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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (仮面ライダーエグゼイド Kamen Raidā Eguzeido) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Toei Company's Kamen Rider Series. It is the eighteenth series in the Heisei period run and the twenty-seventh series overall. The series started on October 2, 2016, joining Doubutsu Sentai ZyuohgerIcon-crosswiki in the Super Hero Time line-up after the finale of Kamen Rider Ghost. Starting on February 12, 2017, the series was joined by Uchu Sentai KyurangerIcon-crosswiki in the Super Hero Time line-up. After the finale of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kamen Rider Build joined Kyuranger in the Super Hero Time line-up.

The motif of the series is retro video gaming, as the Riders of the show utilize game cartridges called Rider Gashats and have gear and form motifs inspired by retro video games. The series also integrates medical drama into the story because one of the main settings is a hospital and some of the main Riders are doctors. The tagline of the show is "Game Start!".

The average ratings of the series was 3.94%.[1]


Several years ago, the Bugster Virus had infected humanity and turned its victims into monsters known as Bugsters. To combat this, the Japanese Ministry of Heath worked with the gaming company Genm Corp. to found Cyber Rescue, a team of young doctors with the ability to transform into Kamen Riders that can effectively eliminate Bugsters. However the CEO of Genm Corp. has his own ulterior motives for doing this as he becomes an antagonist to our heroes.


Kamen Riders

TV Show

All Ex-Aid Riders

Main Riders (From top: Snipe, Ex-Aid, Cronus, and Genm. From bottom: Poppy, Para-DX, Brave, and Lazer Turbo.)

RP Profile

Mass-production Ride-Players from Kamen Rider Chronicle

Kamen Rider Ex‑Aid Emu Hojo
Kamen Rider Brave Hiiro Kagami
Kamen Rider Snipe Taiga Hanaya
Kamen Rider Lazer Kiriya Kujo
Kamen Rider Genm Kuroto Dan
Kamen Rider Genm Level X Zombie Gamers
Kamen Rider Para‑DX
Parado ►◄ Parado/Emu Hojo
Ride‑Player Haima Kagami (Other users)
Kamen Rider Poppy Poppy Pipopapo
Ride‑Player Nico Nico Saiba
Kamen Rider Cronus Masamune Dan
Taiga Hanaya


Kamen Rider True Brave Another Hiiro
Kamen Rider Blade Kuroto Dan
Kamen Rider Genm Genm
Kamen Rider Fuma
Kagenari Nagumo
Kamen Rider Another Para‑DX Black Parado
Goriders Pose

Kamen Sentai Gorider

Aka‑Rider Emu Hojo Kaito Kumon (Other candidates)
Ao‑Rider Yakumo KatouIcon-crosswiki Kazuma Kenzaki (Other candidates)
Ki‑Rider Masato JinIcon-crosswiki Kiriya Kujo (Other candidates)
Momo‑Rider Momotaros Yoko Minato (Other candidates)
Mido‑Rider Shuichi Kitaoka Kaoru Kino (Other candidates)


Kamen Rider Nico Snipe Nico Saiba
Gamedeus Muteki Gamedeus Muteki
Kamen Rider Deep Specter
Ghost Bugster/Makoto Fukami
Aka‑Rider Unnamed person
Ao‑Rider Unnamed person
Ki‑Rider Unnamed person
Momo‑Rider Unnamed person
Mido‑Rider Unnamed person


