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Kamata (鎌田) is Kamen Rider Abyss (仮面ライダーアビス, Kamen Raidā Abisu), a fictional character in the 2009 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Decade.


Kamen Rider Decade

World of Ryuki

Kamata attempts to use his Undead powers to kill Reiko.

Kamata is actually the Paradoxa Undead (パラドキサアンデッド, Paradokisa Andeddo), a Category King Undead who was brought into Ryuki's World by Narutaki. Assuming the guise of sub-chief editor of the Atashi Journal appeared to support Tsukasa and company in their investigation the scene of chief editor Reiko Momoi's murder to clear Natsumi Hikari, helping provide whatever info he could before he and Tsukasa are summoned to join the Kamen Rider Trial in the Mirror World. When Imperer interferes in the fight, Abyss decides to take advantage of this turn of events to see Decade's abilities, overseeing the later fight between Decade and Knight before attempting to take them and Ryuki out. But once Ren acquires the Time Vent from Odin, Shinji uses it so he and Tsukasa can stop Reiko's murder, learning that Kamata is the culprit, using his Undead powers to kill Reiko. After being defeated by Decade and Ryuki, with his deck shattered, Kamata's true nature as an Undead is revealed by Narutaki who takes him back to his home: Blade's World.Battle Trial: Ryuki World Super Trick of the Real Criminal

World of Blade

Kamata as the chairman of the BOARD Corporation.

Kamata returns to the World of Blade where he works with Hajime in a plot to take over the world as the chairman of the BOARD Corporation. Kamata arrives and attacks them as the Paradoxa Undead. As Decade battles the Paradoxa Undead with the Capricorn Undead backing him up, Kazuma becomes Blade and fights Garren and Leangle. However, both fights are interrupted with the appearance of Kamen Rider Chalice, who takes the Blay Buckle off of Kazuma and takes out the other Riders before fighting Decade one-on-one. Decade continues his fight with Chalice, with Garren losing his Garren Buckle in the process. The fight comes to a sudden halt when Kamen Rider Todoroki shows up. Back at BOARD, Hishigata is demoted to Rank 3 while Kazuma is fired from BOARD,later Kazuma and Yusuke arrive too late to save Hishigata and Mutsuki as Hajime uses the created card from the Rider Systems to become the Joker, revealing his reasons to Kazuma. Decade arrives as Ryuki with the Blay Buckle and gives Kazuma the resolve to fight back. Once Kazuma becomes Blade, he and Decade destroy the two Undead together. Welcome to the Blade Restaurant Blade Blade

World of the Rider War


In the World of the Rider War, a copy of the Paradoxa Undead was created by Super Apollogeist by combining Undead. This Paradoxa Undead is destroyed by Kiva. Destroyer of Worlds

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

A mishap caused by the Greeed Ankh unintentionally altered the timeline which enabled Shocker to utilize the Core Medal to create the Shocker Greeed which defeated the Double Riders and seemingly erased the legacy of the Kamen Riders from history. In 2011, after Kamen Rider New Den-O's attempt to repair the damage, he along with Kamen Rider OOO and M-Ankh awaited execution. However, it was revealed the Double Riders had their brainwashing removed by a Shocker scientist,Paradoxa Undead and other monsters and Kamen Riders come back,later he is seen among Tiger Orphnoch fighting Decade.

Kamen Rider Wizard

The Kamen Rider Rings

The Paradoxa Undead and Capricorn Undead's fight Decade (as seen in Welcome to the Blade Restaurant) was shown in a recollection by Amadum as he explained the nature of his world as a paradise for monsters destroyed by the Kamen Riders. The Paradoxa Undead also appears in the world within the Magic Stone proper. The Kamen Rider Rings

Neverending Story

It was among the monsters whom were destroyed by a combination of Blade's Lightning Slash, OOO's OOO Bash and Agito's Rider Kick. Neverending Story

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride

Kamen Rider Abyss card

Kamen Rider Abyss appears as a playable character in this video game Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride.

Kamen Rider Riderbout

Kamen Rider Abyss and Paradoxa Undead appears as a playable character with the other Heisei and Showa kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Riderbout.

Kamen Rider Break Joker

Kamen Rider Abyss Break Joker card

Kamen Rider Abyss appears as a playable character with other Riders and monsters in Kamen Rider Break Joker.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Kamen Rider Abyss Medal

Kamen Rider Abyss is a playable character in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.

Masked Rider Expansion

Kamen Rider Abyss Masked Rider Expansion card

Kamen Rider Abyss as a playable character in this trading card game with other Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Heisei-Era , Showa-Era,super sentai, Metal Heroes and other Heroes.


