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"Those who oppose the heavens shall be eliminated!"
―Kamen Rider Fuma's declaration before battle[src]

Kagenari Nagumo (南雲 影成, Nagumo Kagenari) is the father of Madoka Hoshi and husband of Akemi Hoshi, who cooperates with Machina Vision to transfer humans into virtual reality to save his heavily ill daughter. He uses the Hurricane Ninja Gashat to transform into Kamen Rider Fuma (仮面ライダー風魔, Kamen Raidā Fūma).



Kagenari Nagumo was the husband of Akemi Hoshi and the biological father of Madoka Hoshi. He ran out from his family after his daughter was born and was in charge of the development of Hurricane Ninja at the game manufacturing company Machina Vision. Nagumo began cooperating with Johnny Makishima to integrate humanity into a virtual simulation to create an "eternal paradise".

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending

Kagenari Nagumo was given the Hurricane Ninja Gashat to transformed into a Kamen Rider Fuma. He led his Ninja Players to spread Hurricane Ninja's Bugster Virus onto many civillians, along with the majority of CR's Kamen Riders. Many of his victims' consiousness were sent to Hurricane Ninja's Game World, meant to be an "eternal paradise" for Madoka Hoshi to be happy in. However, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid manages to intervene and accesses Mighty Creator VRX to send his victims back to reality, except for Madoka who chose to stay behind.

Confronted by the Kamen Riders, he revealed Madoka is his illegitimate daughter and abandoned his family due to Madoka's frail health, desperately finding ways for her to survive in virtual reality. Kamen Rider Fuma continues to cooperate with Johnny Makishima as his boss evolves into Gamedeus Machina. After Hiiro Kagami succeeded with operating on Madoka, Nagumo rushed to his daughter's bedside and assures her to live. He was happy to see Madoka regaining consciousness safely, and the three family members were able to smile together in the real world.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Kamen Rider Fuma Medal

Kamen Rider Fuma is a playable character in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.



Seemingly merciless and unremorseful of his actions, in reality, he cared for his daughter and felt like becoming a Kamen Rider was the only way to save her life, going so far as to say the real world was 'meaningless' with her happy in the VR world. However, he felt ashamed to see her, as he left shortly after Madoka was born. This fear went to far as to have Hiiro be her father in the VR dreamworld so his daughter would not recognise him. Ultimately, however, after the defeat of Machina Gamedeus, he made amends with his wife and daughter, and helped his daughter through her treatment.


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Kamen Rider Fuma

Ninja Gamer

Ninja Gamer

"Gachan! Level Up! Makimaki! Tatsumaki! Hurricane Ninja!"
―Transformation Announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 205.0 cm[1]
  • Weight: 99.2 kg[1]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 76.2 t[1]
  • Kicking power: 84.5 t[1]
  • Maximum jump height: 72.0 m[1]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m per 1.3 sec.[1]

Ninja Gamer (ニンジャゲーマー, Ninja Gēmā) is Fuma's default form, accessed by inserting the Hurricane Ninja Gashat and pulling the lever on the Gamer Driver.

As Fuma, he possesses tremendous power, blowing far past Level 50 Riders, Poppy and losing to Genm Level X-0 only by small margins. However, he is easily outclassed by Cronus, Muteki Gamer and some Riders that possess Levels of 99 and 100.

Fuma has the ability to summon several Ninja Players in order to swarm his enemies.

Kamen Rider Fuma has the following parts:

