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"Now, count up your sins/crimes!"
―Double's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

Kamen Rider Double (仮面ライダーダブル Kamen Raidā Daburu), alternatively spelled Kamen Rider W[1][2] is the main and eponymous protagonist of the Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider W. Double is the first Kamen Rider that transforms from two people. Double made his debut appearance in the film Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker.

In an alternate timeline where Shocker rules the world after the defeat of the Double Riders by Kamen Rider #3, they were referred to as Shocker Rider Double (ショッカーライダーダブル Shokkā Raidā Daburu). It is under this title that he participates in the Rider Grand Prix. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3



Double first nine form combinations

Shotaro Hidari

The left half of Double providing the 'body' (except when changing into FangJoker, where he becomes the 'mind'), Shotaro is a self-dubbed Hard-boiled Detective. He is also a Kamen Rider on his own as Kamen Rider Joker.


The right half of Double providing the 'mind' (except when changing into FangJoker, where he becomes the 'body'), Philip disappeared after being broken down into data but came back a year later, thanks to his mother and sister. In the novel, Philip assumes the role of a Kamen Rider on his own as Kamen Rider Cyclone.


All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

In Double's debut appearance, he simply arrives on the scene riding the HardBoilder, already transformed, as Decade and Kuuga Rising Ultimate are having difficulty fighting Shadow Moon. As he stops in-between them, Shadow Moon sees him from the left, commenting that he's a black Rider; Decade, however, sees him from the right, thinking he's a green Rider instead. Double shows off his Memory-changing abilities by using first HeatJoker and then HeatMetal, sending Shadow Moon flying into the side of Shocker's fortress with a blow from his staff. He then returns to CycloneJoker form and leaves as Philip wanted to go home, Shotaro complaining about having to leave 'before the good part'.

It is interesting to note that, in this first appearance, Double's right eye does not flash when only Philip is speaking, in contrast to his later appearances, presumably because this quirk had not yet been decided on.

In the manga adaptation of All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, based on the original script when the movie was planned to be the original ending of the TV series, Kamen Rider Double does not appear at all and it is Decade and Kuuga who defeat Shadow Moon.

Let's Go Kamen Riders

W (Let's Go Kamen Riders)

Kamen Rider Double as seen in Let's Go Kamen Riders.

"Let's go, Philip!
OK, Shotaro.
―Shotaro and Philip prepare to fight once more[src]

Philip and Shotaro appeared after the three 90s riders and the first eight Heisei riders and Decade, coming to the assistance of the Master of Fumen, who was being attacked by Shocker Combatmen and various Dopants.

After the riders were united, they faced off against Shocker's Great Leader. Later, when joined by a force of extra riders, Double and all the other riders got on their motorcycles and performed the "All Rider Break", ramming into the Rock Great Leader and defeating it once and for all. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Movie War Mega Max

Kamen Rider Joker Rider Punch

Kamen Rider Joker performing the Rider Punch on the Kamakiri Yummy.

Initially, Double doesn't show up together in Mega Max. Shotaro finds members of Foundation X attempting to steal away a container holding SOLU and prepares to transform into Double. However, Philip's preoccupied with recipe hunting, so Shotaro opts for just Kamen Rider Joker. Shotaro and Philip arrive soon after at Eiji's request, aiding Gentaro Kisaragi in his attempt to stop Super Galaxy King from completing his plans, staying behind to hold off some of Foundation X's goons. After Double finishes off the Zodiarts, they then witness the destruction of Exodus and congratulate the young Riders. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max

Super Hero Taisen

14 Showa KR,9 Heisei Rider & 1 Neo-Heisei Rider(with Accel)

Double is one of the Riders who answers what seemed like Kamen Rider 1's call and joins his force to attack the Super Sentai force led by Akaranger in order to preserve the existence of the Kamen Riders. Using their bike, the HardBoilder, alongside Kabuto and Kiva, Double attacks the ZyurangersIcon-crosswiki and MegarangersIcon-crosswiki. However, afterwards he attempts to engage Akaranger in combat alongside Kiva only to be seemingly destroyed by his attack.

However, that was all part of Tsukasa's and Captain Marvelous's plan. They had disguised themselves as Kamen Rider 1 and Akaranger and led the Super Sentai and Kamen Riders against each other to fool Dai-Shocker and Dai-Zangyack into thinking that the Riders and Sentai had been really wiped out. However, Double, alongside all the other Rider and Super Sentai forces are seemingly destroyed during the battle, but reappear from a dimensional wall to join forces and defeat the Shocker-Zangyack Alliance. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

Movie War Ultimatum

Accel,W,OOO & Birth(Gotou) in Movie War Ultimatum

Kamen Rider Double with Kamen Riders Accel, OOO and Birth in Movie War Ultimatum

Shotaro and Philip returns along with Ryu and also with Eiji and Goto in Movie Wars Ultimatum by Kamen Rider Wizard's summon ring which can summon any Kamen Rider. In Ultimatum, Double rides on his Hardboilder. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum

Super Hero Taisen Z

Nigo, Double, Den-O, Kabuto (Super Hero Taisen Z)

Rider 2, Double, Den-O, and Kabuto as seen in Super Hero Taisen Z.

Double was part of a force of Rider and Sentai reinforcements led by Kamen Rider 1 and AkarengerIcon-crosswiki that came to assist the Riders and Sentai of recent years who were overwhelmed by the revived monster army of the Space Crime Syndicate MadouIcon-crosswiki. The combined forces of superheroes were able to turn the tide against the Madou army. They lined up and used their various finisher attacks to destroy the revived monsters.

After Demon King PsychoIcon-crosswiki was destroyed and the battle was finally over, Double appeared standing on a cliff with all the other heroes who appeared to help, to say goodbye to the heroes of recent years before taking their leave. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z

Super Hero Taisen Otsu

Double along with Deka Red, Gavan, Rinko and Shunpei solve cases from heroes. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Otsu: Heroo! Answers

Kamen Rider Wizard

Double appears with all the Heisei Riders from Kuuga to Fourze, led by Decade, in a special two-parter after the finale, The Kamen Rider Rings and Neverending Story.

