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Kamen Rider Blade: Blade vs. Blade (仮面ライダー剣(ブレイド) ブレイドVSブレイド Kamen Raidā Bureido: Bureido Buiesu Bureido) is a Hyper Battle Video, wherein a Trial-series cyborg pretends to be Kenzaki, who quickly discovers the fraud and fights him. During their battle, the other Riders bicker humorously about which Blade is the fake, which constantly results in their attacking the real Kenzaki. As with all Hyper Battle Videos, this serves to explain in detail the Rider's various powers and abilities.

Continuity & Placement

  • As Mutsuki appears to be freed from Spider Undead's control and also due to the circumstances of later episodes, this special should take place between episodes 42 and 43.
    • However, the Rouse Cards shown during the credits sequence seem to contradict this, as Leangle's Change Rouse Card is still in its original form, and his Absorb Rouse Card is still shown as a Blank.


Jack & King Blade

Jack & King Blade

The special starts with Kotaro writing his book chronicling the tales of the Kamen Rider. Kenzaki walks in and then leaves and just as soon, another Kenzaki enters, which is revealed to be a Trial E disguised as Kenzaki. Something is different about this Kenzaki though, he clones the Blade belt and card just as Kotarou notices that this isn't the real Kenzaki. This leads to a battle where the two fellow human riders must decide which rider is the clone and which is the real Blade. This is followed in by humorous moments in which Tachibana mistakes one of Kenzaki's traits to be that of the clone, then mistakenly shooting him in the rear with the Garren Rouzer, as well as Mutsuki comically hitting Kenzaki over the head with the Leangle Rouzer. In the end, Hajime arrives and uses some smart thinking to find out who the real Kenzaki. This allowed Mutsuki and Tachibana to give Kenzaki their trump cards to defeat his opponent as both Jack Form and King Form.


Kamen Rides

Kamen Rider Blade
Kazuma Kenzaki



Fake Blade Trial E

Forms and Rouse cards Used

  • Rouse Cards used:
    • Blade:
      • Change , Beat, Remote , Gemini , Absorb , Fusion , Evolution , Thunder, Slash
    • Imitation Blade:
      • Change , Metal Trilobite, Tackle
  • Form Used:
  • Blade
    • Ace Form,Jack Form,King Form
  • Imitation Blade
    • Ace Form



KRBlade Closing Screen HBV

Ace of Spades: Change Beetle (King Form)

  • Closing Screen Rouse Card: Change Beetle (King Form)
  • The fake Kenzaki wears a scarf, even in Rider form, something that has not been seen since Kamen Rider ZX.
  • In the Showa Era Kamen Rider Series, doppelganger Riders were distinguishable by having scarves that were a different color from the real Rider.
  • It is unknown how Tachibana and Mutsuki managed to use their respective Rouzers when they were not transformed.
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