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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This movie contains scenes of blood and bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!

Kamen Rider Ghost: The 100 Eyecons and Ghost’s Fateful Moment (劇場版 仮面ライダーゴースト: 100の眼魂とゴースト運命の瞬間, Gekijō-ban Kamen Raidā Gōsuto: Hyaku no Eyecon to Gōsuto Unmei no Toki) is a Japanese superhero film that serves as the Summer Movie adaptation of Kamen Rider Ghost, double-billed with Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger the Movie: The Heart Pounding Circus PanicIcon-crosswiki.png. In the film, Takeru chases an evil Kamen Rider who wishes to turn all of humanity into ghosts, while Makoto explores the mysterious disappearance regarding his father. The film features an early-bird appearance from Emu Hojo, the titular protagonist of the series following Ghost, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

The catchphrase of this film is "Goodbye, me! Let my life burn bright! Ghost VS Heroes, the greatest last battle in history!" (さよなら、オレ! 命を燃やせ!ゴーストVS英雄 史上最大のラストバトル!, Sayonara, ore! Inochi o moyase! Gōsuto VS eiyū shijō saidai no rasutobatoru!)

Continuity and Placement

  • Kamen Rider Ghost: This movie takes place between the episode 42 and 43.
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: This movie is non-canon to Ex-Aid as Emu should not have gotten the Gamer Driver yet in April 2016. Also how Ex-Aid ended up in the Island of Eyecons is never explained.
    • If ignoring the timeline contrast, this movie would take place after the first episode.


After chasing the mysterious Kamen Rider Dark Ghost, who had suddenly appeared, Takeru Tenkuji arrives at a strange village full of historical figures. Attempting to gather 100 Eyecons, Alain’s dead brother Argos - Kamen Rider Dark Ghost - wishes to create the Ultimate Eyecon and turn everyone on Earth into ghosts. Meanwhile, Makoto’s father Daigo Fukami is seen in the village. Transforming into Kamen Rider Zero Specter, is Daigo an ally or an enemy?


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Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Ghost Takeru Tenkuji
Kamen Rider Specter Makoto Fukami
Kamen Rider Necrom Alain
Kamen Rider Zero Specter Daigo Fukami

And Introducing Ex-Aid

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Emu Hojo


Daitenku Temple

Village of Heroes

15 Heroes

  1. Miyamoto Musashi
  2. Thomas Edison
  3. Robin Hood
  4. Isaac Newton
  5. Billy the Kid
  6. Ludwig van Beethoven
  7. Musashibō Benkei
  8. Ishikawa Goemon
  9. Sakamoto Ryoma
  10. Himiko
  11. Tutankhamun
  12. Oda Nobunaga
  13. Harry Houdini
  14. Brothers Grimm
  15. Sanzo

71 Heroes

For promotion of the movie, Toei organized a contest for Japanese residents to design and submit their own Ghost Eyecon designs based on one out of a list of 71 historical figures. The 71 winning designs were presented in a special brochure for the summer movie on August 6, 2016, with the names of these winners being credited in the end credits of the movie.
  1. Geronimo
  2. Auguste Rodin
  3. Sarutobi Sasuke
  4. Vincent van Gogh
  5. Wilbur Wright
  6. Orville Wright
  7. Raffaello Sanzio
  8. Julius Caesar
  9. Jean-Henri Fabre
  10. Saigō Takamori
  11. Sen no Rikyū
  12. Ninomiya Kinjiro
  13. Sanada Yukimura
  14. Wyatt Earp
  15. Jeanne d'Arc
  16. Prince Shōtoku
  17. Date Masamune
  18. Abe no Seimei
  19. Izumo no Okuni
  20. Hattori Hanzō
  21. Mori Ranmaru
  22. Aristotle
  23. Yang Guifei
  24. Ono no Komachi
  25. Cleopatra
  26. Raiden Tameemon
  27. Alexander the Great
  28. Guan Yu
  29. Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  30. Uesugi Kenshin
  31. Takeda Shingen
  32. Genghis Khan
  33. Murasaki Shikibu
  34. Katsu Kaishū
  35. Tokugawa Ieyasu
  36. Fukuzawa Yukichi
  37. John Manjirō
  38. Mori Ogai
  39. Hiraga Gennai
  40. Tokugawa Mitsukuni
  41. Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  42. Sasaki Kojirō
  43. Queen Elizabeth
  44. Chikamatsu Monzaemon
  45. Socrates
  46. George Washington
  47. Amakusa Shirō
  48. Pocahontas
  49. Alikimedes
  50. James Cook
  51. Ernest Thompson Seton
  52. James Watt
  53. Pyotr Tchaikovsky
  54. Marco Polo
  55. Michelangelo Buonarroti
  56. Natsume Sōseki
  57. Antoni Gaudi
  58. Meada Keiji
  59. Bat Masterson
  60. Cao Cao
  61. Vasco da Gama
  62. Matsuo Bashō
  63. Alfred Nobel
  64. Akiko Yosano
  65. Ichiyō Higuchi
  66. Nicephore Niepce
  67. Rene Descartes
  68. Fujiwara no Kamatari
  69. Hans Christian Andersen
  70. Matthew Perry
  71. Friedrich Nietzsche




Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Dark Ghost Argos
Kamen Rider Extremer
Kamen Rider Dark Necrom R Jered
Kamen Rider Dark Necrom B Jebil
Kamen Rider Dark Necrom Y Jey



Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Ghost Eyecons

Rider Gashat

Energy Items

  • Energy Items Used:
    • Ex-Aid

Theme Song


  • When Daigo first transforms into Zero Specter, his Persona facemask isn't show to flip up onto this face, but simply appears during a jump cut.
  • When Dark Ghost prepares to change into Pythagoras Damashii, the Dark Ghost Eyecon doesn't appear to be in the Ghost Driver for unknown reasons before he puts the Pythagoras Eyecon in.
  • When the Island of Eyecons is crashing towards the Earth, the spiral tower is seen in the landscape despite collapsing in the previous scene.


  • Ghost's Ore Damashii only appears in the first fight against Dark Ghost and the Dark Necroms.
  • This is the only time Ghost wields the Gan Gun Saber when assuming Toucon Boost Damashii.
  • When the Sanzo and Grimm Eyecons are knocked away from Necrom at the beginning, they are the original solid colors seen through episode 11 instead of the transparent colors used in all later appearances.
  • Many features from Ex-Aid's appearance in this movie is different the actual show:
    • "Game Start" announcement is used in-universe, while it is only used in the title scene of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and never heard in-series.
    • The Energy Items that appear float around in abundance, instead of being hidden in chocolate blocks. Also, all of them are green-colored and blank, and when Ex-Aid collects one, the effect that appears is in a style similar to the medals found in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.
    • Ex-Aid doesn't say "Item Get" when collecting Energy Items.
    • A "VS" split screen is used, which is not seen in the show.
    • A "Fight" announcement is heard. It is never used in the show, though it is heard in the Ex-Aid & Zyuohger Super Hero Time bumpers.
    • The "HIT" text is different.
    • The "Critical Strike" split scene is different.
    • During the finisher, a "Mighty Strike" text is seen instead of "Great" or "Perfect".

A plant from the Helheim Forest inexplicably in another dimension


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