  • FU Head-NIN (FUヘッド-NIN, FU Heddo-NIN) - Kamen Rider Fuma Ninja Gamer Head.
    • Eye Light Scope (アイライトスコープ, Ai Raito Sukōpu) - Kamen Rider Fuma's "eyes". It can emit light for night battles and can also capture images comparable to a high- speed camera. It can also observe microscopic Bugster Virus.
    • Kashira no Hachigane (カシラノハチガネ, Kashira no Hachigane, lit. 'Headband of Boss') - Kamen Rider Fuma's head armor. It can read the intention of the rider and control the actions of the Ninja Players.
    • Shinobi Ride Helm (シノビライドヘルム, Shinobi Raido Herumu) - Kamen Rider Fuma's "hair" on top of his helmet. It is modelled after the player character of Hurricane Ninja and is coated with a blast-resistant coating.
    • Manji Stall (マンジストール, Manji Sutōru) - An intake system within the helmet that filters out harmful substances in the air. It generates no heat when exhausting, making it stealthier than the intake systems of other riders.
    • Renjishi Hair (レンジシヘアー, Renjishi Heā, lit. 'Two Lions Hair') - Kamen Rider Fuma's "hair" flowing from his side of his head. It is sensitive to heat, and can maintain the search ability in the day and in the dark.
  • Kakure Life Guard (カクレライフガード, Kakure Raifu Gādo) - Kamen Rider Fuma's chest armor. It disperses damage throughout the body to protect the chest. It becomes more protective the lower the rider's health.
  • Ninja Gear Suit (ニンジャギアスーツ, Ninja Gia Sūtsu) - Kamen Rider Fuma's bodysuit. It increases the rider's physical capability by strenghtening the body. Metal carbon fibers are woven into the suit and offer excellent blade resistance.
  • Onmitsu Shoulder (オンミツショルダー, Onmitsu Shorudā, lit. 'Secret Shoulder') - Kamen Rider Fuma's shoulder armor. A vacuum layer reduces air resistance and increases action speed.
  • FU Growth Arm (FUグロウスアーム, FU Gurousu Āmu) - Kamen Rider Fuma's arms. It has a function called Gain Riser (ゲインライザー, Gein Raizā) that increases combat capabilities based on the rider's level and combat experience. The increased strength allows for powerful slashes with the Fuma Sōzantō.
  • Typhoon Slicer (タイフーンスライサー, Taifūn Suraisā) - Blades on Fuma's arms and legs. It increases the damage of attacks. They can be used to cut enemies while moving at high speeds.
  • Shadow Fight Glove (シャドーファイトグローブ, Shadō Faito Gurōbu) - Kamen Rider Fuma's gloves. It coordinates with the Gashapon weapons to optimize attacks. It can also throw a shuriken containing Bugster Virus by putting both palms together. Those who are infected are transported to a VR world.
  • FU Growth Leg (FUグロウスレッグ, FU Gurousu Reggu) - Kamen Rider Fuma's legs. It has a function called Gain Riser (ゲインライザー, Gein Raizā) that increases combat capabilities based on the rider's level and combat experience. Their increased strength enables high speed roundhouse kicks.
  • Shadow Fight Shoes (シャドーファイトシューズ, Shadō Faito Shūzu) - Kamen Rider Fuma's shoes. The built-in gyro mechanism and the sole that can change absorption power to emphasize lightness and quietness allow for 3-dimensional movement on the walls and ceilings.
  • Shinobuild Guard (シノビルドガード, Shinobirudo Gādo) - Kamen Rider Fuma's silver guard pieces. The heat resistance rises when exposed to heat, and it becomes more durable by changing the structure of parts according to the damage received.

His finisher is the Hurricane Critical Strike (ハリケーンクリティカルストライク, Harikēn Kuritikaru Sutoraiku): Fuuma empowers and spin his dual Kodachi before doing tornado-like slash at his enemy.

Appearances: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending





Behind the scenes


Kagenari Nagumo is portrayed by Yoshikuni Dōchin (堂珍 嘉邦, Dōchin Yoshikuni). As Kamen Rider Fuma, his suit actor is Kosuke Asai (浅井 宏輔, Asai Kōsuke).


  • Fuma's name is based on a ninja clan during the Sengoku era of feudal Japan.
    • His Fuma Sōzantō are similar to the Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru, the two signature weapons of Taki, a kunoichi from the Soulcalibur series. Likewise, Taki was raised and trained in the aforementioned Fuma ninja clan.
  • As a father who helps the evil group in order to save his child, he is similar to Ren Aoi.
    • Both of them also are movie-exclusive Riders with Japanese themed warrior motif, and finally understand the real feelings of their child.
  • Fuma is the only Ex-Aid Rider without a Gashacon Weapon as part of his arsenal.
  • Fuma is the first Rider to have a ninja motif since Kamen Rider ZX.
  • He is the only Ex-Aid rider to have a A.R. World counterpart, or otherwise.



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