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Kamen Rider Battle Rush (仮面ライダーバトルラッシュ Kamen Raidā Batoru Rasshu) is a Bandai Namco mobile game available on the Android and iOS platforms.However,the game have ended services after 27 June,2019


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Battle Rush Gameplay.jpg

Your riders automatically will run towards the right and attack any enemies in the way. You start with your leader and can summon additional riders when you accumulate enough (?), you can re-summon defeated riders this way, as well as heal already summoned riders. Once you summon all your riders, you activate Battle Rush which does (?) and changes the background music. Summoned riders accumulate (?) which can be used to perform a "final ride", which can be executed with multiple riders at once, as long as they all have enough (?). Defeating enemies causes clusters of (?) to drop, which helps you pull off final ride faster. A battle ends when your riders defeat each wave of enemies or your tank(?) is destroyed. You can have up to seven rider cards at once and a one-time use card from someone on your friend list which will automatically use its final ride.

As with Kamen Rider Storm Heroes, all alternate forms are separate characters and some riders and villains have multiple versions based on their attack type (fist/blunt(?), sword/slash(?) and gun). Unlike Storm Heroes however, riders of three stars and up have final rides while one and two star riders do not.

Mission List

Translations :

  • ライダーキャリアがノーダメージ = Rider Carrier not damaged
  • 3分以内にバトルクリア = Battle cleared within 3 minutes
  • 一度も撃破されずにクリア = Clear the battle even once without being defeated
  • 援軍なしでバトルクリア = Battle cleared without using reinforcement (friends/another players)

Kamen Riders

Guest Characters



Rider Gashat

―Activation Announcement[src]

Level 1 transformation announcement[src]

Level 2 transformation announcement[src]

Level 3 transformation announcement[src]

Kimewaza Slot Holder Finisher Announcement[src]

"TBA Critical Finish! (Ganbarizing!)"
―Weapons Finisher Announcement[src]

Gashacon Key Slasher Finisher Announcement [src]

Mighty Action X Gashat (Battle Rush Design ver.)

The Mighty Action X Gashat (Battle Rush Design ver.) (マイティアクションXガシャット (バトルラッシュデザインVer.) Maiti Akushon Ekusu Gashatto Batoru Rasshu Dezain Ver.) is a variant of the Mighty Action X Gashat with the Battle Rush game cover on the Gashat cover. The sounds are identical to the Mighty Action X Gashat, the only difference being the artwork - as the “design” part implies.


Rush N' Crash - Kamen Rider Girls


  • As all the riders are cards, a device similar to the Decadriver is used to summon them.
    • When a final attack is activated, you slot your cards in the the device and it then emits translucent sky blue logos similar to those seen on the K-Touch in chronological order, regardless of which order you inserted the cards. This use of chronological order is similar to the K-Touch's activation codes.

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