Double first appears alongside Fourze, summoned to the world within the Magic Stone through their Rider Rings by the alternate young Haruto, as the prime Haruto watches, to protect him and his Koyomi from the pursuing monsters, namely a trio of Masquerade Dopants and a trio of Dustards, sent by Amadum, the evil wizard who ruled that world. Fighting the henchmen, Double and Fourze assumed HeatMetal and Elek States temporarily, defeating the Masquerade Dopants before taking their battle with the Dustards to the city as Faiz and Kabuto were fighting a trio of Worms. Double and Fourze finished off the Dustards with a Joker Extreme Maximum Drive Rider Kick and Rider Rocket Drill Kick respectively. The Kamen Rider Rings

Double is later summoned with all the other Riders when the 13 Rider Rings are taken by Amadum, the evil wizard who rules the world of monsters, to defeat Wizard, only to find out that they will not obey him just because he possesses their rings, and that they will always fight for freedom and not merely justice. After the Riders destroy his initial guard of monsters, Amadum tries to escape with the boy Haruto, summoning his strongest and largest monsters to deal with the Riders. However, the Riders individually pull out their various tricks to deal with the giant monsters, with Double assuming LunaTrigger temporarily. With his monsters destroyed, Amadum attempts to force the boy to wish to leave this world. The Kamen Riders attempt to stop him but to no avail, having their powers stolen by Amadum's true monstrous form when they try to fight him, with Double having his memories absorbed. However, the young Haruto defies Amadum after hearing the words from Wizard of turning despair into hope, summoning a new Rider to his world. This new Rider, Gaim, gives himself the Kamen Rider name after being told by Wizard that they come to help when people request it. This revelation that the Kamen Riders aren't bounded by evil turns the tables on Amadum as he is beaten back by Gaim, forcing the powers he stole to be returned to the other Riders, transforming them to their ultimate forms, with the return of the Gaia Memories immediately transforming Double into CycloneJokerXtreme. Double then participates in a successive barrage of Rider Kicks from all 15 Riders against Amadum which is finished by Wizard and Gaim. After Amadum is destroyed, Double stands with the other Riders watching over the young Haruto as he wakes up before returning to his world. Neverending Story

Kamen Rider Taisen


Shotaro as he appears in Kamen Rider Taisen

HRVSRFSS-Back up riders

Kamen Rider Joker among the remaining Riders left.

In Futo, Tsukasa sent Kaito to help him on his case, having the young Rider becoming displeased about it. Later, Tsukasa wants Shotaro to join the Heisei Riders to fight Badan. Shotaro refuses the offer, but he informs him about Shuu. As Black and Black RX were about to fight Tsukasa, Shotaro appears to fight them, having him taking Shuu to the lighthouse to meet with his mother. Joker would be assisted by Baron, however the Armored Rider sacrificed himself from being attacked by Amazon and Super-1. Having the remaining Riders to battle each other, Joker got himself defeated when Black and Joker performed their respective Rider Kick on each other. However, the defeated Riders would return thanks to Gaim as they battle the Badan Empire. (Strangely, Double was in his Cyclone/Joker form rather then his Joker form for some unexplained reason). After battling the Badan Empire, Hongo stated that their battle wasn't over as the Rider War continues. However the Showa Riders admit their defeat after seeing Gaim protecting a flower as they would congratulate the young Riders. Sometime later, Shotaro was seen searching for a missing cat back in Futo. Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai

Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki


Due to the timeline alteration caused by Shocker, Double became one of the brainwashed Riders in that timeline, donning the name of Shocker Rider Double. Riding in the Rotation-Interchange Base RevolGarry, Double was one of several Shocker Riders who volunteered in the Rider Grand Prix under Shocker Rider 3, who had been personally challenged by Kamen Rider Drive. During the race, Double, along with Gaim, was knocked out of the race when his Rider Machine was destroyed by the pile drivers of Rider 3's TriCyclone. Gaim ultimately fell short of the Top 2 in which Drive prevailed over Rider 3.

Once Rider 3 was integrated into the Great Leader of Shocker's Rider Robo form, Skyrider was among the Riders who attacked the trio of Black RX, Faiz and Mach. Ultimately, the Double Riders 1 and 2 made their appearance having survived their apparent demise from within the Rider Robo, and broke Shocker's brainwashing on the fallen Riders, enabling all Riders to unite in a final battle against Shocker.

Unfortunately, Double was among the Riders whose existence was erased by the Rider Robo. This fate, however, was rendered moot when the Rider Robo was finally destroyed by Shurikenjin TridoronIcon-crosswiki, restoring Double's place in history.

Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls!

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"Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm

Double in Legend Rider Stage

An iteration of Double is summoned by Genm via his activation of the Ganbarizing Gashat.Legend Gamer Stage

Chou Super Hero Taisen

More Sentai and Riders 3

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

Among the first 18 Heisei Riders, Double fought against numerous monsters in a melee briefly witnessed by Sento Kiryu before being caught in the crossfire as Kamen Rider Zi-O BuildArmor used his Vortex Time Break to wipe out his enemies. Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Batton-Line

to be added

Kamen Rider Travelers Record

to be added

Kamen Rider Battride War

Battride Wars Kamen Rider Double

Double (Battride War).

Kamen Rider Double appears as a Main Rider in the video game Kamen Rider Battride War, which unites the Riders of the Heisei era from Kuuga to Wizard. After being awakened, Double must relive the memory of the final battle with the Weather Dopant to break free of the Mnemosyne (though as depicted in this game, Double finishes Isaka rather than Accel).

Double has access to his three primary forms, with the Half Changes merely being cosmetic alterations (ex.: HeatJoker and LunaJoker play-styles and normal attacks are identically to CycloneJoker and so forth). Joker Half-Changes excels at melee and aerial combos, Metal Half-Changes is slow but powerful, and Trigger Half-Changes has a variety of ranged attacks. Double's final form is naturally CycloneJokerXtreme. While returning to a primary form, the main form will be CycloneJoker. FangJoker is also in the game, possessing the ability to temporarily increase his speed in place of form changing and more advanced than Double's Joker Half-Changes.

FangJoker is a separate unlockable character, with no connection with the main Double. Renn Kiriyama reprises his role as Shotaro Hidari in Battride War, while Philip's voice overs are all stock audio from Masaki Suda's previous performances (as evidenced by only Shotaro calling the Trigger Aerobuster's name when using the attack).

Double's special attacks are:

  • Joker Half-Changes: Joker Grenade (remained into HeatJoker), Joker Strange (remained into Luna Joker), Joker Extreme (remained into CycloneJoker)
  • Metal Half-Changes: Metal Twister (remained into CycloneMetal), Metal Illusion (remained into LunaMetal), Metal Branding (remained into HeatMetal)
  • Trigger Half-Changes: Trigger Aerobuster (remained into CycloneTrigger), Trigger Explosion (remained into HeatTrigger), Trigger Full Burst (remained into LunaTrigger)
  • CycloneJokerXtreme: Double Xtreme (used upon first changing), Bicker Finallusion, Prism Break, Bicker Charge Break
  • FangJoker: Arm Fang Multi-Slash, Shoulder Fang, Arm Fang Thrust Slash, Fang Streisser

Kamen Rider: Battride War II

Chr main w

Kamen Rider Double in CycloneJokerGoldXtreme.

