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Kamen Rider Blade is a Japanese fighting game developed by Digifloyd and Bandai Namco Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 2. It features Riders from the continuity of Kamen Rider Blade.

The game received an A rating from CERO, the equivalent to an E rating from the ESRB in America.

Game Modes

  • Opening Movie
  • Seal Mode
  • Free Battle Mode
  • 1P Battle Mode
  • 2P Battle Mode
  • Zoom de Bingo!
  • Gallery Mode
  • Options
  • Credits

Seal Mode

Seal mode features the story from Kamen Rider Blade and the player must play four Kamen Riders from the series. Here is the list of Riders with the episodes their stories are based on:


Rider Finishers/Finale

  • Blade: Jack Lightning Slash, Lightning Sonic, Lightning Blast, Lightning Slash, Royal Straightflash
  • Garren: Jack Burning Shot, Burning Divide, Burning Smash, Upper + Fire, Bullet + Fire
  • Chalice: Spinning Dance, Spinning Attack, Spinning Wave, Bio + Chop, Wild Cyclone
  • Leangle: Blizzard Venom, Blizzard Clash, Blizzard Gale
  • Locust Undead: Leaping Locust Kick
  • Deer Undead: Deer Thunderbolt
  • Trilobite Undead: Trilobite Shield Upper
  • Jaguar Undead: Jaguar Cross Pounce
  • Boar Undead: Boar Ram
  • Eagle Undead: Flying Eagle Tackle
  • Caucasus Beetle Undead: Caucasus Shockwave Slash
  • Bat Undead: Bat Feast
  • Zebra Undead: Double Zebra Bone Smack
  • Peacock Undead: Homing Peacock Darts
  • Plant Undead: Vine Strangle
  • Moth Undead: Flaming Moth Spits
  • Centipede Undead: Centipede Breath
  • Orchid Undead: Orchid Flower Bite
  • Spider Undead: Spider Web Trap
  • Tarantula Undead: Tarantula Gust
  • Joker: Joker Scream
  • Taiyaki Master Ultimate Form: Ultimate Taiyaki Attack

Voice Actors



  • This is the first and only game where Leangle's Stab Bee Rouse Card is usable. As this card was never used in TV series and future games.
  • Leangle's Blizzard Venom makes it's debut in this game before appear later in TV series.
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