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Kageto Banba (番場 影人 Banba Kageto) is a mysterious man who supports the Monster League and created the Zeebar. He uses a Zodiarts Switch to become the Hercules Zodiarts (ヘラクレス・ゾディアーツ Herakuresu Zodiatsu) which has the ability to use his Cosmic Energy to conjure Dustards like the Horoscopes, grants him superhuman strength, and is equipped with a club called the Tyrant (タイラント Tairanto).

Character History

He engaged in Gamou's study, the forced evolution of humans through Cosmic Energy, before he left Gamou in order to devote himself to the study of his psychic powers, planning to use a group of psychics he found for his own needs.

Ultimately, Banba was defeated by Saburo Kazeta once he awakened his Inazuman transformation, and was then arrested by Interpol agent Ryusei Sakuta, who destroyed his Zodiarts Switch.


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Hercules Zodiarts

Hercules Zodiarts

  • Height: 240 cm
  • Weight: 203 kg

Powers and Abilities


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Behind the scenes


Kageto Banba is portrayed by Toshiya Toyama (遠山 俊也 Toyama Toshiya). As the Hercules Zodiarts, his suit actor was Masashi Takada (高田 将司 Takada Masashi).



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