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KAMEN RIDER: memory of heroez is a Japanese action-adventure video game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game features Kamen Riders Zero-One, OOO, Double, Joker, Accel, Birth and Birth·Proto Type as playable characters.[1]


memory of heroez is an action-adventure game played from a third person perspective. Players control either Zero-One, OOO, Double, Joker, Accel, or Birth, as they traverse through Sector City, and can freely switch between them at any time once unlocked outside of certain story restrictions.


The game utilizes a chain combat system not dissimilar from the Battride War series. There are three forms of attacking: weak attacks, strong attacks, and unique attacks. Rider Power (RP) essentially serves as stamina. Strong attacks, weak attacks, dodging, changing forms, and certain form-specific actions such as flying consume RP. If the RP gauge is fully exhausted it must be allowed to recharge, but dodging an enemy's attack at the right time and performing a counterattack replenishes it instantly. Each Rider is able to change between a number of forms, and may also perform a unique attack upon changing into a form at the cost of extra RP. In the Story Mode, all of Double and OOO's forms with the exception of their default forms are initially locked and only become available after certain story events.

Combat also builds up the EX gauge, which is three bars long. Using up two bars allows for the execution of finishing techniques, which are unique to each form. Riders can access their final forms with three full bars, which allows them to perform attacks without using RP. The Rider will stay in this form until the EX gauge runs out or its finishing attack is performed, which reverts the the Rider to their previous form with no EX left.

Stronger enemies and bosses feature a shield bar, which must be depleted in order in order to lower the enemy's health and will regenerate after a certain amount of time. Certain Rider forms, such as Doubles' forms using the Heat Gaia Memory, deal extra shield damage. Most bosses also feature a second phase, which they will enter once their initial health bar is defeated. This second phase is signified by a read aura and altered attack patterns.

Engaging in combat grants the player experience for leveling up Riders as well as Enemy Codes. The amount of experience and Enemy Codes granted is determined by the player's letter ranking in the battle, which goes up to SSS and is derived from their longest combo chain and the amount of damage they received. Enemy Codes can also be collected while exploring levels. They can be spent on Skill Gains, which upgrade a certain form's stats or allows certain attacks to be charged to higher levels. The available Skill Gains depend on the Rider's level. Enemy Codes can also be used to create Accelerators, which are equipped to a Rider to offer certain benefits. Designs for accelerators are granted upon examining signals detected by the Denden Sensor.

Support Gadgets

During exploration, the game features the usage of Memory Gadgets:

  • Denden Sensor: Allows the player to search for key items and undeveloped Accelerated Designs.
  • Frog Pod: Allows the player to pinpoint key locations.
  • Bat Shot: Retrieves items in high locations
  • Spider Shock: retrieves items in hard to reach locations and is used by Joker to scale a building in one mission

During battle, the game allows the usage of Candroids:

  • Tako: Stuns opponents with ink
  • Denkiunagi: Electrocutes enemies
  • Taka:
  • Kujaku:
  • Gorilla: Releases shockwaves

Game Modes

The game has two difficulty levels from the start: Beginner and Standard.

  • Story Mode: The game has a 10-hour story campaign. Completing it unlocks New Game+, allowing you to transfer everything you've unlocked into a new play-through. The Extreme difficulty level opens up, as well as new playable characters such as Kamen Rider Double FangJoker, and Kamen Rider OOO Burakawani Combo.
  • Survival Mode: The game has a survival mode in which you fight ten hordes of opponents.



The story takes place in Sector City, an island brimming with an unknown energy. It was once a well-known tourist area with many visitors every year... until the accident happened.

The Narumi Detective Office received a mysterious email, a request to look for a "Professor Aida". An initial investigation leads Shotaro to Sector City, where he encounters a mysterious warrior bearing the letter X.

Who is Professor Aida? And what happened during the accident?

Teaming up with OOO and Zero-One, the Kamen Riders work together in the name of justice to uncover this mystery. The battle for humanity against those who bring harm to it begins now.