Kamen Rider Genm Kiyonaga Hojo
Ride‑Player NPCs


Kamen Riders

Another Agito Kaoru Kino
Kamen Rider Blade Kazuma Kenzaki
Kamen Rider OOO
Eiji Hino
Kamen Rider Fourze Gentaro Kisaragi
Kamen Rider Wizard Haruto Soma
Kamen Rider Gaim Kouta Kazuraba
Kamen Rider Baron Kaito Kumon
Kamen Rider Marika Yoko Minato
Kamen Rider Drive Shinnosuke Tomari
Kamen Rider Ghost Takeru Tenkuji
Kamen Rider Specter Makoto Fukami
Kamen Rider Necrom Alain
Kamen Rider Build
Takumi KatsuragiSento Kiryu
Kamen Rider Cross-Z Ryuga Banjo
Kamen Rider Zi-O
Sougo Tokiwa
Kamen Rider Geiz
Geiz Myoukouin
Game World
Kamen Rider 2 Hayato Ichimonji
Kamen Rider V3 Shiro Kazami
Riderman Joji Yuki
Kamen Rider Amazon Daisuke Yamamoto
Kamen Rider Stronger Shigeru Jo
Electro‑Wave Human Tackle Yuriko Misaki
Skyrider Hiroshi Tsukuba
Kamen Rider ZX Ryo Murasame
Kamen Rider Black Kohtaro Minami
Kamen Rider G3-X Makoto Hikawa
Kamen Rider Knight Ren Akiyama
Kamen Rider Zolda Shouichi Kitaoka
Kamen Rider Odin Kamen Rider Odin
Kamen Rider Faiz Takumi Inui
Kamen Rider Wild Chalice Hajime Aikawa
Kamen Rider Leangle Mutsuki Kamijou
Kamen Rider Hibiki Hitoshi Hidaka
Kamen Rider TheBee Masato Mishima
Kamen Rider Gatack Arata Kagami
Kamen Rider Den‑O Sword Momotaros
Kamen Rider Den‑O Rod Urataros
Kamen Rider Den-O Gun Ryutaros
Kamen Rider Ixa Keisuke Nago
Kamen Rider Decade Tsukasa Kadoya
Kamen Rider Diend Daiki Kaito
Kamen Rider Double
Philip/Shotaro Hidari
Kamen Rider Accel Ryu Terui
Kamen Rider Skull Sokichi Narumi
Kamen Rider Ryugen Mitsuzane Kureshima
Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin Takatora Kureshima
Kamen Rider Mach Go Shijima
Kamen Rider Amazon Omega Haruka Mizusawa
Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha Jin Takayama
Kamen Rider Amazon Neo Chihiro

Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki

Zyuoh Tiger AmuIcon-crosswiki
Shishi Red LuckyIcon-crosswiki
Sasori Orange StingerIcon-crosswiki
Ookami Blue GaruIcon-crosswiki
Tenbin Gold BalanceIcon-crosswiki
Oushi Black ChampIcon-crosswiki
Hebitsukai Silver Naga RayIcon-crosswiki
Chameleon Green HammieIcon-crosswiki
Washi Pink Raptor 283Icon-crosswiki
Kajiki Yellow SpadaIcon-crosswiki
Game World
Momorenger Peggy MatsuyamaIcon-crosswiki
Spade Ace Goro SakuraiIcon-crosswiki
Yellow Owl Raita OoishiIcon-crosswiki
PteraRanger Lithia Tribe Princess MeiIcon-crosswiki
RyuuRanger Ryo of the Heavenly Fire StarIcon-crosswiki
ShishiRanger Daigo of the Heavenly Phantom StarIcon-crosswiki
TenmaRanger Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity StarIcon-crosswiki
KirinRanger Kazu of the Heavenly Time StarIcon-crosswiki
HououRanger Rin of the Heavenly Wind StarIcon-crosswiki
MegaRed Kenta DateIcon-crosswiki
Black Knight HyuugaIcon-crosswiki
AbareYellow Ranru ItsukiIcon-crosswiki
Bouken Pink Sakura NishihoriIcon-crosswiki
Shinken Blue Ryunosuke IkenamiIcon-crosswiki
Gosei Blue HydeIcon-crosswiki
Beet Buster Masato JinIcon-crosswiki
Kyoryu Gold UtsusemimaruIcon-crosswiki
ToQ 2gou Haru TokashikiIcon-crosswiki
ToQ 5gou Kagura IzumiIcon-crosswiki
AoNinger Yakumo KatouIcon-crosswiki



Main article: Bugsters
  • Major Bugsters
Dr. Pac-Man Parado
Graphite Graphite
Lovelica Ren Amagasaki
Gamedeus Gamedeus
Super Gamedeus Masamune Dan
Gamedeus Machina Johnny Maxima
  • Minor Bugsters
Salty Salty Bugster
Aranbura Aranbura Bugster
Revol Revol Bugster
Motors Motors Bugster
Gatton Gatton Bugster
Vernier Vernier Bugster
Kaiden Kaiden Bugster
Charlie Charlie Bugster

Next Genome Institute

Dr. Pac-Man Michihiko Zaizen
Robol Bugster Soji Kuruse
Doral Bugster Kazushige Ryuzaki
Giril Bugster Ageha Takeda

