This article is about a/an Makamou in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

Kaengumo (カエングモ lit. "Flame Spider") is the he subspecies of Tsuchigumo where his body was completely covered with fire. His physical shape is the same as Yoroi Tsuchigumo, able to vomits flames from its mouth.

List of Kaengumo

Kaengumo of Nagatoro

  • Body length: 30 shaku (about 9m)
  • Body weight: 2000 kan (about 7.5 tons)

Kaengumo of Nagatoro (長瀞のカエングモ Nagatoro no Kaengumo): The only Kaengumo who made an appearance in the TV series. Appeared at Nagatoro during 'Orochi' event, Zanki ran off to fight, but was overwhelmed by the Bakeneko until Todoroki arrived. The two battle together for a final time and destroy Kaengumo with their Ongeki Finisher.

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