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"Kaizoku Hassyar!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

"Kakueki Densya!"
―First tier charge announcement[src]

"Kyuukou Densya!"
―Second tier charge announcement[src]

"Kaisoku Densya!"
―Third tier charge announcement[src]

"Kaizoku Densya!"
―Fourth tier charge announcement[src]

―Tier 1-3 shot announcement[src]

―Final tier finisher announcement[src]

"Ready? Go! Pirate Finish! Ciao!"
―Summoning announcement via Evol-Driver[src]

The Departing Sailing Kaizoku Hassyar (出発出航 カイゾクハッシャー Shuppatsu Shukkō Kaizoku Hasshā) is a pirate and train-themed bladed bow-like weapon invented by Sento Kiryu and designed for Kamen Rider Build's KaizokuRessya Form. It is available to him in any form using the Kaizoku or Densya Fullbottles.


The Kaizoku Hassyar consists of the following parts:

  • Cutlass Anchor Edge (カトラスアンカーエッジ Katorasu Ankā Ejji) - A blade attached on the tip of the Hassyar. It is very sharp and is very effective in ripping or piercing attacks. Outside of combat, the blade is wrapped in a transparent protective shell, so it is safe to hold.
  • The Build Arrow (ビルドアロー号 Birudo Arō-gō) - A train type attacking unit. After pulling back the Build Arrow to the Train Home Charger, the user can shoot by simply releasing it.
  • The Build Ocean (ビルドオーシャン号 Birudo Ōshan-gō) - The unit where the Build Arrow's energy is discharged. Themed after a pirate ship.
  • Vortex Trigger (ボルテックトリガー Borutekku Torigā) - The trigger of the Hassyar. By timing correctly, the energy inside the Hassyar can be doubled.
  • Blade Grip (ブレイグリップ Burei Gurippu) - The grip of the Hassyar. The motion detecting system within it optimizes the Hassyar's own behavior at the time of the attack by analyzing the enemy's behavior, and the user's own habits.
  • Train Home Charger (トレインホームチャージャー Torein Hōmu Chājā) - The rear end of the bow. Supplies energy to the Build Arrow when it is pulled back. In addition, it also announces which level of power is going to be fired through the "- Densya" announcements.

Special Attacks

The Kaizoku Hassyar's shots can be charged by pulling back the Build Arrow and holding it before letting go. Charging the Kaizoku Hassyar escalates its shot through three of the four tiers. While performing any of these attacks, the Kaizoku Hassyar announces Shuppatsu (出発 lit. Departure).


The Kaizoku Hassyar's finisher is the Kaizoku Densya (海賊電車 lit. Pirate Train). It is performed by pulling back the Build Arrow and holding it until it reaches the final tier. While performing this finisher, the Kaizoku Hassyar announces Hassha (発射 lit. Fire). This finisher has three variations:

  • Build fires a green and azure energy train from the Kaizoku Hassyar that not only rams into the enemy, but shoots azure energy discs as well.
  • In KaizokuRessya Hazard Form, Build fires a large stream of green and blue energy.
  • MadRogue summons the Kaizoku Hassyar and fires a green and azure energy train that rams into the enemy several times.



  • The Kaizoku Hassyar's design resembles an anchor on its side.
  • As the Kaizoku Hassyar can function both as an energy bow and a melee weapon, it bears a similarity to the Sonic Arrow.
  • The Kaizoku Hassyar's full name is a play on "Shuppatsu Shinkō!" (出発進行 lit. "All aboard!"); this phrase is also used in the train-themed Ressha Sentai ToQgerIcon-crosswiki.png when the heroes go into battle.
    • The usage of a small train item in the track of the weapon is also similar to the ToQgers Team Arsenal, Renketsu BazookaIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • The Hassyar's official romanization may be a play on the classic pirate grunt, "yar!"
  • This was the first weapon built after Sento first transformed into its Best Match, though he'd previously predicted the Match and had drawn up ideas for the weapon.



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