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Kamen Rider 913 (仮面ライダー913 [カイザ] Kamen Raidā Kaiza) is a manga adaptation of Kamen Rider 555 focusing on the character Masato Kusaka, written by the veteran tokusatsu writer Toshiki Inoue.[1]

Continuity and Placement

  • The story is a rewrite of the Kaixa Gear arc of the Kamen Rider 555 TV series.
    • Chapter 2 can be seen as equivalent to Episode 5, where Mari visited Smart Brain and encountering the Squid Orphnoch. However, the ending was changed as Masato transformed and saved Mari, revealing his identity and directly jumps into Kaixa Gear Arc.

List of Volumes

Image Vol No. Chapters Release Date ISBN #


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Kaixa HigashinoNishijimaMayuMasato Kusaka
Kamen Rider Faiz
Takumi Inui



  • The manga was first announced in September 13th, 2019, which is a meme holiday many Kamen Rider fans on the internet partake to celebrate Masato Kusaka's character called "Kaixa Day", based on the Kaixa Phone's transformation key code (9-1-3).


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