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"Kaenken Rekka!"
―Emblem scanning/activation announcement[src]

"Rekka Battou! (Transformation announcement)!"
―Transformation announcement in Seiken Swordriver[src]

"Hissatsu Dokuha!"
―Finisher activation announcement[src]

"(Book name) Issatsu Geki! Fire!"
―Belt finisher execution announcement with one Wonder Ride Book[src]

"(Book names) Nisatsu Geki! F-F-Fire!"
―Belt finisher execution announcement with two Wonder Ride Books[src]

"(Book names) Sansatsu Geki! F-F-F-Fire!"
―Belt finisher execution announcement with three Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Rekka Battou! (Book name) Issatsu Giri! Fire!"
―Sword finisher execution announcement with one Wonder Ride Book[src]

"Rekka Battou! (Book names) Nisatsu Giri! F-F-Fire!"
―Sword finisher execution announcement with two Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Rekka Battou! (Book names) Sansatsu Giri! F-F-F-Fire!"
―Sword finisher execution announcement with three Wonder Ride Books[src]

"(Book name) Mm-hm!"
―Scanning announcement with one or two Wonder Ride Books[src]

"(Book name) Naruhodo, naruhodo!"
―Scanning announcement with three Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Shuutoku Issen!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning one Wonder Ride Book[src]

"Shuutoku Nisen!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning two Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Shuutoku Sansen!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning three Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Rekka Iai!"
―Finisher activation announcement with the Hissatsuholder[src]

"Dokugo Issen!"
―Finisher execution announcement with the Hissatsuholder[src]

"Special! Mm-hm-hm!"
―Scanning announcement with the Dragonic Booster or King Lion Booster[src]

"Kanzen Dokuha Issen!"
―Finisher execution after scanning the Dragonic Booster or King Lion Booster[src]

The Kaenken Rekka (火炎剣烈火[カエンケンレッカ] lit. "Flame Sword Raging Fire") is the transformation device and personal Seiken of Kamen Rider Saber.


Kaenken Rekka was the first manmade Seiken forged by a member of the Daishinji family. According to Tetsuo Daishinji, Rekka possesses unique powers that only those chosen by Rekka itself can wield. In the hands of its current wielder, Touma Kamiyama, Rekka has begun to evolve.


The Kaenken Rekka is composed of the following parts:

  • Seiken Swordbody[1] (聖剣ソード本体 Seiken Sōdohontai): The base of the sword.
  • Sword Grip (ソードグリップ Sōdo Gurippu): The handle.
  • Rekka Trigger (レッカトリガー Rekka Torigā): The trigger. It assists in initializing Rider Finishers.
  • Kaenken Rekka Emblem (火炎剣烈火エンブレム Kaenken Rekka Enburemu, lit. Flame Sword Raging Fire Emblem): The source of Rekka's flames.
  • Hiburizin (ヒブリジン Hiburijin, lit. Fire-swing Blade): The blade section. Being forged by holy flames over several years, the blade has the ability to generate flames to increase its striking power.
  • Rekka Soul (レッカソウル Rekka Sōru): The blade's base. With the wisdom blade, the user can learn and embody all the traditions written in the Wonder Ride Book from the Seiken Swordriver and the "Shingan Reader".
  • Shingan Reader (シンガンリーダー Shingan Rīdā): The reading device at the tip of the blade. By contacting the special speed-reading metal fitting Spireader on the back cover of the Wonder Ride Book, the user can read with speed. As a result, it becomes possible to temporarily hold all the power of the Wonder Ride Book's tale in the Seiken.



To transform, the user inserts one to three Wonder Ride Books into the corresponding slots on the belt and pulls out the sword.

When transforming into his base form, Brave Dragon, Saber appears in a library surrounded by flames. He performs two slashes in the form of an 'X' before a dragon released from the Wonder Ride Book circles him and forms armor, with the slashes forming the visor, completing the transformation. Transforming with more than one Wonder Ride Book results in other constructs being released from the additional books and forming special armor around the corresponding section of the body.


Due to Touma's resolve when seeing a human turning into a Megid, the Kaenken Rekka resonates its true power to separate both the Megid and its host.


Main article: Finisher (Saber)

There are five ways to activate a finisher with the Kaenken Rekka:

  1. Pulling the trigger on the sword twice while it's docked in the Swordriver.
  2. Pulling the trigger on the sword and pulling it out.
  3. Scanning up to three Wonder Ride Books on the sword's tip and pulling the trigger.
  4. Docking the sword into the left-hand Hissatsuholder, pulling the trigger, and pulling it back out.
  5. Scanning the Dragon Booster or King Lion Booster on the sword's tip and pulling the trigger.

  • Kaen Juujizan (火炎十字斬[カエンジュウジザン] lit. Flame Cross Slash): Has two variations.
    • Saber summons a red flaming dragon that circles the target before performing a series of repeated slashing attacks while bouncing off the dragon, rising up towards the sky in the process.
    • Saber delivers a fire-enhanced donward slash to the enemy.

