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Kamen Rider Death (仮面ライダーデス Kamen Raidā Desu) is a Yummy created by Kiyoto Maki througho\ the desire of the Birth Driver in the Kamen Rider OOO novel. The Yummy looks similar to Kamen Rider Birth, but he is not actually a Kamen Rider. The Candroids, Mr. Gori (Gorilla Candroid) and Mr. Tiger (Tiger Candroid), as the Birth Driver refers to them as destroy the Yummy. At the very end, it’s revealed that the entire Birth chapter is a short story written by Akira Date out of boredom.



  • Birth Driver: Death's transformation belt, also the source of Death's power.


  • Kamen Rider Death is perhaps the only Rider to not be a Kamen Rider despite his title.
  • Its title makes it an opposite of birth: whereas the original Rider signifies one's beginning, this Yummy signifies one's end.
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