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Icon-decade.pngThis article is about a transformation device in Kamen Rider Decade.

The Final Kamen Terminal K-Touch (ファイナルカメン端末 ケータッチ, Fainaru Kamen Tanmatsu Kētatchi) is a special touchscreen cell phone, which allows Decade or Diend to transform into their Complete Form.

Decade Version

"Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva!"
―Activation announcement for Complete Form[src]

"Hyper, Shining, Blaster, Armed, Survive, King, Rising, Emperor, Super Climax!"
―Activation announcement for Strongest Complete Form[src]

"Final Kamen Ride: Decade!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"K-Touch 21!"
―K-Touch 21 activation announcement[src]

"Double, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost, Ex-Aid, Build, Zi-O, Zero-One!"
―Activation announcement for Complete Form 21[src]

"Final Kamen Ride: Decade Complete 21!"
―Transformation announcement for Complete Form 21[src]

"(Selected Rider)! Kamen Ride: (Rider's final form)!"
―Rider summoning announcement[src]

Originally from the World of Negatives in the possession of the Dark Riders, the K-Touch was designed to attach onto the Decadriver replacing the card slot, which is moved to his right hip, allowing Decade to transform into Complete Form.

To transform, Decade must insert the Decade Complete Card (デイケィドコンプリートカード, Dikeido Compurīto Kādo) into the K-Touch and press the symbols in succession from Kuuga to Kiva before pressing the Decade symbol, which will trigger the transformation. The K-Touch replaces the open slot left by the original Decadriver, which has now been placed on the right hip.

In this form, Decade can still use his Rider Cards by inserting them in the card slot and touching its visor, allowing Decade to summon the powers and weapons of the ultimate form of any of the previous Kamen Riders. When a Rider is summoned, the cards on Complete Form's chest and shoulders change to match the Rider's specific Kamen Ride card and the summoned Rider copies Decade's motions. When activating the K-Touch's functions in Complete Form, any of the Nine Heisei Riders present will be transformed into their most powerful form.

Decade returns in Rider Time: Kamen Rider Zi-O VS Decade with an upgraded version of the K-Touch called the ​K-Touch 21 (ケータッチ21, Kētatchi Toenti Wan)​, which he uses with the NeoDecadriver to transform into Complete Form 21, a further evolution of Complete Form. K-Touch 21 is colored solid magenta and silver, with the number "21" on each side of the center screen. It is instead activated with the Decade Complete 21 Card (デイケィドコンプリート21カード, Dikeido Compurīto Toenti Wan Kādo), which bears the symbols of the post-Decade Heisei Riders and Zero-One.

The DX K-Touch 21 also includes a card for the original pre-Decade Riders, implying that Decade can transform into his old Complete Form using the new K-Touch as well.

Final Kamen Rides

  • Kuuga Ultimate Form (クウガアルティメットフォーム, Kūga Arutimetto Fōmu) : Summons Kamen Rider Kuuga in Ultimate Form. This K-Touch option is not used in the television series but can be found in the Battride War games.
  • Agito Shining Form (アギトシャイニングフォーム, Agito Shainingu Fōmu): Summons Kamen Rider Agito in Shining Form, armed with the Shining Caliber. Using the Final AttackRide: Agito card allows Decade to execute a double Shining Clash-style attack alongside Agito Shining Form.
  • Ryuki Survive (龍騎サバイブ, Ryūki Sabaibu): Summons Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive, armed with the Dragvisorzwei. Using the Final AttackRide: Ryuki card allows Decade to execute a Burningsaber-style attack alongside Ryuki Survive.
  • Faiz Blaster Form (ファイズブラスタフォーム, Faizu Burastā Fōmu): Summons Kamen Rider Faiz in Blaster Form, armed with the Faiz Blaster. Using the Final AttackRide: Faiz card allows Decade to execute a Photon Buster-style attack alongside Faiz Blaster Form.
  • Blade King Form (ブレイドキングフォーム, Bureido Kingu Fōmu): Summons Kamen Rider Blade in King Form, armed with the King Rouzer. Using the Final AttackRide: Blade card allows Decade to execute a Royal Straightflash-style attack alongside Blade King Form.
  • Armed Hibiki (装甲(アームド)響鬼, Āmudo Hibiki): Summons Kamen Rider Armed Hibiki, armed with the Armed Saber. Using the Final AttackRide: Hibiki card allows Decade to execute an Ongeki Ha: Kishin Kakusei-style slash alongside Armed Hibiki.
  • Kabuto Hyper Form (カブトハイパーフォーム, Kabuto Haipā Fōmu): Summons Kamen Rider Kabuto in Hyper Form. Using the Final AttackRide: Kabuto card allows Decade to execute a double Hyper Kick or Maximum Hyper Cyclone-style attack alongside Hyper Kabuto.
  • Den-O Liner Form (電王ライナーフォーム, Den'ō Rainā Fōmu): Summons Kamen Rider Den-O in Liner Form, armed with the DenKamen Sword. Using the Final AttackRide: Den-O card allows Decade to execute a Train Slash-style attack alongside Den-O Liner Form.
    • Den-O Chou Climax Form (電王スーパークライマックスフォーム, Chō Kuraimakkusu Fōmu, announced as "Super Climax" by the K-Touch): Exclusively appears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010, where Den-O's options are changed to it, including the card on Decade Strongest Complete Form's chest armor.
  • Kiva Emperor Form (キバエンペラーフォーム, Kiba Enperā Fōmu): Summons Kamen Rider Kiva in Emperor Form, armed with the Zanvat Sword. Using the Final AttackRide: Kiva card allows Decade to execute a Final Zanvat Slash-style attack alongside Kiva Emperor Form.