Kamen Rider Double reappeared in Kamen Rider: Battride War II, summoned by Cinema along with the other Neo-Heisei Riders in order to create the "ultimate movie". Double's stage was based off from Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, with Kamen Rider Eternal as his main enemy.

Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis


Kamen Rider Double in Battride War Genesis.

Kamen Rider Double reappeared in Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis.

Super Hero GenerationIcon-crosswiki

Kamen Rider Double is one of the Kamen Riders who appeared in the crossover universe of Super Hero Generation, which included characters from the Mobile Suit Gundam and Ultraman universes. In this universe, Double can assume all his forms, including FangJoker, without canceling his base transformation[3].


Kamen Riders Cyclone & Joker

Kamen Riders Cyclone and Joker.

When Shotaro and Philip set their Gaia Memories into the Double Driver Belt, Philip's conscious mind enters Shotaro's body to produce Double (except when they change into FangJoker, where the opposite happens). Their quote at the start of a battle is "Now, count up your sins!" (さあ、お前の罪を数えろ! Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!), a quote originally used by their predecessor and mentor, Sokichi Narumi.

When combined as Double, Shotaro usually does most of the talking, though both speak when saying their pre-battle quote and announcing Maximum Drive attack names. When Philip speaks by himself when transformed, Double's right eye flashes. Double's ability to function is dependent on the condition of both Shotaro and Philip. If their synchronization is somehow disrupted, Kamen Rider Double will be unable to move properly. If their Rider form takes any significant amounts of damage, both of them will feel the pain after returning to normal and Philip will often pass out due to his weaker constitution. Shotaro's habit of flicking his wrist carries over to Double.

Kamen Rider Double is unique among Kamen Riders in that rather than having explicitly defined forms, he instead has mix-and-match powers, this quality only being shared by Kamen Riders OOO, Drive, Fourze, and Build. Through the different Gaia Memories, Double has access to various combinations of powers, weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. Kamen Rider Double's forms accessed through their first six Gaia Memories are known as Half Changes (ハーフチェンジ Hāfu Chenji), due to the fact that Double can switch out one (or both) Gaia Memories in the belt in a Memory Change (メモリチェンジ Memori Chenji) to change forms.

Each different version of Kamen Rider Double has its own finishing attack(s) known as Maximum Drives (マキシマムドライブ Makishimamu Doraibu) which is needed to defeat a Dopant. The energy imparted by the Maximum Drive does not destroy the Dopant but rather its Gaia Memory, resulting in the ejection of the Gaia Memory from the user's body, reverting the person to normal and the destruction of the Gaia Memory, hence why such a procedure is called a Memory Break (メモリブレイク Memori Bureiku).


"Cyclone, Joker! (Technical guitar to orchestral hit)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Shippu, Kirifuda! (Technical guitar to orchestral hit with shamisen accompaniment)"
―Transformation announcement in the Nightmare Dopant's dream world[src]

KR-W CycloneJoker


Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[4]
  • Rider Weight: 85 kg[4]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 2.5 t.[4]
  • Kicking Power: 6 t.[4]
    • Joker Extreme: 12 t.[4]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 60 m.[4]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.2 sec.[4]

CycloneJoker (サイクロンジョーカー Saikuron Jōkā) is the primary and default form used by Double, first seen in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker and the first form utilized within the television series. It is colored green and black from the Cyclone and Joker Memories, hence known as the Fast Skilled Warrior (迅速技戦士 Jinsoku Waza Senshi). CycloneJoker is considered to be the most well balanced, thus making it Double's default form, despite being capable of initiating transformation with any set of Double's Gaia Memories.

During the events of Shotaro's jidai geki-influenced dream, the Gaia Memories are replaced by wooden placards known as kifuda (木札) and uses the Japanese pronounciation of the Gaia Memory names or synonyms; thus, this form is dubbed as ShippūKirifuda (疾風切札 Whirlwind/Trump card). During the transformation, kabuki makeup-like patterns appears on Shotaro's face.

This form's has two finishers:

  • Joker Extreme (ジョーカーエクストリーム Jōkā Ekustorīmu): After inserting the Joker Memory in the Maximum Slot, Double's body splits down the middle as the halves descend on their target. A variation of this attack involves Double jumping off the back wheel of Kamen Rider Accel Bike Form, allowing for faster acceleration upon descent.
  • Unnamed Finisher: After inserting the Cyclone Memory in the Maximum Slot, Double performs a wind-charged flying kick followed by a mid-air spin kick. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum

CycloneJoker's ending theme is entitled "Cyclone Effect".

Appearances: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, W Episodes 1-14, Movie War 2010, W 15-19, 21, 23-27, 29-34, Donburi's α/Farewell Beloved Recipe, W 35-37, 39-44, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, W 45-46, 49, Movie War Core, Let's Go Kamen Riders, W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel, W Returns: Kamen Rider Eternal, Movie War Mega Max, Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki, Movie War Ultimatum, Super Hero Taisen ZIcon-crosswiki, Wizard Episodes 52-53, Kamen Rider Taisen, Super Hero Taisen GPIcon-crosswiki, Be The One, Heisei Generations FOREVER

KR-W CycloneMetal


"Cyclone, Metal! (Technical guitar to metallic synth)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[5]
  • Rider Weight: 100 kg[5]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 3.5 t.[5]
  • Kicking Power: 7 t.[5]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 37 m.[5]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 9.5 sec.[5]
  • Metal Twister: 25 t

CycloneMetal (サイクロンメタル Saikuron Metaru) is a green and silver-colored Half Change accessed through the Cyclone and Metal Memories hence known as the Windy Warrior (風の戦士 Kaze no Senshi). In this form, Double can wield the Metal Shaft by means of the Metal Memory's powers. When swung, the Metal Shaft creates blades of wind by means of the Cyclone Memory. CycloneMetal's weight is 5 kg lighter than HeatMetal, although its punching power is weaker, it's shown to have a greater jumping height.

This form's finisher is the Metal Twister (メタルツイスター Metaru Tsuisutā): After inserting the Metal Memory in the Metal Shaft, Double spins around while swinging the Metal Shaft covered in an aura of wind.

Appearances: W Episode 3, 5, 9-11, 13, 17, 24, 26, 31, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, W 45, W Returns: Kamen Rider Eternal

KR-W CycloneTrigger


"Cyclone, Trigger! (Technical guitar to rock guitar riffs)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[6]
  • Rider Weight: 91 kg[6]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 1.7 t.[6]
  • Kicking Power: 3 t.[6]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 46 m.[6]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 7.2 sec.[6]

CycloneTrigger (サイクロントリガー Saikuron Torigā) is a green and blue-colored Half Change accessed through the Cyclone and Trigger Memories. Hence known as the Fast Skilled Sniper (迅速技狙撃兵 Jinsoku Waza Sogekihei). In this form, Double wields the Trigger Magnum by means of the Trigger Memory's powers and is able to shoot out high compressed air by means of the Cyclone Memory. CycloneTrigger's gunshots have a wider range, but it has a nimbler precision than LunaTrigger.

