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Kamen Rider Femme

Kamen Rider Femme (仮面ライダーファム Kamen Raidā Famu, Masked Rider Femme) may refer to any of the following characters.

Kamen Rider Femme

Kamen Rider Femme

Kamen Rider Femme

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 180 cm
  • Rider Weight: 70 kg

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power: 7.5 t (150 AP)
  • Kicking Power: 15 t (300 AP)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 15 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 5 seconds
  • Sight and Hearing: Approx. 8 km

One can transform into Kamen Rider Femme using a Advent Deck and V-Buckle upon forming a contract with Blancwing. Her Visor, the Blanc Visor (ブランバイザー Buran Baizā), is a rapier that also functions as her personal weapon. Blanc's kicking power and running speed are average, but her punching power is the lowest out of all of the 13 Riders and she is tied with Zolda for the lowest jump height.

Through the use of her Sword Vent Advent Card, Femme can arm herself with the Wing Slasher (ウイングスラッシャー Wingu Surasshā), a double-bladed staff derived from the edges of Blancwing's wings combined together. Her Guard Vent equips her with the Wing Shield (ウイングシールド Wingu Shīrudo), a shield derived from Blancwing's wings and back. In addition, Femme is always seen with Blancwing's torso mounted on her back, equipping her with a cape.

By using her Final Vent, Femme can execute her finisher, the Misty Slash, which equips her with the Wing Slasher if she does not already possess it. Blancwing then flies behind the enemy and creates a gust by flapping its wings, sending the opponent flying Towards Femme, who slashes it with the Wing Slasher.

Contract Monster

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Rider Cards

Kamen Ride Femme

Kamen Ride: Femme


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