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*[[Nozomi Yamanaka]]
*[[Nozomi Yamanaka]]
* [[Kazuma Kenzaki]]: {{nihongo|[[Takayuki Tsubaki]]|椿 隆之|Tsubaki Takayuki}}
*{{nihongo|[[Kazuma Kenzaki]]|剣崎 一真|Kenzaki Kazuma}}: {{nihongo|[[Takayuki Tsubaki]]|椿 隆之|Tsubaki Takayuki}}
* [[Sakuya Tachibana]]: {{nihongo|[[Kousei Amano]]|天野 浩成|Amano Kousei}} (under the stage name "Hironari Amano")
*{{nihongo|[[Sakuya Tachibana]]|橘 朔也|Tachibana Sakuya}}: {{nihongo|[[Kousei Amano]]|天野 浩成|Amano Kousei}} (under the stage name "Hironari Amano")
* [[Hajime Aikawa]]: {{nihongo|[[Ryōji Morimoto]]|森本 亮治|Morimoto Ryōji}}
*{{nihongo|[[Hajime Aikawa]]|相川 始|Aikawa Hajime}}: {{nihongo|[[Ryōji Morimoto]]|森本 亮治|Morimoto Ryōji}}
* [[Mutsuki Kamijō]]: {{nihongo|[[Takahiro Hōjō]]|北条 隆博|Hōjō Takahiro}}
*{{nihongo|[[Mutsuki Kamijō]]|上城 睦月|Kamijō Mutsuki}}: {{nihongo|[[Takahiro Hōjō]]|北条 隆博|Hōjō Takahiro}}
* [[Shiori Hirose]]: {{nihongo|[[Yumi Egawa]]|江川 有未|Egawa Yumi}}
*{{nihongo|[[Shiori Hirose]]|広瀬 栞|Hirose Shiori}}: {{nihongo|[[Yumi Egawa]]|江川 有未|Egawa Yumi}}
* [[Kotarō Shirai]]: {{nihongo|[[Terunosuke Takezai]]|竹財 輝之助|Takezai Terunosuke}}
*{{nihongo|[[Kotaro Shirai]]|白井 虎太郎|Shirai Kotarō}}: {{nihongo|[[Terunosuke Takezai]]|竹財 輝之助|Takezai Terunosuke}}
* [[Haruka Kurihara]]: {{nihongo|[[Kaori Yamaguchi]]|山口 香緒里|Yamaguchi Kaori}}
*{{nihongo|Haruka Kurihara|栗原 遥香|Kurihara Haruka}}: {{nihongo|[[Kaori Yamaguchi]]|山口 香緒里|Yamaguchi Kaori}}
* [[Amane Kurihara]] (child): {{nihongo|[[Hikari Kajiwara]]|梶原 ひかり|Kajiwara Hikari}}
* {{nihongo|[[Amane Kurihara|Young Amane Kurihara]]|幼い栗原天音|Osanai Kurihara Amane}}: {{nihongo|[[Hikari Kajiwara]]|梶原 ひかり|Kajiwara Hikari}}
* [[Amane Kurihara]] (teen): {{nihongo|[[Miku Ishida]]|石田 未来|Ishida Miku}}
*{{nihongo|Amane Kurihara|栗原 天音|Kurihara Amane}}: {{nihongo|[[Miku Ishida]]|石田 未来|Ishida Miku}}
* [[Nozomi Yamanaka]]: {{nihongo|[[Arisa Miyazawa]]|宮澤 亜理沙|Miyazawa Arisa}}
*{{nihongo|[[Kei Karasuma]]|烏丸 啓|Karasuma Kei}}: {{nihongo|[[Kazuhiro Yamaji]]|山路 和弘|Yamaji Kazuhiro}}
* [[Kei Karasuma]]: {{nihongo|[[Kazuhiro Yamaji]]|山路 和弘|Yamaji Kazuhiro}}
*{{nihongo|[[Junichi Shimura]]|志村 純一|Shimura Jun'ichi}}: {{nihongo|[[Yuuki Kuroda]]|黒田 勇樹|Kuroda Yūki}}
* [[Junichi Shimura]]: {{nihongo|[[Yuuki Kuroda]]|黒田 勇樹|Kuroda Yūki}}
*{{nihongo|[[Natsumi Miwa]]|三輪 夏美|Miwa Natsumi}}: {{nihongo|[[Yoko Mitsuya]]|三津谷 葉子|Mitsuya Yoko}}
* [[Natsumi Miwa]]: {{nihongo|[[Yoko Mitsuya]]|三津谷 葉子|Mitsuya Yoko}}
*{{nihongo|[[Shin Magaki]]|禍木 慎|Magaki Shin}}: {{nihongo|[[Takao Sugiura]]|杉浦 太雄|Sugiura Takao}}
* [[Shin Magaki]]: {{nihongo|[[Takao Sugiura]]|杉浦太雄|Sugiura Takao}}
*{{nihongo|Voice of [[Rouzer]]|ラウザー音声|Rauzā Onsei}}: {{nihongo|[[Takeshi Sasaki (voice actor)|Takeshi Sasaki]]|佐々木 健|Sasaki Takeshi}}
* Voice of [[Rouzer]]: {{nihongo|[[Takeshi Sasaki (voice actor)|Takeshi Sasaki]]|佐々|Sasaki Takeshi}}
*{{nihongo|Voice of [[King Rouzer]]|キングラウザー音声|Kingu Rauzā Onsei}}: {{nihongo|[[Fumihiko Tachiki]]|文彦|Tachiki Fumihiko}}
* Voice of [[King Rouzer]]: {{nihongo|[[Fumihiko Tachiki]]|立木 文彦|Tachiki Fumihiko}}
*{{nihongo|[[Narration]]|ナレーション|Narēshon}}: {{nihongo|[[Jūrōta Kosugi]]|小杉 十郎太|Kosugi Jūrōta}}
* [[Narrator]]: {{nihongo|[[Jūrōta Kosugi]]|小杉 十郎太|Kosugi Jūrōta}}
===Guest actors===
===Guest actors===
* [[Baba]]: {{nihongo|[[Masayuki Izumi]]|泉 政行|Izumi Masayuki}} - known for his previous role as [[Yuji Kiba]] in Kamen Rider 555
*{{nihongo|Baba|馬場}}: {{nihongo|[[Masayuki Izumi]]|泉 政行|Izumi Masayuki}} - known for his previous role as [[Yuji Kiba]] in Kamen Rider 555
* [[Hanada]]: {{nihongo|[[Katsuyuki Murai]]|村井 克行|Murai Katsuyuki}} - known for his previous role as [[Kyoji Murakami]] in Kamen Rider 555
*{{nihongo|Hanada|花田}}: {{nihongo|[[Katsuyuki Murai]]|村井 克行|Murai Katsuyuki}} - known for his previous role as [[Kyoji Murakami]] in Kamen Rider 555
* [[Security Guard]]: {{nihongo|[[Mitsuru Karahashi]]|唐橋 充|Karahashi Mitsuru}} - known for his previous role as [[Naoya Kaido]] in Kamen Rider 555
*{{nihongo|[[Department Store Security Guard]]|デパートの警備員|Depāto no Keibiin}}: {{nihongo|[[Mitsuru Karahashi]]|唐橋 充|Karahashi Mitsuru}} - known for his previous role as [[Naoya Kaido]] in Kamen Rider 555
===Suit actors===
===Suit actors===

