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Kamen Rider Fourze: ~Ama High Graduation~ (小説 仮面ライダーフォーゼ ~天・高・卒・業~ Shōsetsu Kamen Raidā Fōze: ~Ama・Kō・Sotsu・Gyō~) is a novel based off Kamen Rider Fourze, released on March 1st, 2014. It is written by series producer Hideaki Tsukada.[2]


Taking place after the Sagitarius Zodiarts was defeated and 5 years before Movie War Ultimatum, Gentaro is having a problem of what he will do after high school graduation. Meanwhile, Prom is once again interrupted by a new Zodiarts. Not only that, a mysterious being appears calling himself Kamen Rider Icarus. Gentaro must gather all of the club members of Kamen Rider Club to stop this new threat.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Fourze Gentaro Kisaragi
Kamen Rider Meteor Ryusei Sakuta
Kamen Rider Nadeshiko Nadeshiko Misaki



Kamen Rider Ikaros Kamen Rider Ikaros


The cover also includes a comment from Sota Fukushi, the actor who played Gentaro Kisaragi:

"An unbelievable heroine, an unbelievable kiss!? This reveals Gentaro’s path to becoming a teacher. Already from the first line, you’ll see that it’s the world of Fourze. It’s a story that reminds me of my own youth!"[2]


Fourze LauncherStates

Artist rendition of Kamen Rider Fourze Launcher States image according to the novel description.

  • The novel introduces a new form for Fourze known as "Kamen Rider Fourze Launcher States".


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