  • W CycloneJoker Xtreme (ダブルサイクロンジョーカーエクストリーム, Daburu Saikuron Jōkā Ekustorīmu): Presumably summons Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker Xtreme.
  • OOO Putotyra Combo (オーズプトティラコンボ, Ōzu Putotira Konbo): Presumably summons Kamen Rider OOO in Putotyra Combo.
  • Fourze Cosmicstates (フォーゼコズミックステイツ, Fōze Kozumikku Suteitsu): Presumably summons Kamen Rider Fourze in Cosmicstates.
  • Wizard Infinity Style (ウィザードインフィニティスタイル, Wizādo Infiniti Sutairu): Presumably summons Kamen Rider Wizard in Infinity Style.
  • Gaim Kiwami Arms (鎧武極アームズ, Gaimu Kiwami Āmuzu): Presumably summons Kamen Rider Gaim in Kiwami Arms.
  • Drive Type Tridoron (ドライブタイプトライドロン, Doraibu Taipu Toraidoron): Presumably summons Kamen Rider Drive in Type Tridoron.
  • Ghost Mugen Damashii (ゴーストムゲン魂, Gōsuto Mugen Damashii): Presumably summons Kamen Rider Ghost in Mugen Damashii.
  • Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer (エグゼイドムテキゲーマー, Eguzeido Muteki Gēmā): Presumably summons Kamen Rider Ex-Aid in Muteki Gamer.
  • Build Genius Form (ビルドジーニアスフォーム, Birudo Jīniasu Fōmu): Presumably summons Kamen Rider Build in Genius Form.
  • GrandZi-O (グランドジオウ, GurandoJiō): Presumably summons Kamen Rider GrandZi-O. It is found at the center of Decade Complete Form 21's chest.
  • Zero-Two (ゼロツー, Zerotsū): Presumably summons Kamen Rider Zero-Two. It is found at the top of Decade Complete Form 21's crown helmet.


Complete Form

Complete Form

"Final Kamen Ride: Decade!"
―Complete Form's transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 199 cm.
  • Weight: 102 kg.

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power: 12 t.
  • Kicking Power: 16 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 50 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 4 sec.

Complete Form (コンプリートフォーム, Konpurīto Fōmu) is the true form of Decade that is able to manipulate the power of other Riders' final forms, accessed through the K-Touch once he regains the powers of all of the Heisei Kamen Riders. Referred to as the "King of the Rider Worlds", he wears the Decade Complete Kamen Ride Card on his helmet, embedded in the Decade Crown, and the others' Kamen Ride Cards on his chest.

