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―Activation announcement[src]

"Climax Form!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Charge and Up!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Climax Cellphone K-Taros (クライマックス携帯 ケータロス Kuraimakkusu Keitai Kētarosu) is a special cellphone that was formed from the sandy remains of the Tarōs upon reacting to Ryotaro Nogami's emotions connecting to the Taros in the afterlife. Each of the buttons on the keypad correlates to a phrase that allows Ryotaro to call up one of Tarōs. Once attached to the Den-O Belt and the code 3-6-9-# is entered, Den-O can transform into Climax Form. The K-Taros can also summon the DenKamen Sword to evoke Liner Form or instant access to Liner Form. It can also be used as a normal cell phone, often being used to communicate with the DenLiner crew.

  • 3-2-1 spells Momo-Taro-S (モモ-タロ-ス Momo-Taro-Su)
  • 6-5-4 spells Ura-Taro-S (ウラ-タロ-ス Ura-Taro-Su)
  • 9-8-7 spells Kin-Taro-S (キン-タロ-ス Kin-Taro-Su)
  • #-0-* spells Ryu-Taro-S (リュウ-タロ-ス Ryū-Taro-Su)
  • 3-6-9-# spells Momo-Ura-Kin-Ryu (モモ-ウラ-キン-リュウ Momo-Ura-Kin-Ryū). This code allows for Den-O to become Climax Form.

Charge and Up

K-taros closed, open back and open front views

Concept art of the K-Taros.

Charge and Up (チャージアンドアップ Chāji ando Appu) is the finisher for Climax Form, accessed similarly to Full Charge by swiping the opened Rider Pass across the Terminal Buckle, allowing for one of four attacks.

  • In Kick Mode, Climax Form can use Boistous Kick (ボイスターズキック Boisutāzu Kikku) where Rod Form's mask is at the foot, and the two antennaes of the DenKamen serving as blades extending down along the leg in the kick. Den-O then executes a one hit bicycle kick to the target.
  • In Punch Mode, Climax Form can use Boistous Punch (ボイスターズパンチ Boisutāzu Panchi) where Ax Form's DenKamen is at the fist, and the blade that is part of its mask is used in the punch.
  • Climax Form can use Boistous Shout (ボイスターズシャウト Boisutāzu Shauto) where Gun Form's mask opens like a mouth and releases several homing missiles at the enemy.
  • With the DenGasher in Sword Mode, Climax Form can perform an enhanced version of the Extreme Slash. Momotaros refers this as My Finishing Attack, Climax Version (俺の必殺技クライマックスバージョン Ore no hissatsu waza kuraimakkusu bājon) and Our Finishing Attack, Climax Version (俺達の必殺技クライマックスバージョン Ore-tachi no hissatsu waza kuraimakkusu bājon) in reference to the Taros working together. The attack is similar to the normal Full Charge Extreme Slash, the most noticeable difference being the rainbow-colored hue the blade takes upon being charged. This attack is sometimes referred to as the Boistous Slash (ボイスターズスラッシュ Boisutāzu Surasshu).
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