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"Henshin: Change Beetle!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Rider Beat!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Kabutick Zecters (カブティックゼクター Kabutikku Zekutā) are a set of movie-exclusive transformation items, allowing Tetsuki Yamato, Hidenari Oda, and Issei Kurosaki to transform into Kamen Riders Ketaros, Hercus, and Caucasus respectively. Unlike other Zecters, the Kabutick Riders can only transform into their rider forms, lacking access to the Masked forms of other Kabuto riders. 

In order to initiate the transformation, the Kabutick Zecter inserts itself onto the Rider Brace, forming the Transformation Brace Kabutick Zecters (変身ブレス カブティックゼクター Henshin Buresu Kabutikku Zekutā), and the user turns the Zecter so that it is in a straight line with his right arm. Turning the Kabutick Zecter 180 degrees allows the user to perform a Rider Beat. However, this is not the case for Caucasus, since his finisher makes use of a Hyper Zecter.


Behind the scenes


As with all the Zecters, the Kabutick Zecters' voices are provided by Surage Gajria (スラージ・ガジリア Surāji Gajiria).

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