Continuity and Placement

Although the game does not specify where it takes place in each of the series, there are possible placements.

  • Kamen Rider W: The game presumably takes place after Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel, but before the events of the Futo Tantei manga/Fuuto PI anime.
  • Kamen Rider OOO: Because Eiji is in possession of the broken Taka medal, the game either takes place before or after Heisei Generations FINAL, likely after given the presence of the X Guardians. However, it was not explained whether or not Eiji had the Foundation X medals in his possession. It is also not explained whether or not the Zeus medals he obtained in the game ran out of Core Energy in the aftermath.
  • Kamen Rider Zero-One: Because Aruto has access to Zero-Two and has mentioned Izu, the game possibly takes place after the series finale and before the REAL×TIME film. This is because the film takes place 3 months after the events of the series finale, allowing the placement of the game to fit in.


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Kamen Riders

Zero-One Memoryofheroez Form Roster.png

  • Kamen Rider Zero-One
    • Rising Hopper (default)
    • Flying Falcon
    • Shining Assault Hopper
    • MetalCluster Hopper
    • Kamen Rider Zero-Two (EX form)

OOO Memoryofheroez Form Roster.png

  • Kamen Rider OOO
    • Tatoba Combo (default)
    • Gatakiriba Combo
    • Lartorartar Combo[2]
    • Sagohzo Combo
    • Tajadol Combo
    • Shauta Combo
    • Burakawani Combo [3](Playable only in New Game+)
    • Mukachiri Combo[4]
    • Putotyra Combo (EX form)

Double Memoryofheroez Form Roster.png

Supporting Non-Playable Characters


These villains serve as the game's bosses.





Regular Enemies

Voice Cast

Forms and Collectables Used

Gaia Memories

  • Memory Used
    • Double
      • Soul - Cyclone, Heat, Luna, Xtreme, Fang (New Game+ Exclusive)
      • Body - Joker, Metal, Trigger, Xtreme
      • Other - Eternal (in Maximum Slot, cutscene exclusive)
    • Accel
      • Accel, Gaia Memory Adapter, Trial
    • Joker
      • Joker
    • Eternal
      • Eternal
  • Half Changes
    • CycloneJoker, CycloneMetal, CycloneTrigger, HeatJoker, HeatMetal, HeatTrigger, LunaJoker, LunaMetal, LunaTrigger, CycloneJokerXtreme, CycloneJokerGoldXtreme (cutscene exclusive), FangJoker (New Game+ exclusive)
  • Forms
    • Accel
      • Accel, AccelBooster, AccelTrial
    • Joker
      • Joker
    • Eternal (Boss exclusive)
      • Eternal (Boss exclusive)

Core Medals

  • Medals Used:
    • Head - Taka, Kuwagata, Lion, Sai, Shachi, Ptera, Mukade, Cobra (New Game+ exclusive)
    • Arms - Tora, Kamakiri, Gorilla, Unagi, Kajaku, Tricera, Hachi, Kame (New Game+ exclusive)
    • Legs - Batta, Cheetah, Zou, Tako, Condor, Tyranno, Ari, Wani (New Game+ exclusive)
  • Combos Used:
    • Tatoba Combo, Gatakiriba Combo, Latorartar Combo, Sagohzo Combo, Shauta Combo, Tajador Combo, Putotyra Combo, Mukachiri Combo, Burakawani Combo (New Game+ Exclusive)


  • Key Used:
    • Zero-One
      • Rising Hopper, Flying Falcon, Shining Assault Hopper, MetalCluster Hopper
    • Zero-Two
      • Zero-Two
  • Form Used:
    • Zero-One
      • Rising Hopper, Flying Falcon, Shining Assault Hopper, MetalCluster Hopper
    • Zero-Two
      • Zero-Two


The game was developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the same studio as previous titles. Development of the game began after the Battride War series was well received.

