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Kamen Rider G Den-O

Kamen Rider G Den-O (仮面ライダーG電王 Kamen Raidā Ji Den'ō, lit. "G Power King") may refer to any the following characters.


Plat Form
G Den-O Plat Form

G Den-O Plat Form

Plat Form (プラットフォーム Puratto Fōmu) is G Den-O's most basic default form undersuit, which is briefly seen during G Den-O`s transformation sequence before the Aura Armor and the Denkamen facemask attaches.

G Form
G Den-O-d3yc1r5

G Form

  • Height: 196 cm
  • Weight: 98 kg
  • Ability Perameters
    • Punching Power: 7t
    • Kicking Power: 10t
    • Maximum Jump Height: 40 m
    • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/3.8s

G Form (Gフォーム Jī Fōmu) is G Den-O's primary form, based on a police officer with the DenKamen Mask resembling a patrol car. G Den-O has two Full Charge attacks, when they are activated, Eve proclaims "Perfect Weapon!", shortly after. The first is World Punish, where a barrier encompasses G Den-O so he can attack with a series of shots from Gun Mode. The second one is World End, a powerful strike in Jutte Mode while the red and blue lights on his Den-Kamen light up but was not used in the movie.




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