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The Kamen Rider Agito Art Archives Icon (仮面ライダーアギトアートアーカイブスイコン画 Kamen Raidā Agito Āto Ākaibusu Aikon-ga) is a religious painting seen in the show's opening sequence. It told a story about the Lords and the Agitos.[1]


The painting in the second opening scene.

At the top of the painting is the Overlord with seven El Lords and 10 Lords, staring at a paradise where humans and animals live together. But only the Overlord of Light turned back.

In the middle, one of an El Lord giving a baby to humans, but they are surrounded by two armies — humans (some of them are Gills) and Lords are at war.

In the bottom, Overlord of Light was stabbed by a sword and died while other six El Lords created a tsunami presumably to kill the servants of the Overlord of Light. Some humans were sitting in a boat. On the shore, Agito Flame Form and G3 are holding some peoples' hands and walking.[2]

Behind the Scenes

  • This painting was drawn by students at Tama Art University.
    • The inspiration was from Dante's Inferno.
    • The actual original painting is 434mm in height by 314mm in width.


Agito Backdrop.JPG


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