This form's finisher is the Trigger Aerobuster (トリガーエアロバスター Torigā Earobasutā): After inserting the Cyclone Memory (instead of Trigger Memory) in the Trigger Magnum, Double fires multiple shots of pressurized air at the enemy.

Appearances: W Episodes 5-7, 13, Movie War 2010, W 18, 24-25, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate

KR-W HeatJoker


"Heat, Joker! (Rock & roll guitar music to orchestral hit)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[7]
  • Rider Weight: 98 kg[7]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 5 t.[7]
  • Kicking Power: 5.5 t.[7]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 49 m.[7]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 6.5 sec.[7]
  • Joker Grenade: 15 t.

HeatJoker (ヒートジョーカー Hīto Jōkā) is the first Half Change form used by Double when he appears in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker. It is colored red and black form accessed from the Heat and Joker Memories, hence known as the Hot Skilled Warrior (暑い技戦士 Atsui Waza Senshi). In this form, Double can throw flaming punches by means of the Heat Memory's powers.

HeatJoker shows an increase in punching and kicking powers, but it has a slightly slower running speed and very weak jumping height than CycloneJoker.

This form's finisher is the Joker Grenade (ジョーカーグレネード Jōkā Gurenēdo): After inserting the Joker Memory in the Maximum Slot, Double somersaults in mid-air, then Double's body splits down the middle during descent as the halves each hit the target with elementally energized hooks.

Appearances: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, W Episodes 2-3, 10, Movie War 2010, W 15, 19, 27, 39, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, Movie War Core

KR-W HeatMetal


"Heat, Metal! (Rock & roll guitar music to metallic synth)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[8]
  • Rider Weight: 105 kg[8]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 6 t.[8]
  • Kicking Power: 9 t.[8]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 25 m.[8]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 11 sec.[8]
  • Metal Branding: 30 t.[8]

HeatMetal (ヒートメタル Hīto Metaru) is the second true form used by Double, first appearing in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker. It is colored red and silver and is accessed from the Heat and Metal Memories, hence known as the Blazing Warrior (炎の戦士 Honō no Senshi). In this form, the damage from the Metal Shaft is increased by fire.

A common tactic used by Double is to turn around while changing to this form, using the Metal Shaft on his back to block enemy attacks before counterattacking. HeatMetal is considered to be the strongest, but also the slowest of the 9 forms, due to its running speed and weight and it's jumping height is weaker than the other 2 Metal forms.

This form's finisher is the Metal Branding (メタルブランディング Metaru Burandingu): After inserting the Metal Memory in the Metal Shaft, Double allows one or both ends of the Metal Shaft to ignite on fire and delivers a final blow to the opponent. There is a combination of this attack is the Steam Metal Branding (スチームメタルブランディング Suchīmu Metaru Burandingu) with the use of Accel's Engine Blade in the Hyper Battle DVD.

HeatMetal's ending theme is entitled "Free your Heat".

Appearances: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, W Episode 2, 4, 6, 8, 11-14, Movie War 2010, W 15-21, 30 (Dream World), 33, Donburi's α/Farewell Beloved Recipe, W 41, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, W 49, W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel, Movie War Core, Movie War Mega Max, Wizard Episode 52

KR-W HeatTrigger


"Heat, Trigger! (Rock & roll guitar music to rock guitar riffs)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[9]
  • Rider Weight: 95 kg[9]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 3 t.[9]
  • Kicking Power: 4 t.[9]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 45 m.[9]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 8 sec.[9]

HeatTrigger (ヒートトリガー Hīto Torigā) is a red and blue-colored Half Change accessed through the Heat and Trigger Memories Hence known as the Hot Skilled Sniper (暑い技狙撃兵 Atsui Waza Sogekihei). In this form, Double wields the Trigger Magnum by means of the Trigger Memory's powers and shoots fire blasts by means of the Heat Memory's powers. HeatTrigger's gunshots are also shown to have a higher output than LunaTrigger.

This form has two finishers:

  • Trigger Magnum finisher:
    • Trigger Explosion (トリガーエクスプロージョン Torigā Ekusupurōjon): After inserting the Trigger Memory in the Trigger Magnum, Double fires a constant stream of fire that melts the enemy completely.
  • Maximum Slot + Trigger Magnum finisher:
    • Unnamed Twin Maximum Drive: After inserting the Trigger Memory in the Trigger Magnum and the Heat Memory in the Maximum Slot, Double blasts out a massive fireball that incinerates anything in its path.

Appearances: W Episode 6, 12, Movie War 2010, W 15, 20, 27-28, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, Movie War Ultimatum

KR-W LunaJoker


"Luna, Joker! (Ominous glowing sound to orchestral hit)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[10]
  • Rider Weight: 75 kg[10]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 2 t.[10]
  • Kicking Power: 4.5 t.[10]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 50 m.[10]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 4 sec.[10]
  • Joker Strange: 10 t.

LunaJoker (ルナジョーカー Runa Jōkā) is the first Half Change form used by Double within the series, a colored yellow and black form accessed from the Luna and Joker Memories hence known as the Trickery Skilled Warrior (如何様技戦士 Ikasama Waza Senshi). In this form, Double has the ability to stretch his right limbs by means of the Luna Memory's powers. LunaJoker is shown to be the weakest out of the other 2 Joker forms, but it has a faster running speed than CycloneJoker.

This form's finisher is the Joker Strange (ジョーカーストレンジ Jōkā Sutorenji): After inserting the Joker Memory in the Maximum Slot, Double splits down the middle, with the Luna half making four copies of itself, and all five Luna halves execute rapid-fire karate chops on the target(s), then the Joker half strides in close to finish the target(s) off with a charged vertical chop.

Appearances: W Episode 1, 4, 6-7, 14, 17, 30, 34-35, 39, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate

KR-W LunaMetal


"Luna, Metal! (Ominous glowing sound to metallic synths)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[11]
  • Rider Weight: 90 kg[11]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 4 t.[11]
  • Kicking Power: 5 t.[11]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 40 m.[11]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 7.6 sec.[11]
  • Metal illusion: 20 t.

LunaMetal (ルナメタル Runa Metaru) is a yellow and silver-colored Half Change accessed through the Luna and Metal Memories hence known as the Tricky Warrior (狡いの戦士 Kosui no Senshi). In this form, Double can wield the Metal Shaft by means of the Metal Memory's powers, using the Luna Memory's abilities to use it as a whip. LunaMetal is also shown to be lighter and faster than the other 2 Metal forms.