Producer Kentaro Matano mentions that Double, OOO, and Zero-One were specifically chosen to fill the game's roster as they embody the "genealogy of justice". Due to the heavy narrative elements within the game, all characters, (with the exception of Zero-One), are voiced by a new voice cast rather than their original actors to appropriately differentiate the game from the television series.

Matano was impressed by the direction of the film Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, and personally asked Koichi Sakamoto to direct the game.

As the game was made with older fans in mind, the title was specifically chosen to be written entirely in English.


Pre-order bonuses

The game was first announced with a trailer through a Bandai Namco livestream on July 23, 2020. The trailer also revealed pre-order bonuses, which included three special taunts (one for each Rider), and four additional equip items that increase experience points and Rider Power in battle, as well as the Premium Sound Edition.

Pre-orders for all editions of the game began on September 11, 2020[6]. The game launched simultaneously on October 29, 2020 in Japan, in Southeast Asia with English subtitles, in China with Traditional Chinese subtitles, and in South Korea with Korean subtitles.


The game's theme song is Over Again, performed by both Aya Kamiki and TAKUYA, who had previously performed theme music for Kamen Rider W.[7]

Premium Sound Edition

The Premium Sound Edition of the game includes over 60 additional tracks such as opening themes, insert songs, and customizable in-game BGM from W, OOO, and Zero-One. This edition also comes with a limited Digital Art Collection.

Opening Themes/Insert Songs
Background Music
  • Imamade no Double ha
  • Dai Tsuiseki
  • Panic World
  • Kyodaika
  • Dai Ransen
  • Hardboiled
  • Yogiri no Tantei
  • OOO the Story
  • Perfect Traveler
  • Henshin OOO
  • Joshi Gakusei Hina
  • Yokubou no Kyodaika
  • Dai Soudou
  • Shutsugen
  • Naniwa no Kokoroiki
  • Double Mecha
  • Shinjitsu
  • Oyassan
  • Kyuukyoku no Memoria
  • Unmei no Joker
  • Core Medal no Himitsu
  • Scanning Charge
  • Ani to Imouto
  • Hametsu he no Countdown
  • Hisou-na Hina
more coming soon


The PS4 version has 50 trophies associated with the game.

  • Total Conquest: Acquired all trophies.
  • Infiltrating the City Sector: Began investigating the City Sector.
  • Infiltrating the Forest Sector: Began investigating the Forest Sector.
  • Infiltrating the Water Purification Sector: Began investigating the Water Purification Sector.
  • Infiltrating the Harbor Sector: Began investigating the Harbor Sector.
  • Infiltrating the Waste Disposal Sector: Began investigating the Waste Disposal Sector.
  • Infiltrating the Desert Sector: Began investigating the Desert Sector.
  • Infiltrating the Swamp Sector: Began investigating the Swamp Sector.
  • Infiltrating the Refining Sector: Began investigating the Refining Sector.
  • Infiltrating the Wasteland Sector: Began investigating the Wasteland Sector.
  • Infiltrating the Center Tower: Began investigating the Center Tower.
  • Case Closed: Completed the entire story.
  • W Player: Used W for the first time.
  • OOO Player: Used OOO for the first time.
  • Zero-One Player: Used Zero-One for the first time
  • Accel Player: Used Accel for the first time.
  • Birth Player: Used Birth for the first time.
  • Proto Birth Player: Used Birth·Proto Type for the first time
  • Joker Player: Used Joker for the first time.
  • Fang Joker Player: Used Fang Joker for the first time
  • W the Mighty: Strengthened W to Max Level.
  • OOO the Mighty: Strengthened OOO to Max Level.
  • Zero-One the Mighty: Strengthened Zero-One to Max Level.
  • Accel the Mighty: Strengthened Accel to Max Level.
  • Birth the Mighty: Strengthened Birth to Max Level
  • Proto Birth the Mighty: Strengthened Birth·Proto Type to Max Level.
  • Joker the Mighty: Strengthened Joker to Max Level.
  • W's Awakening: Acquired all Skill Gains for W
  • OOO's Awakening: Acquired all Skill Gains for OOO.
  • Zero-One's Awakening: Acquired all Skill Gains for Zero-One.
  • Accel's Awakening: Acquired all Skill Gains for Accel.
  • Birth's Awakening: Acquired all Skill Gains for Birth.
  • Proto-Birth's Awakening: Acquired all Skill Gains for Birth·Proto Type.
  • Joker's Awakening: Acquired all Skill Gains for Joker
  • Fang Joker's Awakening: Acquired all Skill Gains for Fang Joker.
  • Form Chain Beginner:Used a Form Chain.
  • Form Chain Master: Used a Form Chain for the 100th time.
  • Battle Beginner: Achieved an evaluation of SSS in battle.
  • Battle Master: Achieved an evaluation of SSS in battle 100 time
  • Finishing Move Beginner: Used a Finishing Move.
  • Finishing Move Master: Used a Finishing Move with all Riders.
  • Counterattack Beginner: Used a counterattack.
  • Counterattack Master: Used a counterattack for the 100th time
  • Enemy Hunter: Defeated 1000 enemies.
  • Chain Master: Achieved a chain of 200.
  • Enemy Code Collector: Acquired a total of 100,000 Enemy Codes.
  • Beginner Searcher: Acquired 5 Accelerator blueprints.
  • Master Searcher: Acquired 20 Accelerator blueprints.
  • Beginner Developer: Developed an Accelerator.
  • Master Developer: Developed 20 Accelerators.


