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Kamen Rider Girls (仮面ライダーGIRLS Kamen Raidā Gāruzu) is an idol group developed by Avex Trax and Ishimori Productions to commemorate the Kamen Rider Series' 40th anniversary in 2011.[1] Each member had represented one protagonist each of the franchise by donning their represented hero's transformation belt, though this practice was scrapped in 2016 to better represent the franchise as a whole and to avoid licensing issues.[2]The group's debut single was Let's Go Rider Kick 2011.

The members also serve as assistances in Toei's Official Kenichi Suzumura & Hiroshi Kamiya's Kamen Radiranger

In 2013, the group briefly rebranded themselves as the Shocker Girls (ショッカーGIRLS Shokkā Gāruzu) for their single "SSS ~Shock Shocker Shockest~", a persona in which they would don in any future live performance for the song going forward.

In 2017, a radio show called Let's Go Kamen Rider Girls was created.

In 2019, the official Kamen Rider Girls fanclub known as the Heart's Secret Base was created. In 2020, the fanclub was relaunched.



  • Hitomi Isaka (井坂 仁美)
    • Birthdate: 27 February 1992
    • Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
    • Represented: Kamen Rider OOO
    • Membership: 2010-present
    • Special skill: smile, eating lemons
    • Hobby: badminton, swimming
  • Chisato Akita (秋田 知里)
    • Birthdate: 31 January 1994
    • Birthplace: Tokyo
    • Represented: Kamen Rider Wizard
    • Membership: 2012-present
    • Special skill: Piano, ballet, sewing
    • Hobby: Playing games, watching anime, reading manga, cosplaying, solving mysterys


  • Kaori Nagura (名倉 かおり)
    • Birthdate: 17 December 1990
    • Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
    • Represented: Kamen Rider Kiva
    • Membership: 2010-2015
    • Special skill: computers, composing music
    • Hobby: surfing the net
  • Nao Yasuda (安田 奈央)
    • Birthdate: 26 April 1990
    • Birthplace: Okayama Prefecture
    • Represented: Kamen Rider Blade
    • Membership: 2010-2016
    • Special skill: writing characters
    • Hobby: kickboxing
  • Ayako Kuroda (黒田絢子)
    • Birthdate: 7 November 1991
    • Birthplace: Hyogo
    • Represented: N/A
    • Membership: 2015-2019
    • Special skill: Dance, choreography, baseball
    • Hobby: Fashion, dance

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The Kamen Rider Girls as Team Pop Up in The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle.



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