Kamen Rider Abyss

Kamen Rider Abyss

Rider Statistics:[1]

  • Rider height: 187 cm
  • Rider weight: 92 kg

Ability Parameters:[1]

  • Punching power: 200 AP (10 t)
  • Kicking power: 300 AP (15 t)
  • Maximum jump height: 30 m
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m per 5 seconds

Special Abilities:

  • Advent: Abysslasher: 5000 AP (250 t)
  • Abyss Saber: 3000 AP (150 t)
  • Abyss Claw: 3000 AP (150 t)
  • Abyss Dive: 7000 AP (350 t)

Kamata can transform into Kamen Rider Abyss using his Advent Deck and V Buckle upon forming a contract with Abysslasher. Abyss also has an additional contract with Abysshammer. His Visor, the Abyssvisor (アビスバイザー, Abisu Baizā), is mounted on his left arm. Abyss' punching power, kicking power, and running speed are identical to Raia's, while his jump height is lower.

Through the use of his Sword Vent Advent Card, Abyss can arm himself with the Abyss Saber (アビスセイバー, Abisu Seibā), Abysslasher's pair of swords. His Strike Vent arms him with the Abyss Claw (アビスクロー, Abisu Kurō), a gauntlet capable of firing high-pressure streams of water Abyss Smash (アビススマッシュ, Abisu Sumasshu) that is derived from Abysslasher's head.

By using his Final Vent, Abyss can execute the Abyss Dive, which combines Abysslasher and Abysshammer into Abyssodon (アビソドン, Abisodon).

Appearances: Decade Episodes 6-7

Paradoxa Undead

Paradoxa Undead

The Paradoxa Undead is the King of Hearts Undead. He is able to create a blade-like wind from his forearm to kill his target.

  • Height: 227 cm[1]
  • Weight: 127 kg[1]
Appearances: Decade Episodes 8-9, 31

Contract Monsters


  • Advent Deck - Transformation device and Advent Card holder
  • V Buckle - Transformation belt
  • Advent Cards - Trinkets that enable a Rider to summon Contract Monsters, access equipment, and use special abilities
  • Abyssvisor - Abyss's Visor that enables him to use Advent Cards

Rouse Card

Evolution Paradoxa

  • Suit: Heart (♥)
  • Category: King (K)
  • Effect name: EVOLUTION
  • Card name: Evolution Paradoxa (エボリューション・パラドキサ, Eboryūshon Paradokisa)
  • Consumption points: EP +2800

Rider Card

KamenRide: Abyss

"Kamen Ride: Abyss"
―DX NeoDiendriver summoning announcement[src]

KamenRide: Abyss (仮面ライダーアビス, Kamen Raidā Abisu): A Rider Card containing the power of Kamen Rider Abyss. Used by Diend to summon Kamen Rider Abyss.

Behind the scenes


Kamata is portrayed by Masato Irie (入江 雅人, Irie Masato). As Kamen Rider Abyss, his suit actor was Eitoku (永徳, Eitoku), who later becomes the suit actor for Kamen Rider Diend.

Concept Art

Paradoxa Undead was designed by Yasushi Nirasawa (韮沢 靖, Nirasawa Yasushi).


  • In the music video for "Journey through the Decade", Gackt summons the Paradoxa Undead to fight Tsukasa. Gackt is also seen using the same killing technique used by Kamata against Tsukasa.
    • Also in the Journey through the Decade video when the Paradoxa Undead turns at around the 3 minute mark a heart with a K below it can be seen. 
  • He is the second and last Undead in the Royal Club of the Heart to not have a surname, preceded by Shinmei, the Wolf Undead.
  • The Paradoxa Undead was one of several Undead costumes which were used in a cameo in the OOO portion of Movie War Mega Max, where they were used to depict the obscured future monsters which attacked humanity in the future where Michal Minato comes from.
  • Despite being an Undead, the monsters from Kamen Rider Blade, Kamata's Pardoxa Undead form never existed in the series as the Blade series has shown Paradoxa sealed in its card.
  • Kamata is the only inhuman Rider that participated in Kamen Rider Trial.
  • Unlike other Riders to appear in the other iterations of reality in Decade, Abyss is original to the series and did not originally appear in Kamen Rider Ryuki, although his Contract Monsters, Abysshammer and Abyssslasher, did. However, Abyss would later appear in Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki as one of the Rider War candidates under a new user.
    • Amongst all of the Ryuki-style Riders, Abyss is unique in the way that his undersuit color is the same as his armor, whereas the original 13 Kamen Riders all had either black or a single unique color.
    • Just like the other Ryuki Riders, Kamata's death is considered ironic; he had committed murderous acts in two different A.R. Worlds, but his plots are backfired as he was defeated twice by Decade with the help of Ryuki and Blade.



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