Ganbarizing's Legend Riders

Kamen Rider Double
Kamen Rider OOO
Kamen Rider Fourze Hologram
Kamen Rider Hibiki Hologram

Beast Rider Squad

Kamen Rider Ouja Takeshi Asakura
Kamen Rider Tiger Hologram
Kamen Rider Sasword Hologram
Kamen Rider Dark Kiva Hologram
Kamen Rider Beast Hologram


Kaiser Kaisei Mogami
Kaiser Reverse Kaisei Mogami (World of Ex-Aid)
Kaisei Mogami & Kaisei Mogami (World of Ex-Aid)
X Guardian Guardians

Other characters


Main article: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episodes

Half of each episode's title is written in English and the other in kanji, usually ending in a question mark or exclamation, akin to most Japanese video game covers.

  1. I'm a Kamen Rider! (I’m a 仮面ライダー! Aimu a Kamen Raidā!)
  2. Another Prodigy with No Thank You? (天才二人は no thank you? Tensai Futari wa Nō Sankyū?)
  3. BANG, That Jerk is Coming! (BANしたあいつがやってくる! Ban shita Yatsu ga Yatte Kuru!)
  4. An Operation Called Dash! (オペレーションの名はDash! Operēshon no Na wa Dasshu!)
  5. Everyone Gathers for a Clashing Crash! (全員集合、激突Crash! Zen'in Shūgō, Gekitotsu Kurasshu!)
  6. A Hollow Beating in the Heart! (鼓動を刻め in the heart! Kodō wo Kizame in za Hāto!)
  7. The Reason for Some Lies! (Some lieの極意! Samu Rai no Gokui!)
  8. Men, Fly High! (男たちよ、Fly high! Otoko-tachi yo, Furai Hai!)
  9. Beat Up the Dragon! (Dragonをぶっとばせ! Doragon wo Buttobase!)
  10. Uneven Doctors! (ふぞろいのDoctors! Fuzoroi no Dokutāsu!)
  11. Who's the Black Kamen Rider? (Who’s黒い仮面ライダー? Husu Kuroi Kamen Raidā?)
  12. Christmas Special: Targeting the Silver X mas! (クリスマス 特別編: 狙われた白銀のX mas! Kurisumasu Tokubetsu-hen: Nerawareta Shirogane no Kurisumasu!)
  13. Defined Destiny (定められたDestiny Sadamerareta Desutini)
  14. We're Kamen Riders! (We’re 仮面ライダー! Wia Kamen Raidā!)
  15. A New Challenger Appears! (新たなChallenger現る! Aratana Charenjā arawaru!)
  16. The Paradox of Defeating M (打倒MのParadox Datō Emu no Paradokkusu)
  17. A Nonstandard BURGSTER? (規格外のBURGSTER? Kikaku-gai no Bāgusutā?)
  18. The Truth Exposed (暴かれしtruth Abakareshi Turūsu)
  19. A Sudden Fantasy!? (Fantasyは突然に!? Fantajī wa Totsuzen ni!?)
  20. Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind! (逆風からのtake off! Gyakufū kara no Teiku Ofu!)
  21. Chasing the Mystery! (mysteryを追跡せよ! Misuteri wo Tsuiseki seyo!)
  22. Engineered History! (仕組まれたhistory! Shigumimareta hisutorī!)
  23. To The Max, Dead or Alive! (極限の dead or alive! Kyokugen no Deddo oa Araibu!)
  24. Go Together, Embracing Your Ambitions! (大志を抱いて go together! Taishi wo Daite Go Togedā!)
  25. Start the New Game! (New game起動! Nyū Gēmu Kidō!)
  26. Players Who Bet on Survival (生存を賭けたplayers Seizon wo Kaketa Pureiyāzu)
  27. Love & Peace for the Winner! (勝者に捧ぐlove & peace! Shōsya ni Sasagu Rabu ando Pīsu!)
  28. Beyond Your Identity (Identityを超えて Aidentiti o Koete)
  29. We're Me!? (We’re 俺!? Wia ore!?)
  30. Strongest VS Strongest! (最強VS最強 Saikyō Bāsasu Saikyō!)
  31. The Forbidden Continue!? (禁断のContinue!? Kindan no Konthinyū!?)
  32. Judgment Received! (下されたJudgment! Sakasareta Jajimento!)
  33. Company Reform! (Company再編! Konpanī Saihen!)
  34. Accomplished Rebirth! (果たされしrebirth! Hatasareshi Ribāsu!)
  35. Rescue the Partner! (Partnerを救出せよ! Pātonā wo Kyūshutsu seyo!)
  36. Perfect Invincible GAMER! (完全無敵のGAMER! Kanzen Muteki no Gēmā!)
  37. Resolution of The White Knight! (White knightの覚悟! Howaito Naito no Kakugo!)
  38. Period with Tears (涙のperiod Namida no Pirioddo)
  39. Goodbye Me! (Goodbye俺! Guddobai Ore!)
  40. Destiny Reboot! (運命のreboot! Unmei no Ribūto!)
  41. Reset Game! (Resetされたゲーム! Risetto sareta Gēmu!)
  42. God Arrives! (God降臨! Goddo Kōrin!)
  43. White Coat License (白衣のlicense Hakui no Raisensu)
  44. The Last Smile (最期のsmile Saigo no Sumairu)
  45. Endless Game (終わりなきGAME Owari Naki Gēmu)