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This article is about a/an film in Kamen Rider Blade.

Kamen Rider Blade The Movie: Missing Ace (劇場版 仮面ライダー剣 MISSING ACE Gekijōban Kamen Raidā Bureido Misshingu Ēsu) is the theatrical film adaptation of the Japanese 2004 Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Blade, directed by Hidenori Ishida and Katsuya Watanabe and written by Toshiki Inoue.

The film is produced by Ishimori Productions and Toei, the producers of all the previous television series and films of the Kamen Rider series. Following the tradition of all Heisei Kamen Rider movies, it is a double bill with the movie for 2004's Super Sentai series Tokusou Sentai DekarangerIcon-crosswiki, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger The Movie: Full Blast ActionIcon-crosswiki, both of which premiered on September 11, 2004. The film's title is translated into English as Masked Rider Blade The Movie: Missing Ace. This movie takes place four years after the events of an alternate ending to the events of the final episode.

The Director's Cut was released on DVD on May 21, 2005 and peaked at number 13 in the weekly Oricon chart, remaining in the list for 5 weeks.


12786 304525349653654 62443033 n

Amane and her friends on their shoplifting spree.

Four years after an alternate ending to the series, in which Blade seals the Joker, the characters have moved on with their lives: Kenzaki is a garbage man, Mutsuki has graduated high school, and Kotaro has published a book about the Kamen Riders to great success, but on Amane's upcoming birthday, it was revealed that she has become a delinquent without the emotional support of Hajime. The Undead have been re-released, and a new trio of Kamen Riders—Glaive, Larc and Lance—have emerged from BOARD, now led by Tachibana. After recapturing two of the Category Aces, Kenzaki and Mutsuki join with the new Riders. When all the Undead are sealed once more, Glaive reveals himself to be the Albino Joker, a white version of the original Joker, and captures Kotaro's niece to obtain the ultimate power, sealing her in the Vanity Card. In order to free Amane from the card, Hajime is unsealed from the Joker Card and the four Riders are again united, intent on saving Amane and stopping the Albino Joker. In the end, Hajime swaps his life for Amane in the Vanity Card and allows himself to be destroyed by Blade to weaken Jashin 14. Blade uses his King Form to cut Jashin 14 in half, putting an end to the Undead.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Blade Kazuma Kenzaki
Kamen Rider Garren Sakuya Tachibana
Kamen Rider Chalice Hajime Aikawa
Kamen Rider Leangle Mutsuki Kamijo
Kamen Rider Glaive Junichi Shimura
Kamen Rider Larc Natsumi Miwa
Kamen Rider Lance Shin Magaki



Guest actors

Suit actors


Theme song

    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition: Miki Fushisue
    • Composition: RIDER CHIPS & Cher Watanabe
    • Artist: RIDER CHIPS featuring Ricky

After his performance in "ELEMENTS," Ricky was made RIDER CHIPS' permanent vocalist.


  • This movie features the first appearance of Blade's King Form, which would debut on the series in episode 34.
  • The director's cut of Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace was also shown as part of the Super Hero Max 2012Icon-crosswiki special event on TV Asahi. [1]
  • This is the second summer film to be premiere in September. The first summer film is Agito: Project G4.
  • Even though Albino Joker appeared in Kamen Rider: Battride War, replacing Joker as recurring boss in post-Riders Awakening Act, Blade's fight with Glaive/Albino Joker & Joker's fight with Albino Joker is featured in Kamen Rider: Battride War II.


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