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The Kamen Rider 35th Anniversary was commemorated in 2006, which saw the broadcast of Kamen Rider Kabuto following the conclusion of Kamen Rider Hibiki. It was concurrent with the Super Sentai 30th AnniversaryIcon-crosswiki.
  • 35th Masked Rider Anniversary File was attached to several episodes of Kabuto.
  • In-universe, the Masked Rider System was said to have started on April 3rd of 1971, the premiere date of the original series.
  • The grasshopper-themed Hell Brother Riders aesthetically evoke the original Double Riders.
  • Many of the Kabuto Riders, aside from Sasword, ZECT Troopers and the movie exclusives, were based on insect motifs of past Kamen Riders. Kabuto (Japanese Rhino Beetle/Stronger), Gatack (Stag Beetle/Kuuga), Drake (Dragonfly/V3) and TheBee (Apocrita insect suborder/Super-1).
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