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Red alert WARNING: This special contains scenes of blood, nudity and continuous graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised!

Kamen Rider Brave ~Let's Survive! Revival of the Beast Rider Squad!~ (仮面ライダーブレイブ ~Surviveせよ! 復活のビーストライダー·スクワッド~ Kamen Raidā Bureibu ~Sabaibu Seyo! Fukkatsu no Bīsuto Raidā·Sukuwaddo~) is a Toei Tokusatsu Fan ClubIcon-crosswiki-exclusive special of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. A 7-minute preview of this special was uploaded onto Toei's official YouTube channel for Japanese viewers only.

This special marks the return of Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja from Kamen Rider Ryuki, with actor Takashi Hagino returning to reprise his role.


A group of revived beast-themed Riders gather to form the "Beast Rider Squad"... and Kamen Rider Ouja, the worst villain Rider, is leading them! Can Kamen Rider Brave hunt them with his new Gashat, "Night of Safari"? And what is the secret behind this battle?


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Continuity and Placement


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Brave Hiiro Kagami



Kamen Rider Ouja Takeshi Asakura
Kamen Rider Tiger N/A
Kamen Rider Sasword N/A
Kamen Rider Dark Kiva N/A
Kamen Rider Beast N/A


Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Rider Gashat

Advent Cards

  • Ouja
    • Sword Vent
  • Tiger
    • Strike Vent


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To the Next Game

Closing Screen (7 minute preview version)

Brave Closing Screen

Closing Screen (full version)

Not Actually Kyosuke

Not actually Beast

  • It is currently unknown why Kosuke Nitoh/Kamen Rider Beast is "revived" in this special since there is no proof about Kosuke's death in the main timeline. It is possible that it may have been the Magic Land counterpart who was wiped from existence after Magic Land disappeared, though in either case, Beast is the only heroic Rider to appear as a "villain" in this special, counting Sasword's villainous role as the Scorpio Worm.
    • With the special featuring the "Beast Rider Squad", it's possible including a Rider already named "Beast" was simply for this connection.
    • Given Foundation X's involvement, it is possible that this Kamen Rider Beast is an energy construct duplicate of the original. This was done previously by Foundation X in the Movie War films when they made duplicates of the Horoscope Zodiarts and other Kamen Rider villains.
  • Interestingly and ironically, Toshiki Seto (the actor of Hiiro) had said his favorite Kamen Rider is Ouja.[3]
  • Ouja, Sasword, and Dark Kiva had previously appeared together as villains in D-Video Special: Kamen Rider 4.
  • The scene where Asakura eats mackerel fish is a reference to Choukou Senshi ChangéríonIcon-crosswiki episode 10 This Isn't Mackerel! (サバじゃねぇ! Saba Ja Nee!), which is a popular meme in Japan.
    • The main hero of this show, Changéríon, was also played by the same actor of Asakura.
  • Ouja using Sasword and Beast as a shield to defend himself from Brave Level 4's attack is a callback to episode 19 of Ryuki, where Ouja uses Kamen Rider Gai as a shield to defend himself from Zolda's Final Vent.
  • There are several references to horror movies in this special:
    • When Mizuki is attacked while taking a shower, the scene is an obvious homage to a scene with the same motif in the film Psycho, however, the way the Rider attacks her is more similar to how Freddy Krueger operates.
    • Additionally, the way Ouja stalks and preys on his victims is similar to the modus operandi of killers from slasher films such Jason or Leatherface.

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