  • Kaen Dohatsuten (火炎怒髪天 Kaen Dohatsu Ten, lit. Flame Infuriation): Saber stands the ground, and the enemy is sent floating, as Saber launches a volley of yellow needles, than a slash from on the Sword Crown, and a fiery dragon construct bites down on the enemy, destroying them.

  • Kaen Tatsumakizan (火炎竜巻斬[カエンタツマキザン] lit. Flame Tornado Slash): Saber holds Kaenken Rekka in reverse-grip fashion to summon a large tornado. Then, after turning Kaenken Rekka in proper-grip, he jumps into the tornado, igniting it to create a fiery whirlwind to destroy the targets.

  • Kaen Buhizan (火炎舞飛斬 Kaen Buhizan, lit. Flame Dance Flying Slash): Saber summons an apparition of Three Little Pigs that traps the enemy into a straw house they built in succession. Saber then deliver a diagonal upward slash, to summon a tornado that destroy the house and the enemy inside as well.

  • Bakuen Gurenzan (爆炎紅蓮斬[バクエングレンザン] lit. Burst Flame Crimson Slash): This attack has seven variations:
    • Saber delivers a flame-imbued slash along with a massive amount of fireballs to the enemy. The fireballs then merged in front of the enemy into a gigantic fireball before Saber added a last one that pushes the gigantic fireball to the enemy, thoroughly incinerating and exploding the enemy in question.
    • Saber delivers a flame enhanced slash to the enemy at close range.
    • With the Kaenken Rekka covered in fire, Saber delivers a series of three flying slashes to the enemy before delivering a slash that sends them crashing back to the ground.
    • Saber charges the Kaenken Rekka with fire and runs toward the opponent. However, instead of attacking, he slides past them, leaving behind a trail of fire on the ground and swings his sword, lauching multiple fireballs that home in on the enemy.
    • Saber created a fire tornado that envelops the enemy.
    • Saber charges the Kaenken Rekka with fire and launches a projectile fire slash at the enemy.
    • Saber delivers a large flaming slash to the enemy.

  • Kaen Melodyzan (火炎旋律斬[カエンメロディーザン] Kaen Merodīzan, lit. Flame Dance Melody Slash): Saber delivers a feint slash that that summons apparitions of the Town Musicians of Bremen. The donkey lands on the enemy, followed by the dog, cat and rooster, stacking on top of each other. Finally, the Brave Dragon lands on top, immobilizing the enemy. Saber then deliver a slash imbued with musical notes to the enemy before it is crushed by the animals.

  • Shinka Ryuuhazan (神火龍破斬 Shinka Ryūhazan, lit. God Fire Dragon Breaker Slash): Has two variations.
    • While riding the Brave Dragon, Saber delivers a supercharged, fire-enhanced slash.
    • Saber performs a horizontal slash enhanced by red energy.

  • Kaen Destroder (火炎・デストローダ Kaen Desutorōda, lit. Shattered Flame): Saber delivers a giant fireball to the enemy.

  • Crash Hissatsu Giri (クラッシュ必殺斬り):
    • Brave Dragon: Has two variations.
      • Saber summons Void Talon from the Primitive Dragon Wonder Ride Book that grabs and straggles the opponent closer before violently landing a powerful reverse-grip slash covered in powder blue and black energy, causing a deadly shockwave upon impact around surroundings. This attack is strong enough to cancel the transformation of any Riders within range.
      • Saber summons Void Talon from the Primitive Dragon Wonder Ride Book that grabs and straggles the opponent until their explode.
    • Lion Senki: Saber summons an evil version of Lion Senki that rams into the target, biting them until explodes.

  • Shinra Banshouzan (森羅万象斬 Lit. "Whole Creation Slash"): Has two variations.
    • Saber charges the Kaenken Rekka with fire before gathering all elements' power and delivering a single rainbow-colored slash to the enemy. This pushes the enemy a few meters away before destroying them.
    • Saber performs a downward slash with the Kaenken Rekka covered in fire.

  • Shutoku Issen (習得一閃 Shūtoku Issen, Lit. "Learning Flash"): Saber scans a Wonder Ride Book against the tip of the blade and performs an attack using its power.

The blade of the Kaenken Rekka manifest yellow energy quills before Saber delivers a slash that launches all the quills at any nearby enemies.

Saber creates a flaming tornado that envelops the enemy.

  • Hiryu Shugekiha (火龍蹴撃破[ヒリュウシュウゲキハ] lit. Flame Dragon Kicking Break)

  • Only seen in Ganbarizing. A ring of fire surrounds Saber and his opponent he then jumps in the air and performs a flying kick while flames surrounds his his right foot.

  • After taking to the air, Saber binds the enemy in a beanstalk-like vine as he descends to deliver a fire-enhanced kick. Once Saber hits the target, large green book-like constructs and a red fiery construct resembling the Kaenken Rekka are projected. Saber then descends further, not only increasing the power of the kick, but also making the sword projection pierce through the book projections.