This form's finisher is the Metal Illusion (メタルイリュージョン Metaru Iryūjon): After inserting the Metal Memory in the Metal Shaft, Double uses the Metal Shaft to create golden rings and then unleashes them upon the target all at once.

Appearances: W Episode 4, 10, 12, Movie War 2010, W 17, 30, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, W Returns: Kamen Rider Eternal

KR-W LunaTrigger


"Luna, Trigger! (Ominous glowing sound to rock guitar riffs)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[12]
  • Rider Weight: 80 kg[12]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 3.5 t.[12]
  • Kicking Power: 4.5 t.[12]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 45 m.[12]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 8.5 sec.[12]

LunaTrigger (ルナトリガー Runa Torigā) is a form that first appears in the television series. It is a yellow and blue form accessed with the Luna Memory and the Trigger Memory hence known as the Homing Skilled Sniper (帰宅技狙撃兵 Kitaku Waza Sogekihei). In this form, Double's Trigger Magnum is able to fire gold and blue bolts that can curve and track targets. LunaTrigger is mostly well-suited for marksmanship, but its shots are slower than the other 2 Trigger forms.

This form's finisher is the Trigger Full Burst (トリガーフルバースト Torigā Furu Bāsuto): After inserting the Trigger Memory in the Trigger Magnum, Double fires multiple charged homing shots at the enemy.

LunaTrigger's ending theme is entitled "Finger on the Trigger".

Appearances: W Episodes 6-8, 14, Movie War 2010, W 16, 21, 23, 25, 30 (Dream World), 34, 41, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, W 49, W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel, Movie War Mega Max, Wizard Episode 53


KR-W FangJoker


KR-W FangJoker Arm Fang

FangJoker (Arm Saber)

KR-W FangJoker Shoulder Fang

FangJoker (Shoulder Saber)

KR-W FangJoker Maximum Fang

FangJoker (Maximum Saber)

"Fang, Joker! (Heavy metal guitar riffs to orchestral hit)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195 cm[13]
  • Rider Weight: 82 kg[13]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 8 t.[13]
  • Kicking Power: 13 t.[13]
    • Fang Streiser: 45 t.[13]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 30 m.[13]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 3.2 sec.[13]

FangJoker (ファングジョーカー Fangu Jōkā) is a white and black form that Double uses to escape from Philip's captors during the events of the Begins Night as seen in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010. As the Fang Memory was designed for Philip, his and Shotaro's roles as Double are reversed in FangJoker, with Shotaro's consciousness transferred into Philip's body for the transformation, Double's left eye flashes whenever Shotaro speaks. This form is described as the Wild Skilled Warrior (野生技戦士 Yasei Waza Senshi), as the transformation takes an extreme tax on Philip's body as he tends to lose control of himself when in this form during its first two uses. Additionally this form cannot be used for long periods of time due to Philip's weaker body. FangJoker is considered to be faster and stronger than the other forms that came before it.

By activating the Fang Memory's horn between one and three times, FangJoker is able to summon a bladed weapon that forms on various portions of FangJoker's body. One time summons the Arm Saber (アームセイバー Āmu Seibā) on FangJoker's wrist to be used as a close combat weapon; two times summons the Shoulder Saber (ショルダーセイバー Shorudā Seibā), which can be removed from FangJoker's right shoulder to be used as a dagger or boomerang-like weapon; three times summons the Maximum Saber (マキシマムセイバー Makishimamu Seibā) on FangJoker's right ankle.

This form's finisher is the Fang Streiser (ファングストライザー Fangu Sutoraizā): A flying roundhouse kick with the Maximum Saber in which a projection of the Fang Memory's head is shown "biting" the opponent when Double comes in contact while forming a projection of the English Letter F. This can be used in combination with Kamen Rider Accel's Accel Glanzer to perform the Rider Twin Maximum (ライダーツインマキシマム Raidā Tsuin Makishimamu).

Appearances: Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010, W Episodes 16-18, 20, 22, 28, 31, 38, 43-44, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, Movie War Ultimatum (Director's Cut)

KR-W FangTrigger
"Fang, Trigger! (Technical guitar to rock guitar riffs)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

FangTrigger (ファングトリガー Fangu Torigā) is a form that is exclusive to the Futo Detectives manga. It can generate a bow by using the "Arm Fang" function.

In this form, the Arm Saber can be used as a bow.

This form is exclusive in Futo Detective.

KR-W CycloneJokerXtreme


"Xtreme! (Turbine whirring sound to epic orchestra)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

Ability Perimeters

  • Punching Power: 5 t.[14]
  • Kicking Power: 10 t.[14]
    • Double Xtreme: 80 t.[14]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 120 m.[14]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 4 sec.[14]

CycloneJokerXtreme (サイクロンジョーカーエクストリーム Saikuron Jōkā Ekustorīmu) is the first evolved form of CycloneJoker accessed with the Xtreme Memory, linking it directly to the infinite knowledge of the true Gaia Memory through the iridescent band going down the middle of Kamen Rider Double's body called the Crystal Server (クリスタルサーバー Kurisutaru Sābā). It is also known as the Evolved Perfect Warrior (進化完璧戦士 Shinka Kanpeki Senshi), as it also represents the perfect union between Shotaro and Philip. The sheer knowledge of this form wields allows Double to instantly analyze the opponent's capabilities. While not as physically strong as FangJoker, this Form seems to have better defenses as it easily withstood the Weather Dopant`s attacks without using the Prism Bicker.

During the transformation, the middle of Double begins to glow as the Xtreme Memory absorbs the Cyclone and Joker Memories and attaches itself onto the Double Driver. The Xtreme Memory opens up revealing a spinning X as Double rips open the center revealing the prism-colored center.

Unlike the other forms of Double, where Shotaro or Philip provide the body for their Rider Form, the Xtreme Memory absorbs Philip's body and fuses it with Shotaro's body in their Rider Form becoming one in body, mind and soul. Thus when either Philip or Shotaro speaks on their own, their respective side's eye flashes, and why they also appear together as soon as they break the transformation.

By gathering energy into his fists from either halves Double can throw powerful punches at the opponent.

In this form, Double wields the Prism Bicker which has its own Maximum Drives. Unlike the other forms of Double, CycloneJokerXtreme's motif also includes the letter X.

