This article is about a/an line of pastries in the Kamen Rider Series.
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A Kamen Rider Ghost Christmas Cake, an example of the Kamen Rider Chara Deco Cakes.

Kamen Rider Chara Deco Cakes (仮面ライダーキャラデコケーキ Kamen Raidā Chara Deko Kēki) are a promotional line of pastries made by Bandai Premium and a part of the Bandai Chara Deco Cakes.[1] They are Kamen Rider-themed cakes that come with a kind of toy such as a Candy Toy on the top of the cake. While they can be used to celebrate special days like birthdays, they are usually sold during the holidays as a way to profitably capitalize on Japan's Christmas cake holiday tradition.

More recent Holiday cakes come with an exclusive collectible transformation trinket that is Christmas-themed. Said trinket can be used both in the DX Belt Toys and in arcade games such as Ganbarizing to unlock exclusive power-ups.

Some cakes also come with pamphlets for downloadable photo apps and special "Rider Hero Number" cards that younger fans can use to call to have a special conversation with the Kamen Rider of that year's series. In some cases, 3 lucky kids will get to have the Kamen Rider visit their home and deliver the cake by being picked from a drawing.[2]

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