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A New Transformation (新たなる変身 Aratanaru Henshin) is a TV Special for Kamen Rider Agito that originally aired on October 1, 2001 (between episodes 35 and 36). The special features all three Riders plus the first appearances of G3 Mild & Agito Shining Form.


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Continuity and Placement

  • The special takes place between the scene before and after the opening theme of episode 35.
  • There is a difference concerning the series' plot and the special's plot. In the special, Tōru Hōjō finds out the truth about Shouichi's identity by eavesdropping a conversation between him and Professor Kunieda, as he stands behind a window and listens to them. In the series, however, Hōjō ambushes Agito as he flees from the battle scene and sees as he reverts back to Shouichi, ultimately arresting him. It is possible, however, that he did not believe Shouichi in his conversation without physical evidence.


Shouichi encounters his old friend and caretaker Dr. Higashi Kunieda. Dr. Kunieda, a friend of Yoshihiko Misugi, took care of him while he was hospitalized with Amnesia.

After catching up on a year of separation Shouichi abruptly leaves to house to fight an Unknown as Agito Burning Form. Unfortunately, after the Unknown flees Shouichi loses control of himself and attacks Dr. Kunieda, who followed Shoucihi and watched him transform. Dr. Kunieda managed to calm him down but Shouichi becomes to afraid of himself and runs away.

Dr. Kunieda catches up to Shouichi and tells Shouichi that his son committed suicide a half year ago because he could not handle his slow transformation into Agito. Dr. Kunieda tells Shouichi to not lose hope and that "eventually the sky will be clear". Shouichi senses the Unknown and goes to fight with a new found confidence.

All four Riders fight against the Beetle Lord and despite their combined powers cannot defeat it. Agito, in Burning Form, looks up to see a clear blue sky, harnesses the power of the sun, and transcends to Shining Form. Agito, in Shining Form, single handedly defeats the Beetle Lord.

The story ends on a cliffhanger with a mysterious girl going into the G-trailer and stealing data on the G4 project, the events of this would be continued in the movie.


Guest Star

Forms Used

  • Agito - Ground Form, Burning Form, Shining Form
  • G3 - G3-X (Makoto Hikawa), G3 Mild (Takahiro Omuro)
  • Gills


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