This form has five finishers:

  • Xtreme Memory finisher:
    • Double Xtreme (ダブルエクストリーム Daburu Ekustorīmu): After closing and re-opening the Xtreme Memory, a large tornado emits from the Xtreme Memory carring Double into the air and accelerating him towards the target.
  • Maximum Slot + Xtreme Memory finisher:
    • Double Prism Xtreme (ダブルプリズムエクストリーム Daburu Purizumu Ekusutorīmu): After inserting the Prism Memory in the Maximum Slot and closing and re-opening the Xtreme Memory, Double performs an upgraded version of the Double Xtreme kick which extends the initial drop kick into bicycle kicks.
  • Prism Sword finisher:
    • Prism Break (プリズムブレイク Purizumu Bureiku): After inserting the Prism Memory into the Prism Sword and by pressing the Maximum Starter button on its hilt, Double can perform an energized slash or a wave of energy.
  • Prism Bicker finishers:
    • Through the Prism Memory's ability to link Philip's three elemental Gaia Memories with the Joker Memory, the Prism Bicker allows CycloneJokerXtreme to perform two quadruple power Maximum Drives:
      • Bicker Charge Break (ビッカーチャージブレイク Bikkā Chāji Bureiku): A powerful version of Prism Break. Double combines the power of the Prism Sword and the 4 Gaia Memories and delivers an enhanced version of the Prism Break slash. A variation of the Bicker Charge Break turns the Bicker Shield into a whirling disc of energy which Kamen Rider Double can ride like a surfboard, allowing him to perform the Maximum Drive against an airborne foe.
      • Bicker Finallusion (ビッカーファイナリュージョン Bikkā Fainaryūjon): Double combines the power of the Prism Bicker and the 4 Gaia Memories and delivers a powerful laser blast. A variation of Bicker Finallusion in which the Metal Memory is used in place of the Joker Memory creates a strong energy shield capable of withstanding a wide-area devastation attack from ClayDoll Xtreme.

CycloneJokerXtreme's ending theme is entitled "Extreme Dream".

Appearances: W Episodes 32-34, Donburi's α/Farewell Beloved Recipe, W 35-37, 39-44, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, W 45-46, 48, Movie War Core, Movie War Mega Max, Wizard Episode 53



Main article: Kamen Rider Double CycloneAccelXtreme

CycloneAccelXtreme (サイクロンアクセルエクストリーム Saikuron Akuseru Ekusutorīmu) is a form of Kamen Rider Double described by Shroud as being the ultimate form, with the change being that Ryu Terui becomes one with Philip instead of Shotaro, as their physiologies make them immune to the psychological attacks of the Old and Terror Dopants. Shroud states that Ryu's hatred and rage is needed for Double to fight at its full potential. However this form was never utilized in the series as Ryu decides not to fight as part of this form while showing Shroud that they can fight with compassion rather than hatred.


KR-W CycloneJokerGoldXtreme


KR-W CycloneJokerGoldXtreme Wing opened

CycloneJokerGoldXtreme with wings opened


CycloneJokerGoldXtreme without wings.

CycloneJokerGoldXtreme (サイクロンジョーカーゴールドエクストリーム Saikuron Jōkā Gōrudo Ekusutorīmu) is the second evolved form of CycloneJokerXtreme. This form is achieved when intense wind blows against Double and into the Xtreme Memory, and activates its full potential.

In this form, the Crystal Server turns golden, with a set of insect wings that flurishes out of Double's back, allowing Double to fly. Double uses this form again in Movie War Core to finish off Kamen Rider Core with Kamen Rider OOO Tajadol Combo.

This form's Memory Break finisher is the Golden Xtreme (ゴールデンエクストリーム Gōruden Ekusutorīmu): Double performs a flying, golden version of the Double Xtreme kick.

Appearances: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, Movie War Core, Movie War Ultimatum

CycloneCyclone & JokerJoker

"Final Form Ride: D-D-D-Double!"
―Transformation announcement via the Decadriver[src]

"Cyclone, Cyclone!"
―CycloneCyclone's transformation announcement via the Double Driver[src]

"Joker, Joker!"
―JokerJoker's transformation announcement via theDouble Driver[src]

KR-W CycloneCyclone


KR-W JokerJoker


Rider Statistics

  • Height: 195 cm
  • Weight: 85kg

​Ability Perimeters

  • Punching Power: 4 t.
  • Kicking power: 8 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 70 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 7.8 sec.
  • Triple Extreme: 48 t.

These two forms are gained after Kamen Rider Decade uses the Final Form Ride card, Kamen Rider W to separate Double's halves where they are controlled by the minds and bodies they originated from (CycloneCyclone is controlled by Philip and JokerJoker is controlled by Shotaro).

An interesting note the Double Driver on both bodies has two of the same Gaia Memories used in CycloneJoker and CycloneCyclone has two scarves hanging from his neck.

CycloneCyclone gains the power of wind while JokerJoker gains the power of agility and strength.

When Decade uses the Final Attack Ride Card, CycloneCyclone, JokerJoker, and Decade perform the three-way Triple Extreme (トリプルエクストリーム Toripuru Ekusutorīmu) attack, where both Doubles use their traditional Drop Kicks while Decade uses his traditional Flying Side Kick.

These forms are exclusive to Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010.



  • Double Driver - Transformation belt as Double
  • Gaia Memories - Devices that used in Double's transformation or power-ups in finisher attacks.
    • Fang Memory - Dinosaur-like Gaia Memory that assist Philip whenever he is in distress. Also allows him to become Double as Fang Joker.
    • Xtreme Memory - Bird-themed conjoined Gaia Memories that transforms Double into Xtreme Mode. Philip resides in this Memory during the period of reconstructing his new body.
  • Memory Gadgets - Support robots that empowered by pseudo-Gaia Memories.


  • Maximum Slots - Gaia Memory slot that enables Double to perform Maximum Drive as barehanded.
    • Metal Shaft - Extendable quarter staff in conjunction with any form that uses the Metal Memory.
    • Trigger Magnum - Firearm in conjunction with any form that uses the Trigger Memory.
    • Prism Bicker - A pair of sword and shield that used in CycloneJokerXtreme.



Legend Rider Devices


Kamen Ride: W

"Kamen Ride: W! (Double Driver CycloneJoker Transformation sound)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

With the W Rider Card, Decade would presumably transform into Kamen Rider Double's CycloneJoker Half Change.

Kr-FFR Double Card

Final Form Ride: Kamen Rider W

Final Form Ride: Kamen Rider W (ファイナルフォームライド 仮面ライダーW Fainaru Fōmu Raido Kamen Raidā Daburu): This card splits Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker into Kamen Rider Double CycloneCyclone (仮面ライダーW(ダブル)サイクロンサイクロン Kamen Raidā Daburu Saikuron Saikuron), controlled by Philip, and Kamen Rider Double JokerJoker (仮面ライダーW(ダブル)ジョーカージョーカー Kamen Raidā Daburu Jōkā Jōkā), controlled by Shotaro. Unlike the other Final Form Ride forms, Double CycloneCyclone and Double JokerJoker do not require a corresponding Final Attack Ride card to execute their finishing attack. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010

CJX Card

Final Kamen Ride: W CycloneJoker Xtereme

Final KamenRide: W CycloneJoker Xtereme: This card can be used in Decade's Neo Decadriver to summon Double CycloneJoker Xtereme Form.