  • Hiryu Dohatsuten (火龍怒髪天 Hiryū Dohatsu Ten, lit. Flame Dragon Infuriation) Dragon Hedgehog Peter: Saber summons a turquoise projection of a fairy that grabs and readies the Capture Hook before Saber swings them around numerous times. As he does so, Brave Dragon coats the fairy in a fiery aura. Saber then launches the fairy projection with the Capture Hook at the enemy. The fairy then grabs the enemy, pins it to the ground, and explodes into a mass of yellow hedgehog quills.

  • Gouryuu Shuureppa (轟龍蹴烈破 Gōryū Shūreppa, lit. Rumbling Dragon Kicking Break): Saber delivers a flying side kick enhanced by red energy, followed by another foot's kick.

  • Jouryuu Shingekiha (情龍神撃破 Jōryū Shingekiha, lit. Emotional Dragon Godly Wrath Break"): Red, purple, and gold lights emerge from the Emotional Dragon Wonder Ride Book, leaving behind trails of colored fire. Saber then jumps into the air and a giant projection of the Emotional Dragon Wonder Ride Book appears behind him. Three dragons emerge from the giant book and fly around Saber while he performs a flying kick covered in fire before combining into a single dragon made of fire positioned in front of his foot. When Saber strikes the enemy, it produces multicolored energy before he breaks through, causing the enemy to explode.

  • Ryuujin Tekkoudan (龍神鉄鋼弾 Ryūjin Tekkōdan, lit. Dragon God Steel Bullets): After jumping into the the air, Saber performs a supercharged, fire-enhanced kick.

  • Element Shuugekiha (五大元素蹴撃破[エレメントシュウゲキハ] Eremento (Godai Genso) Shūgekiha, lit. "Five Elements Kick Break"): Saber jumps into the air surrounded by multicolored energy and performs a flying kick with fire, water, and lightning covering his foot as well as wind and rocks circling his body.

  • Dragon Wonder (ドラゴン・ワンダー Doragon Wandā)
    • Brave Dragon: Has two variations.
      • Saber taps on the Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Book, surrounding his body with flames. He then delivers a fire-enhanced punch that launches a fiery dragon construct at the target.
      • Saber taps on the Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Book, surrounding his right fist with flames. He then launches Brave Dragon from his arm that homing at the enemy.
    • Crimson Dragon: Saber sends a stream of fire from his hand.

  • Hedgehog Wonder (ヘッジホッグ・ワンダー Heggihoggu Wandā): By pressing on the Needle Hedgehog Wonder Ride Book, Sabers traps enemy with the Capture Hook, then perform a red, blue and yellow colored slash, than the enemy is trapped in needles.

  • Saiyuu Wonder (西遊ワンダー Saiyū Wandā):
    • Saiyuu Dragon: Saber taps on the Saiyuu Journey Wonder Ride Book, summoning Sun Wukong's Flying Nimbus. He then leaps onto it and performs a series of high-speed attacks whilst riding on it.
    • Crimson Dragon: Saber extend the pole on his left gauntlet resembling Sun Wukong's Ruyi Jingu Bang to attack enemies from a distance.

  • Eagle Wonder (イーグル・ワンダー Īguru Wandā): Has three variations:
    • Saber slashes the enemy, creating a giant fire tornado that launches the opponent into the air.
    • Saber covers himself in a flaming tornado.
    • Saber creating a flaming tornado to attack the enemy.

  • King Slash (キングスラッシュ Kingu Surasshu): Saber makes two powerful cuts with the Kaenken Rekka and the Kingexcalibur.

  • Nisatsu Giri + Ikazuchi Iai: Saber makes two powerful slashes, enhanced by fire and electricity, with the Kaenken Rekka and the Raimeiken Ikazuchi.

  • Gouka Daikakumei/Shinka Ryuuhazan (豪火大革命/神火龍破斬 Gōka Daikakumei/Shinka Ryūhazan, lit. Strong Fire Grand Revolution/God Fire Dragon Breaker Slash): While invoking the spirit of Kamen Rider Espada, Saber delivers a double cross slash attack enhanced by red flames and yellow lightning.

  • Kougou Ryuuhazan (光剛龍破斬 Kōgō Ryūhazan, lit. Light Strong Dragon Breaker Slash): Saber delivers a double cross slash attack enhanced by red flames and gold light.

  • Gouka Daikakumei (豪火大革命 Gōka Daikakumei, lit. Strong Fire Grand Revolution): Has two variations.
    • Saber delivers a flaming horizontal slash to the enemy, causing a giant explosion.
    • Saber delivers a fire-enhanced slash to the target at close range, creating a red line.

  • King Lion Hissatsu Giri + Rekka Iai: Blades charges the Suiseiken Nagare with water and Kaenken Rekka with fire before launching two energy slashes colored blue and red, respectively. However, instead of striking the opponent, the clashing elements creates a bright flash of light that allows Blades to escape with an ally in a cloud of water vapor.

Behind the Scenes


The Kaenken Rekka is voiced by Akio Otsuka (大塚 明夫 Ōtsuka Akio), who has voiced various characters in Super Sentai, including Hades God DagonIcon-crosswiki.png in Mahou Sentai MagirangerIcon-crosswiki.png and Champ/Oushi BlackIcon-crosswiki.png in Uchu Sentai KyurangerIcon-crosswiki.png.

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