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The Kaizoku Halfbody (海賊ハーフボディ Kaizoku Hāfubodi, lit. Pirate Halfbody) is a biotic A-Side Halfbody of Kamen Rider Build. Accessed through the Kaizoku Fullbottle, its Best Match is the Densha Halfbody.

In any form using the Kaizoku Fullbottle, Build wields the Kaizoku Hassyar.


  • Marine Head Armor (マリンヘッドアーマー Marin Heddo Āmā) - The azure head armor. When hit by an attack, it will undulate and sway (like a wave in the sea), absorbing and spreading the impact to reduce damage.
  • Left Eye Kaizoku (レフトアイ海賊 Refuto Ai Kaizoku) - The eyepiece. It identifies enemy attacks with excellent reaction speed, enabling quick evasion and counterattacks. A sonar function is installed to allow Build to find treasures hidden under the sea.
  • Skull Face Module (スカルフェイスモジュール Sukaru Feisu Mojūru) - Navigation support units installed within the the Left Eye Kaizoku. It identifies Build's position, the route to a certain destination and radar information. It also has a built-in function that temporarily strengthens the semicircular canal within the ears, preventing seasickness.
  • BLD Signal (BLDシグナル BLD Shigunaru) - A data collection device located on the forehead area. It not only collects combat data, but also performs emergency repairs on the body when necessary. Additionally, it can project any information holographically.
  • Marine Chest Armor (マリンチェストアーマー Marin Chesuto Āmā) - The azure chest armor. It is a vibration armor that when struck, it's surface will undulate and sway, absorbing and spreading the impact to reduce damage.
  • BLD Voyage Shoulder (BLDボヤージュショルダー BLD Boyāju Shorudā) - The shoulder. It is a ship bow-like unit that protects the shoulder. It contains six guns, can fire robust spheres (cannonballs) and shoot out a wired harpoon.
  • Multi Sail Mantle (マルチセイルマント Maruchi Seiru Manto) - The multifunctional cloak. It converts wind power into propulsion force, enabling aerial actions such as gliding, turning and accelerating. It has a built-in shape change function, allowing it to be used as a cast net to catch underwater enemies or a protective sheet.
  • Captain Rush Arm (キャプテンラッシュアーム Kyaputen Rasshu Āmu) - The right arm. It excels in continuous attacks mixed with feints, and can punch hard enough to break an opponent's defense.
  • BLD Pirate's Glove (BLDパイレーツグローブ BLD Pairētsu Gurōbu) - The right hand. It is good at handling weapons, and can attack enemies with a continuous attack that combines firing and slashing from the Kaizoku Hassyar.
  • BLD Unlimited Suit (BLDアンリミテッドスーツ BLD Anrimiteddo Sūtsu) - The shock-resistant bodysuit. Along with protecting the wearer’s body, there is a limiter installed that can be released to bring out full physical ability.
  • Captain Rush Leg (キャプテンラッシュレッグ Kyaputen Rasshu Reggu) - The left leg. It excels in continuous attacks mixed with feints, and can kick hard enough to break an opponent's defense.
  • Sea Cruise Shoe (シークルーズシューズ Shī Kurūzu Shūzu) - The left foot. It has excellent balance control, allowing the user to stand stably on shaky substances, such as ropes or ships. It can also run on the sea by using a water-based device located on the sole.
  • Densya Rush Leg (デンシャラッシュレッグ Densharasshureggu)



KRBu-Kaizoku Fullbottle

Kaizoku Fullbottle


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