake Gaccharibā!)
  16. Crisis Xmas! The Orochi Incident (クライシスXmas!オロチ事変, Kuraishisu Xmas! Orochi Jihen)
  17. Moonbreak Messenger (ムーンブレイク・メッセンジャー, Mūnbureiku Messenjā)
  18. Run Through! Evolutionary Firelord! (駆け抜けろ!進化のファイヤーロード!, Kakenukero! Shinka no Faiyārōdo!)
  19. Rinne's Dawn! Transform Majade! (りんねの夜明け!変身・マジェード!, Rinne no yoake! Henshin・Majēdo!)
  20. Smiling Angel, Ridiculous Joke (微笑む天使エンジェル、笑えぬ真実ジョーク, Hohoemu Enjeru, Waraenu Jōku)
  21. Mad Warrior! Valvarad the Black Flame! (マッドウォリアー!黒炎のヴァルバラド!, Maddo Woriā! Kokuen no Varubarado!)
  22. Love Is a Saber! Suddenly a Chemy Story (愛はサーベル!ケミー・ストーリーは突然に, Ai wa Sāberu! Kemī Sutōrī wa Totsuzen ni)
  23. Zukyun Always in My Heart (いつも心にズッキュンを, Itsumo Kokoro ni Zukkyun o)
  24. Sudden Turn! Forbidden Steel Rider! (急転直下!禁断の鋼鉄ライダー!, Kyūtenchokka!Kindan no kōtetsu Raidā!)
  25. A Young Teacher's Mistake (若きセンセイの過ち, Wakaki Sensei no Ayamachi)
  26. Thwart Malice, Jet Black Wind (悪意をハバム、漆黒のウインド, Akui o Habamu, Shikkoku no Uindo)
  27. Gotcha! Crosshopper! (ガッチャ!クロスホッパー!, Gatcha! Kurosuhoppā!)
  28. Bero Bero Strange! Renge's Homecoming (ベロベロ怪奇! 蓮華の里帰り, Berobero kaiki! Renge no satogaeri)
  29. The Village Is Crying (この村は泣いている, Kono Mura wa Naite Iru)
  30. A Rival Arrives!? Gotcha and Juliet (ライバル参上!?ガッチャとジュリエット, Raibaru Sanjō!? Gatcha to Jurietto)
  31. Two People in the Dark, Trusting Each Other. (暗闇のふたり、互いを信じて。, Kurayami no Futari, Tagai o Shinjite.)
  32. The Great King Appears! The Dolls' Dilemma (現る大王!人形たちのジレンマ, Arawaru Daiō! Ningyō-tachi no Jirenma)
  33. Legend Rider? 100 Years Too Early! (伝説レジェンドライダー?100年早いな!, Rejendo Raidā? Hyaku-nen Hayai na!)
  34. Only One! All Roads Lead to Gorgeousness (オンリーワン!すべての道はゴージャスにツー, Onrī Wan! Subete no michi wa Gōjasu ni tsūzu)
  35. Gorgeous Time! Legendary Never Ends ( ゴージャスタイム!レジェンダリーは終わらない, Gōjasu Taimu! Rejendarī wa Owaranai)
  36. The Origin of Chemies! I Have Understood (ケミーの起源!我は理解する, Kemī no Kigen! Ware wa Rikai suru)
  37. Hopper1 and the Treasure (ホッパー1とたからもの, Hoppā Wan to Takaramono)
  38. Over the Rainbow (虹の彼方に, Niji no Kanata ni)
  39. Gotcha Complete! Climax 101! (ガッチャ完了!クライマックス101!, Gatcha Kanryō!Kuraimakkusu Hyakku-ichi!)
  40. Evil Descends! The Thrice-Greatest Dark Kings (邪悪降臨!三倍偉大な冥黒王, Jaaku Kōrin! San-bai Idaina Meikokuō)
  41. Trace of God, Grace of Rainbow! (神の模造品トレース、虹の祝福グレイス, Kami no Torēsu, Niji no Gureisu!)
  42. Let's Search! The 102nd and Brother's Thoughts (レッツ捜索!102体目と兄の想い, Rettsu Sōsaku! Hyakku-ni Tai-me to Ani no Omoi)
  43. Love, Sorrow, and AI!? The Power to Erase Hate (愛・哀・AI!? 憎しみを消す力, Ai・Ai・Ē Ai!? Nikushimi o Kesu Chikara)