The Nintendo Switch version of Kamen Rider: Memory of Heroez sold 11,683 physical copies within its first week on sale in Japan, making it the eighth bestselling retail game of the week in the country. The PlayStation 4 version sold 9,286 physical copies in Japan throughout the same week.[8]


Producer Matano has expressed interest in making a follow-up installment of memory of heroez should it do well.


  • This is the first Kamen Rider console game since The Masked Rider: Kamen Rider ZO to have its main title be in English.
  • All characters are voiced by new cast members rather than their original television actors, with the exception of Fumiya Takahashi, due to a creative choice by the production team. [9]
    • Although Shu Watanabe does not reprise his role as Eiji Hino for this game, the game does include his vocal performances for various insert songs.
  • This is the first console game to be released since Kamen Rider: Climax Scramble, and the first to not feature the Rider of the series airing at the time of release.
  • The title logo of the game contains references to each of the game's three main riders.
    • The m in Kamen is the W in Kamen Rider W's logo, flipped upside-down.
    • The O Scanner is used for the D in Rider and the three Os in memory of heroez gleam the colors of Tatoba Combo.
    • The z in heroez represents Zero-One.

engraved in the Genealogy of Justice

  • The phrase engraved in the Genealogy of Justice in the first trailer of the game could be a reference to Kamen Rider: Seigi no Keifu.
  • This game features a theme song sung by both Aya Kamiki and TAKUYA, their first collaboration in 11 years since Kamen Rider W.
  • This game features the debut of Kamen Rider OOO Mukachiri Combo, which was a previously a toy-exclusive comb only featured in the CSM OOO Driver.[10]
  • Bandai announced a collaboration between their digital card game Zenonzard and Kamen Rider, releasing cards from Zero-One, OOO, and W exclusively. While not explicitly confirmed, this might have been promotion for memory of heroez.
    • While the collaboration itself was Asia-exclusive, the cards themselves were released in the American servers with original card art and names (and card effects unchanged) in the Heroic Masquerade card pack during the game's time in service.
  • Despite this game also featuring Zero-One, no other characters from his series are featured, though Izu is mentioned at one point.
  • Only the Riders from Kamen Rider W are ever referred to by their real names, while OOO, Zero-One, and both Births are only referred to by their Rider designations throughout the entire game. However, their real names are mentioned in the data screen shown to the player when they first become playable.


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