  1. Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Riders (仮面ライダー平成ジェネレーションズ Dr.パックマン対エグゼイド&ゴースト with レジェンドライダー Kamen Raidā Heisei Jenerēshonzu: Dokutā Pakkuman tai Eguzeido ando Gōsuto wizu Rejendo Raidā)
  2. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki (仮面ライダー×スーパー戦隊: 超スーパーヒーロー大戦 Kamen Raidā × Supā Sentai Chō Supā Hīrō Taisen)
  3. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending (劇場版 仮面ライダーエグゼイド: トゥルーエンディング Gekijō-ban Kamen Raidā Eguzeido: Tourū Endingu)
  4. Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders (仮面ライダー平成ジェネレーションズFINAL ビルド&エグゼイドwithレジェンドライダー Kamen Raidā Heisei Jenerēshonzu Fainaru: Birudo ando Eguzeido wizu Rejendo Raidā)
  5. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Trilogy: Another Ending (仮面ライダーエグゼイド トリロジー アナザーエンディング Kamen Raidā Eguzeido Torirojī Anazā Endingu)
    1. Kamen Rider Brave & Snipe (仮面ライダーブレイブ&スナイプ Kamen Raidā Bureibu Ando Sunaipu)
    2. Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy (仮面ライダーパラドクスwithポッピー Kamen Raidā Paradokusu Uizu Poppī)
    3. Kamen Rider Genm vs. Lazer (仮面ライダーゲンムVSレーザー Kamen Raidā Genmu tai Rēzā)


  1. Kamen Rider Information Program: Poppy Pipopapo's Room (仮面ライダー情報番組「ポッピーピポパポの部屋」 Kamen Raidā Jōhō Bangumi `Poppī Pipopapo No Heya')
  2. Ametalk! Kamen Rider Entertainer, Episode 2 (アメトーーク! 仮面ライダー芸人 第2回 Ametō̄ku! Kamen Raidā Geinin)
  3. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks" (仮面ライダーエグゼイド [裏技] Kamen Raidā Eguzeido [Urawaza])
    1. Virtual Operations (ヴァーチャルオペレーションズ Vuācharu Operēshonzu')
    2. Kamen Rider Genm (仮面ライダーゲンム Kamen Raidā Genmu)
    3. Kamen Rider Brave: ~Let's Survive! Revival of the Beast Rider Squad!~ (仮面ライダーブレイブ ~Surviveせよ! 復活のビーストライダー·スクワッド~ Kamen Raidā Bureibu ~Sabaibu Seyo! Fukkatsu no Bīsuto Raidā Sukuwaddo~)
    4. Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode ZERO (仮面ライダースナイプ エピソードZERO Kamen Raidā Sunaipu Episōdo Zero)
    5. Kamen Rider Lazer (仮面ライダーレーザー Kamen Raidā Rēzā)
    6. Kamen Rider Para-DX (仮面ライダーパラドクス Kamen Raidā Paradokusu)
  4. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen: Movie Release Anniversary SpecialIcon-crosswiki (仮面ライダー×スーパー戦隊: 超スーパーヒーロー大戦: 映画公開記念スペシャル Kamen Raidā × Supā Sentai Chō Supā Hīrō Taisen Eiga Kōkai Kinen Supesharu)
  5. Kamen Sentai Gorider (仮面戦隊ゴライダー Kamen Sentai Goraidā)