  44. When Deep Memories Open Up (ディープな記憶が開くとき, Dīpuna Kioku ga Hiraku Toki)
  1. Kamen Rider The Winter Movie: Gotchard & Geats Strongest Chemy★Great Gotcha Operation (仮面ライダー THE WINTER MOVIE ガッチャード&ギーツ最強さいきょうケミー★ガッチャ大作戦だい さくせん, Kamen Raidā Za Uintā Mūbī Gatchādo ando Gītsu Saikyō Kemī ★ Gatcha Dai Sakusen)
  2. Kamen Rider Gotchard: The Future Daybreak (仮面ライダーガッチャード ザ・フューチャー・デイブレイク, Kamen Raidā Gatchādo: Za Fuūchā Deibureiku)
  1. Kamen Rider Gotchard: Transformation Lessons (仮面ライダーガッチャード 変身講座, Kamen Raidā Gatchādo: Henshin Kōza)
  2. Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend (仮面ライダーガッチャード VSバーサス 仮面ライダーレジェンド, Kamen Raidā Gatchādo Bāsasu Kamen Raidā Rejendo)
  3. Kamen Rider Gotchard: What's That!? Houtaro and Rinne Switched Places!! (仮面ライダーガッチャード どうする!?宝太郎とりんねがいれかわっちゃった!!, Kamen Raidā Gatchādo: Dō Suru!? Hōtarō To Rin'ne Irekawatchatta!!)
  4. Kamen Rider Gotchard Spin-Off: We Are Class 3G (仮面ライダーガッチャードスピンオフ 我ら3年Gガッチャ, Kamen Raidā Gatchādo Supin'ofu Warera San-nen Gatcha-gumi)
  5. Kamen Rider Gotchard Ver.: Romeo and Juliet Complete Edition (「仮面ライダーガッチャー」Ver. ロミオとジュリエット【完全版】, Kamen Raidā Gatchādo Bājon: Romio to Jurietto Kanzenhan)
  6. Kamen Rider Gotchard: Furasu High School Comedy Research Club (仮面ライダーガッチャード 富良洲高校「お笑い研究会」, Kamen Raidā Gatchādo Furasu Kōkō Owarai Kenkyūkai)
  7. Gotchard Short Anime: Gotchanime! Gotcha the Seven Wonders of Furasu High School! (ガッチャードショートアニメ ガッチャニメ 富良洲高校七不思議をガッチャせよ!, Gatchādo Shōto Anime Gatchanime Furasu Kōkō Nanafushigi o Gatcha Seyo!)
  1. Three Dark Sisters Presents: Kamen Rider Gotchard Unfinished Plan (冥黒の三姉妹プレゼンツ 仮面ライダーガッチャード 未完計画, Meikoku no Sanshimai Purezentsu Kamen raidā Gatchādo Mikan Keikaku)
  1. Kamen Rider Gotchard: Gotchanko FESTIVAL!! (仮面ライダーガッチャード ガッチャンコFESTIVAL!!, Kamen Raidā Gatchādo Gatchanko FESTIVAL!!)

Other media

  • to be added


Suit Actors



Main article: Kamen Rider Gotchard Original Soundtrack
Main article: Kamen Rider Gotchard CD-BOX



  • Kamen Rider Gotchard premiered in Japan on September 3, 2023 on TV Asahi. Each episode is broadcasted each Sunday on 9:00 AM JST as part of the Super Hero Time program block.

Home Media

Gotchard is released in several DVD volumes.[22]

Gotchard is released in several Blu-ray collections.

  • Blu-ray COLLECTION 1, which contains Episodes 1-16, was released on March 10, 2024.
  • Blu-ray COLLECTION 2, which contains Episodes 17-32, will be released on August 7, 2024.


  • During scenes where the Chemies are moving in their cards, they are animated using Live2D and Nizima LIVE. [23]


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