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Kamen Rider Blade The Movie: Missing Ace (劇場版 仮面ライダー剣[ブレイド] MISSING ACE[ミッシングエース] Gekijōban Kamen Raidā Bureido Misshingu Ēsu, Masked Rider ♠: Missing Ace) is a Japanese superhero film that serves as the Summer Movie adpatation of Kamen Rider Blade, double-billed with Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger The Movie: Full Blast ActionIcon-crosswiki.png. The film takes place four years following an alternate ending to the series.

The movie catchphrases are "The story goes to the future--. Witness the final battle!" (物語は未来へーー。最終戦闘[バトル]を目撃せよ! Monogatari wa Mirai e--. Saishū batoru wo mokugeki seyo!) and "Next Generation Riders Appear!!" (次世代ライダー登場‼ Jisedai Raidā Tōjō!!).


Amane and her friends on their shoplifting spree.

Four years after an alternate ending to the series, in which Blade seals the Joker, the characters have moved on with their lives: Kenzaki is a garbage man, Mutsuki has graduated high school, and Kotaro has published a book about the Kamen Riders to great success, but on Amane's upcoming birthday, it was revealed that she has become a delinquent without the emotional support of Hajime. The Undead have been re-released, and a new trio of Kamen Riders—Glaive, Larc and Lance—have emerged from BOARD, now led by Tachibana. After recapturing two of the Category Aces, Kenzaki and Mutsuki join with the new Riders. When all the Undead are sealed once more, Glaive reveals himself to be the Albino Joker, a white version of the original Joker, and captures Kotaro's niece to obtain the ultimate power, sealing her in the Vanity Card. In order to free Amane from the card, Hajime is unsealed from the Joker Card and the four Riders are again united, intent on saving Amane and stopping the Albino Joker. In the end, Hajime swaps his life for Amane in the Vanity Card and allows himself to be destroyed by Blade to weaken Jashin 14. Blade uses his King Form to cut Jashin 14 in half, putting an end to the Undead.

Continuity and Placement

This movie, while mostly taking place 4 years after the end of the series, begins at the very end of the Battle Royale; where, like in series, the final battle is between Kenzaki and Hajime/Joker. However, due to several matters regarding the conclusion of the Battle Royale which are interpreted in a different way (the factor that it was the Human Undead who won the last Battle Royale, not "humanity" as stated; the nature of the Sealing Stone and, most importantly, that allowing the Joker to be the final Undead technically means he won and thus would activate the "end of the world" scenario of the series' final two episodes), this does not take place in the main series' continuity. Other element of note include the resealing of the Spider Undead, where its sealing here merely recreates the "improperly sealed" card that lead to Leangle's possession of Mutsuki; as well as the King-Level Undead seen released in this film (Girafa & Tarantula) both act like normal monsters instead of the higher, more sophisticated Undead according to their rank.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Blade Kazuma Kenzaki
Kamen Rider Garren Sakuya Tachibana
Kamen Rider Chalice Hajime Aikawa
Kamen Rider Leangle Mutsuki Kamijo
Kamen Rider Glaive Junichi Shimura
Kamen Rider Larc Natsumi Miwa
Kamen Rider Lance Shin Magaki



Albino Joker Junichi Shimura



Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Rouse Cards

  • Cards Used:
    • Blade
      • Change Beetle, Kick Locust, Thunder Deer, Mach Jaguar, Absorb Capricorn, Fusion Eagle, Evolution Caucasus
    • Garren
      • Change Stag, Absorb Serpent, Fusion Peacock, Bullet Armadillo, Rapid Pecker, Fire Fly
    • Leangle
      • Change Spider, Blizzard Polar, Remote Tapir, Float Dragonfly
    • Chalice
      • Change Mantis, Float Dragonfly, Drill Shell, Tornado Hawk
    • Lance
      • Change Kerberos, Mighty Impact
    • Larc
      • Change Kerberos, Mighty Ray
    • Glaive
      • Change Kerberos, Mighty Gravity
  • Form Used:
    • Blade
      • Blade, Jack Form, King Form
    • Garren
      • Garren, Jack Form


Theme song

    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition: Miki Fushisue
    • Composition: RIDER CHIPS & Cher Watanabe
    • Artist: RIDER CHIPS featuring Ricky

After his performance in "ELEMENTS," Ricky was made RIDER CHIPS' permanent vocalist.


  • This movie features the first appearance of Blade's King Form, which would debut on the series in episode 34.
  • The director's cut of Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace was also shown as part of the Super Hero Max 2012Icon-crosswiki.png special event on TV Asahi. [1]
  • This is the second summer film to be premiere in September. The first summer film is Agito: Project G4.
  • Though only by one week, this is the first and one of the only summer movies to have had its theme song debut elsewhere before the movie was released, as ELEMENTS was first featured in the 31st episode of Blade on September 5th 2004, while the movie was released on the 11th. This is ignoring remixes of opening themes used for movie themes, as the same version of ELEMENTS was used in both places.
  • Due to the movie advancing four years from the timeline of the TV show, Amane Kurihara appears as a teenager as opposed to a child. The older Amane was portrayed by Miku Ishida, while Hikari Kujiwara, Amane's TV actor, only appeared in photographs. Kujiwara would later reprise her role as a much older Amane 14 years later in Kamen Rider Zi-O, by then having grown into the appropriate age.
  • Even though Albino Joker appeared in Kamen Rider: Battride War, replacing Joker as a recurring boss in the post-Riders Awakening Act, Blade's fight with Glaive/Albino Joker & Joker's fight with Albino Joker is featured in Kamen Rider: Battride War II.
  • This is the only summer film that have two directors filming the movie.
  • Notably, the unsealed Undeads (aside from Hajime) that appeared in this movie were completely out of character in comparison to the original series, being reduced to nothing more than feral monsters that subordinated themselves to the Albino Joker.
    • This is likely because they were unsealed through unnatural means, with Hajime proving an exception due to being released by the Tapir Undead's powers.
  • It is unknown how Kenzaki managed to obtain the Evolution Caucasus Rouse Card to access King Form, since it was combined together with the other 3 Evolution Rouse Cards to form the Vanity Card.
    • It is possible that when Hajime sacrificed himself to save Amane, the Evolution Caucasus card was replaced by Joker, while the human sacrifice was fulfilled by Hajime's human side (that being the essence of the Human Undead). This most likely alludes to the joker in playing cards sometimes being used as a wild card in various card games.
    • Another possibility is that when Hajime was sacrificed and destroyed by Blade, the Vanity Card was destroyed and split back into the 4 Evolution King Rouse Cards again.


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