  1. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Special Event (仮面ライダーエグゼイド スペシャルイベント Kamen Raidā Eguzeido Supesharu Ibento)
  2. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Final Stage (仮面ライダーエグゼイド ファイナルステージ Kamen Raidā Eguzeido Fainaru Sutēji)

Other media


  1. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Video Game Salvation Chapter (幪面超人EX-AID【電玩救世篇】 Mung Min Chiu Yan Ex-Aid Din Wun Gau Sai Pin)


  1. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: ~Mighty Novel X~ (小説 仮面ライダーエグゼイド 〜マイティノベルX〜 Shōsetsu Kamen Raidā Eguzeido ~Maiti Noberu Ekkusu~)


The following video games feature characters from Ex-Aid.

 Cast Crossovers

1. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood


Guest cast

Suit actors


  • Most of the Riders of this series have four multi-colored "Buttons" on their chestplates. This is a possible gaming reference to the popular Super Famicom controller, as that had similarly colored buttons on its controls.
  • The show's title is a multiple form of word play, as the "aid" in Ex-Aid is an allusion to First Aid. Another hidden pun is the Japanese pronunciation in katakana is "E-gu-zei-do", which has a close similar sound to the English word "Excite" when pronounced in Japanese, "E-ku-sai-to". This is even referenced by the title of the show's opening theme. The final wordplay contains the Japanese pronunciation of the .EXE file extension ("E-gu-ze").
  • Similarly, the Bugsters' nature as sentient viruses, is a play on the concept of computer viruses as well as biological pathogens, hence the heroes' civilian identities as doctors.
  • This is the first season where there are two female riders taking a central part in the show.
  • This Kamen Rider series shares some similar elements with its first Super Hero Time partner, Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger:
    • It uses pixelated graphic effect, similar one used for Cube effects in Zyuohger.
    • Its theme of "game" is similar to the Deathgalien's Blood Game.
    • Thought being different concepts, both series involved "Continues" (In Zyuohger the Continues were some kind of medals filled with the main villain Ginis' cells to allow the Deathgalien players to revive as giants while in Ex-Aid, the Continues were extra lives used by Kuroto after being revived as a Bugster).
    • Both use a video game theme in some way.
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid shares many similarities with Kamen Rider Ryuki, primarily in regards to the Kamen Rider Chronicle crisis.
    • One of the Riders, Masamune Dan, has the ability to stop time. In Ryuki, Kamen Rider Odin possesses a similar ability.
    • The purpose of Kamen Rider Chronicle was to revive every individual who had succumbed to the Bugster Virus or suffered a Game Over, though Kuroto primarily wanted to revive his deceased mother. In Ryuki, Shiro began the Rider Fight in an effort to save his sister from her demise.
    • Kamen Rider Chronicle pits various individuals given a mass produced variant of the gashat compete against one another to defeat the Bugsters for the opportunity to bring back their loved ones once they learn that any who completes Kamen Rider Chronicle can revive any who died, and at one point, the Rider Players attack the Kamen Riders. In Ryuki, 13 Riders are pitted against one another to have their wish granted.
      • The Ride-Players can also be considered to be the same as the Alternative Riders from Ryuki, as both are unofficial Kamen Riders as well as "mass produced" variants.
  • This is the last series to have its opening be sung by a male singer since the succeeding series have their opening to be sung by a female singer since Kamen Rider Build.
  • Ex-Aid is the final Rider series to entirely air at 8 am. Starting in October, Kamen Rider Build moved to 9 am, airing before Uchu Sentai Kyuranger and its successorIcon-crosswiki.
  • This is the final Kamen Rider series to premiere in October, starting with Kamen Rider Build, the Kamen Rider series return to premiere in September.
  • With a total of 45 episodes, Ex-Aid is the shortest Kamen Rider series in the second phase of the Heisei Era.
    • Following Kamen Rider Decade with a total of 31 episodes, Ex-Aid is the second shortest Kamen Rider series in all the Heisei Era.
  • This is the first series since:
    • Kamen Rider Fourze to end its broadcast in August.
    • Kamen Rider 555 to have only the head writer writing the script and screenplay of every episode.
    • Kamen Rider Gaim to not have a short specials that leads to the summer film and to not have the protagonist do the narration.
  • This series celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Kamen Rider Series.


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