W CycloneJoker Medal

Double CycloneJoker Medal

W HeatMetal Medal

Double HeatMetal Medal

W LunaTrigger Medal

Double LunaTrigger Medal

W FangJoker Medal

Double FangJoker Medal

W CycloneJokerXtreme Medal

Double CycloneJokerXtreme Medal


Double Switch

W Heat Metal

Double HeatMetal Ring

W Luna Trigger

Double LunaTrigger Ring

Ring of the Fanged Hero

Double FangJoker Ring

Xtreme Ring

Double CycloneJokerXtreme Ring

Golden Cyclones and Jokers

Double CycloneJokerGoldXtreme Ring

Double Lockseed (ダブルロックシード Daburu Rokkushīdo): Allows Kamen Rider Ryugen to transform into Double Arms, equipped with the Trigger Magnum. The core image depicts the Double Driver while the lid backside image depicts the Joker Memory. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle

  • Transformation: Double Arms: Cyclone, Joker, Ha-Ha-Ha!
    • Squash: Maximum Drive (マキシマムドライブ Makishimamu Doraibu)
    • Au Lait: Cyclone (サイクロン Saikuron)
    • Sparking: Joker (ジョーカー Jōkā)


Double CycloneJokerXtreme Lockseed

Double CycloneJokerXtreme Lockseed (ダブルサイクロンジョーカーエクストリームロックシード Daburu Saikuron Jōkā Ekustorīmu Rokkushīdo): The core image depicts the Xtreme Memory in Memory Mode while the lid backside image depicts the Xtreme Memory in Live Mode. Ryugen-styled Lockseed. When activated, this Lockseed announces "Xtreme" (エクストリーム Ekustorīmu).

  • Transformation: Double Arms: Cyclone, Joker, Xtreme!
    • Squash: Xtreme, Maximum Drive (エクストリーム、マキシマムドライブ Ekustorīmu, Makishimamu Doraibu)
    • Au Lait: Prism Bicker (プリズムビッカー Purizumu Bikkā)
    • Sparking: Double Prism Xtreme (ダブルプリズムエクストリーム Daburu Purizumu Ekusutorīmu)

Signal Double

Legend Double Signal Bike

  • Signal Legend Double (シグナルレジェンドW(ダブル) Shigunaru Rejendo Daburu, Based on Double's HardBoilder): Allows Mach to activate a Kourin Signal Legend. When used in the DX Drive Driver, it gives the sound for a Tire Exchange into Drive: Double.

"Kaigan: Double! (Double Driver activation) Futari de hitori! Gaia Memory! (CycloneJoker transformation music)"
Ghost Driver transformation announcement[src]

"Tengan: Ghost! Mega Ulord!"
Mega Ulorder transformation announcement[src]

"Meitantei Double! (Cyclone-Joker transformation music)"
―Gashat activation announcement[src]

"Gashat! Let's Ride! Metcha Ride! Mutcha Ride! What's your ride?! I'm a Legend Rider!"
Level 1 transformation announcement[src]

"Gachan! Level Up! (Gaia Memory inserting noise) Half-boiled! Kazoero! Omae no Tsumi O! Meitantei Double! (Gekitotsu Robots-styled song)"
Level 2 transformation announcement[src]

"A Gacha! Cyclone! Joker! Futari de Hitori! Cyclone! Joker! Futari de Extreme! (Mighty Brothers XX-styled song ending with Xtreme Memory transformation noises)"
Level 3 transformation announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Meitantei Critical Strike!"
―Gamer Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Meitantei Critical Finish!"
―Weapon finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! (Word from other Gashat's name) Double Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Key Slasher finisher announcement[src]

Detective Double Gashat

Detective Double Gashat

  • Detective Double Gashat (名探偵ダブルガシャット Meitantei Daburu Gashatto, lit. Famous Detective Double Gashat): Based on Kamen Rider Double, this Rider Gashat is used to activate Double (W) Gamer Level 1, and subsequently advance to Level 2 after pulling the lever on the Gamer Driver.

Build Driver insertion announcement[src]

"Are you ready?! Double! (CycloneJoker transformation sound)"
―Double Form transformation[src]


Double Fullbottle
(yet to be released)

  • Double Fullbottle (ダブルフルボトル Daburu Furubotoru): Would presumably be used to access a one-Bottle themed W Form. This Bottle currently only exists as a sound in the DX Build Driver.[15]

"Tantei! USB Memory! Best Match!"
Build Driver insertion announcements[src]

"Tantei! USB Memory! Evol Match!"
Evol-Driver insertion announcements[src]

"Are you ready?! Double! (CycloneJoker transformation sound)"
―Double Form transformation[src]

"Ready, go! Voltech Finish! Yeah!"
―Build Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Ready, go! Evoltech Attack! Ciao!"
―Evol-Driver finisher announcement[src]

  • Tantei Fullbottle (探偵フルボトル Tantei Furubotoru, lit. "Detective Fullbottle"): Used with the USB Memory Fullbottle to access W Form.
  • USB Memory Fullbottle (USBメモリフルボトル Yū Esu Bī Memori Furubotoru): Used with the Tantei Fullbottle to access W Form.

"(Digital beeping) Double!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"The two-in-one detective Rider who fights with the power of Memories is...(clock ticking noise) Double! (メモリの力で戦う二人で一人の探偵ライダーは…ダブルだ! Memori no chikara de tatakau futari de hitori no tantei Raidā wa... (clock ticking noise) Daburu da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! (Cyclone Memory-styled rock music) Cyclone! Joker! Double! (low-pitched Joker Memory orchestral hit)"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's right-hand slot[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Cyclone Memory-styled rock music) Cyclone! Joker! Double! (low-pitched Joker Memory orchestral hit)"
―Rider Armor transformation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! Maximum Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

W Ridewatch (ダブルライドウォッチ Daburu Raidowotchi):[16] Based on Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker, this Ridewatch provides access to the WArmor used by Zi-O. It is dated 2009.

Double FangJoker Ridewatch (ダブルファングジョーカーライドウォッチ Daburu Fangu Jōkā Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Double FangJoker, this Ridewatch would provide access to a corresponding Rider Armor. It is dated 2009.

Double CycloneJokerXtreme Ridewatch (ダブルサイクロンジョーカーエクストリームライドウォッチ Daburu Saikuron Jōkā Ekustorīmu Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme, this Ridewatch would provide access to a corresponding Rider Armor. It is dated 2009, but shown on the Ziku-Driver's screen as FIN.

