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Icon-faiz.png This article is about a Rider in Kamen Rider 555.

For the Gamma in Kamen Rider Ghost, see Gamma.

Kamen Rider Gamma (仮面ライダーガンマ, Kamen Raidā Ganma) is a male rider from Kamen Rider Battle Stage: Faiz vs Delta.


When Goat Orphnoch rogue in a laboratory of Smart Brain, he arrived with member A and member B, and later joined with other special force members. They battled Kamen Rider Faiz and Auto Vajin and took the advantage in close quarter combat. He then transformed into Kamen Rider Gamma when Kamen Rider Kaixa arrived. He defeated Kaixa solely, but Faiz and Auto Vajin escaped. They were then sent to capture Faiz to get the Faiz Mission Memory in order to repair the Orphnoch Missile. He battled Faiz and Kaixa when the latter got back his Mission Memory. He was finally defeated by Faiz.


  • Close Combat: He took the advantage when battling Faiz and Auto Vajin before his transformation.


  • Gamma Driver - Gamma's transformation device.
    • Gamma Phone - The control unit of the Gamma Gear.
      • Gamma Mission Memory - A small metallic card key containing the information of the Gamma Armor.


  • Out of all five 555 stage show riders, Gamma resembles a standard 555 Rider the most.
  • Gamma's horns on his helmet greatly resemble those of Kuuga and Agito.