This article is about a/an novel in Kamen Rider Agito.

Kamen Rider Agito (小説 仮面ライダーアギト Shōsetsu Kamen Raidā Agito), written by Naohiro Okamura under the supervision of Toshiki Inoue, is part of a series of spin-off novel adaptations of the Heisei Era Kamen Riders. The novel is a reimagining of the series. Mainly, it focuses more on Mana Kazaya, the OverLord of Darkness and Light are not mentioned, Akatsuki is now a village instead of a ship. Shouichi and Hikawa are involved in the Akatsuki incident and Shouichi lost his memories after fighting a mysterious creature (which could possibly be the El of the Water), the G3 System is originally created to fight the Lords/Unknown, not the Gurongi/Unidentified Life Form. Taichi does not exist in the novel, like the series, the novel has some comedy and serious moments, the ending is a "the adventure continues" kind of thing. Although the battle with the Lords still continue, the novel ends on an upbeat note.

The novel was released on January 13, 2013.