Behind the scenes


Philip and Shotaro Hidari are portrayed by Masaki Suda (菅田 将暉 Suda Masaki) and Renn Kiriyama (桐山 漣 Kiriyama Ren) respectively. At present, their final reprisement of their roles on-screen is in Movie War Mega Max (December 2011). However Renn Kiriyama reprised his role of Shotaro Hidari in Kamen Rider Taisen, but Masaki Suda does not return to reprise his role as Philip in the film.

Kamen Rider Double's main suit actor was Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二 Takaiwa Seiji), who has been the suit actor for the majority of leading Heisei Kamen Riders (except Kuuga and Hibiki). He was also the suit actor for Shotaro as Kamen Rider Joker.

Rider No.

As the leading Rider protagonist of Kamen Rider W, Kamen Rider Double is labeled Kamen Rider #26 (仮面ライダー26号 Kamen Raidā Nijūrokugō) and Heisei Rider #11 (平成ライダー11号 Heisei Raidā Jūichigō). Quiz! Decade Countdown!!

In popular culture

Kamen Rider W Keroro Platoon

The form are similar to Double is: *KeroTama=Cyclone Joker *KeroGiro=Cyclone Accel? *KeroDoro=Cyclone Trigger *KuruDoro=Luna Trigger

  • Episode 295-A of Sgt. Frog titled "Keroro, The Two of Us are One Kerororm" features the members of the Keroro Platoon finding an artifact that allows two of them to combine into a single Keroro, each with new powers. The episode title is based on Double's catchphrase and the resultant transformation resembles that of Kamen Rider Double (the characters appear to be split down the middle, with one side being, for example, Keroro and the other Tamama).
First the Bat credit-card and now this

Komaki's credit card.

  • In episode 6 of Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerIcon-crosswiki, The Most Important ThingIcon-crosswiki, Komaki KasugaiIcon-crosswiki is seen using a credit card with the letters "CJX" on a green, silver, and black field. This is a dual reference to CycloneJokerXtreme and the real-world Visa company.
  • The anime series, Haiyore! Nyarko-san references Double (both the character and the series) the most often out of its many nods to the Kamen Rider franchise.  In particular, Shotaro's catchphrase "Now, count up your crimes!" is said several times in both the 2012 and 2013 TV series, most often by Nyarko herself.  Other noteworthy references include Nyarko telling her love interest Mahiro "When you find your ultimate partner, it creates a miracle!" (quoting the theme song W-B-X ~W-Boiled Xtreme~) while performing Double's signature finger-point, or an infamous gag in the second season where she and a talking vacuum cleaner end up shouting "Cyclone, Joker!" repeatedly until an annoyed Mahiro puts a stop to it.
  • In the video game Sonic Colors, Sonic's final attack in the game, "Final Color Blaster", visually resembles CycloneJokerXtreme's Prism FinalIllusion. Even more, the narrator who shouts out the Wisps' power types in the Japanese version is the same narrator from Kamen Rider W, who in turn is the same voice as the Gaia Memories, with the attack's original name being "Final Prism Blaster"


  • Double is the first Rider to cameo in a preceding Rider's Summer movie.
  • Double is the first Heisei Rider to name their respective finishers in the series before Joker and Fourze.
  • Double is currently the only Rider that requires two individuals in order to transform into a Rider.
    • However, Double is not the first Rider that involves more than one individual to transform, as he is predated by Kamen Rider Den-O through Imagin possession. However, with subsequent appearances, Den-O is not required to have the Imagins to possesses the Riders.
  • The colors of three of Double's forms are similar to three other Toku heroes:
  • CycloneJoker as Double's basic form is possibly a reference to the original Kamen Rider. Both are green and black in color, both are related to wind and wore scarves (the Cyclone Memory uses the power of wind while Kamen Rider 1's Typhoon belt uses the power of wind to transform), and both colors are white on Double's Cyclone half's scarf and Rider 1's gloves and boots. Furthermore, Kamen Rider 1's motorcycle's name is Cyclone.
    • HeatMetal is a possible reference to Kamen Rider X, as both Double and X have a red and silver color scheme and wield a pole weapon which they use for their respective finishers.
  • CycloneAccelXtreme and CycloneJokerGoldXtreme were never created as physical costumes, instead being digital alterations of the base CycloneJokerXtreme costume. CycloneAccelXtreme appears as a hidden character in Climax Heroes OOO, where he wields the Engine Blade and Prism Bicker (with the Bicker Sword sheathed).
  • As FangJoker, Double is the first Rider with a Dinosaur motif, immediately followed by Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo.
  • According to the Double novel, while the FangMetal and FangTrigger forms could potentially be used, doing so would be disastrous. It's stated that Shotaro's compatibility with the Joker Memory lets him keep Fang's berserker nature in check; since he lacks such compatibility with the Metal and Trigger Memories, FangMetal and FangTrigger would be uncontrollable.
    • However, FangTrigger form later makes appearance in Futo Detective and can be controllable.
  • Double is the only Neo-Heisei Era Rider to have a Final Form Ride card.
  • Double is currently the most complicated Main Rider when it comes to transforming as both Shotaro and Philip have to cooperate with each other, as well as have some synchronization together, to maintain their transformation.
W Concept

Concept art of the trench coat idea from the Kamen Rider Character Making Report File.

  • According to the producers, Double was originally going to wear a trench-coat in his transformed state, but it was decided not to include it.
  • During the planning stages, Yasuko Kobayashi originally opposed adding a scarf to the costume, as she stated that was too "Showa Rider-y" and modern kids wouldn't like it because to them it would be "unsightly". She eventually allowed it under the condition that the scarf be a different material and silver instead of white.
  • Double is heavily influenced by the tokusatsu hero Barom One. Like Double, it features a right handed "smart" hero and a left handed "strong" hero fusing together into one being to combat the forces of evil. Unlike Double however, One is not separated into two parts.
  • When Double becomes FangJoker, the trademark line's finger point is on the right hand as opposed to the usual left hand, due to Philip being the host rather than Shotaro.
  • Although Shroud stated that Double`s full potential comes from hatred, this may not be true as Shotaro and Philip have shown when they transformed into CycloneJokerGoldXtreme through wind blowing into the Xtreme Memory and hope from the citizens of Futo.
  • Double is the first lead Neo-Heisei Era Rider to not have a special title for his forms.
  • The transformation pose for Double has Shotaro and Philip forming the letter W when their arms were across from their body.
  • A split screen would occur when Shotaro and Philip transform into Double if they are on different location. However if appearing at the same spot, the split screen would not occur.


External Links


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