Appearances: Decade Episode 21 (Ryuki Survive, Faiz Blaster, Kabuto Hyper), 22 (Kiva Emperor), 23 (Hibiki Armed), 24 (Den-O Liner), 25 (Blade King), 26 (Kabuto Hyper), 27 (Agito Shining), All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker (Jumbo Formation), World of Televikun (Strongest Complete Form), 29 (Faiz Blaster), 30 (Ryuki Survive), 31 (Diend), Movie War 2010 (Strongest Complete Form), Wizard Episode 53 (Strongest Complete Form), Chou Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png

Strongest Complete Form

Strongest Complete Form (Version 1)

Strongest Complete Form (Version 2)

Strongest Complete Form (Version 3)

"Final Kamen Ride: Decade!"
―Complete Form's transformation announcement[src]

When Complete Form is adorned with all Final Kamen Ride Cards at once, it is called Strongest Complete Form (最強コンプリートフォーム, Saikyō Konpurīto Fōmu).

Appearances: World of Televikun, Movie War 2010, Wizard Episode 53

Complete Form 21

Complete Form 21

"Final Kamen Ride: Decade Complete 21!"
―Complete Form 21's transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height:
  • Weight:

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power:
  • Kicking Power:
  • Maximum Jump Height:
  • Maximum Running Speed:

Complete Form 21 (コンプリートフォーム21, Konpurīto Fōmu Toenti Wan) is a further evolution of Complete Form. It is adorned with the Final KamenRide Cards of Zero-Two and Decade on the head, the Final KamenRide Cards of the other 19 main Heisei Riders across the chest and shoulders, and a cape with the Final Attack & KamenRide Cards for all 20 main Heisei Riders, the KamenRide Cards for the Secondary Riders and Final FormRide Cards for the Phase 1 Riders. As Kuuga has no secondary Rider, the Kuuga Rising Ultimate Final KamenRide card is used instead. All Phase 1 cards are on the right side of Decade's body right, Phase 2 is on the left, and Decade and Zi-O are centered (flanked by the Final FormRide Cards) similar to Grand Zi-O..

In this form, Decade can also wield the NeoDiendriver.

Appearances: Final Chapter: The Last Sougo

Main article: Kamen Rider Decade (Alternate)

Decade Complete Form (alternate)

In Natsumi Hikari's dream seen only in the Director's Cut version of Movie War 2010, an evil doppelganger of Tsukasa transforms into a version of Decade Complete Form that has a series of Decade Complete Final Kamen Ride Cards instead of the Kamen Ride Cards of the Nine Worlds' Kamen Riders.

Appearances: Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010 (Director's Cut)

In the novel, Natsumi creates a Kamen Ride card which Tsukasa as Kamen Rider Decade uses it which summons all 9 Heisei Riders to perform their finisher attacks at Narutaki before they could turn themselves into Rider Cards and attached to Decade into becoming Final Kamen Ride: Tsukasa which is a Decade Complete Form only without the K-Touch.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Decade: The World of Tsukasa Kadoya ~The Garden Inside the Lens~.

Diend Version

"G4, Ryuga, Orga, Glaive, Kabuki, Caucasus, Arc, Skull!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Final Kamen Ride: Diend!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

During the events of Episode Yellow: Treasure de End Pirates, Reiji Kurosaki gives Diend his own K-Touch which allows him to transform into Complete Form.

The Kamen Riders that power Diend's Complete Form are the main antagonist Kamen Riders from the films of the other Heisei Kamen Riders. However, there is no choice for any of the antagonists from the Kamen Rider Den-O films, and there was no Kamen Rider Kuuga film; in their place, the antagonist from the (as of then only) Kamen Rider W film is an option. In addition to that, there are only 8 choices (not including Diend himself), while Decade's K-Touch has 9 (not including Decade himself).

Unlike Decade's K-Touch, Diend is never seen using it to summon one of the movie Kamen Riders to perform an attack alongside him. Instead, he uses the Gekijouban Card to summon the eight movie Riders and initiate their finishing attacks, along with his own.

Final Kamen Rides


Behind the scenes


The voice of the K-Touch, as well as the Decadriver, Diendriver, and Rider Battle tournament announcer in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, is provided by Mark Okita (マーク・大喜多, Māku Ōkita).


  • The activation code for the K-Touch is the same as the broadcast order for the Heisei Riders.
  • The naming of the K-Touch is similar to the K-Taros from Kamen Rider Den-O, which allows Den-O to assume his Final Form, Climax Form.

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