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"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Hunter!"
―Standard finisher announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle Special: Hunter and Monster!"
―Finisher announcement w/ Monster via Drive Driver[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: People Saver!"
―Finisher announcement for Type Tridoron via Drive Driver and Shift Tridoron[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Toraeru!"
―Finisher announcement for Mach via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

"Hissatsu! Burst Full Throttle: Toraeru!"
―Finisher announcement for Deadheat Mach via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

The Justice Cage (ジャスティスケイジ Jasutisu Keiji) is a Tire Specific Item modeled after a jail cell that is wielded by Kamen Rider Drive when he uses the Shift Car Justice Hunter to activate the Justice Hunter Tire, which can also be combined with the Mad Doctor and Fire Braver Tires to create the People Saver Tire via Type Tridoron's Tire Blending ability.

It can also be accessed by Kamen Rider Mach if he inserts the Shift Car into his Mach Driver Honoh to activate the Kourin Signal Toraeru. Ultimately, however, Mach was never shown to use this ability.


The Justice Cage can transform into a square jail cell-like cage with electrified bars called the Energy Prison (エネルギープリズン Enerugī Purizon) to imprison enemies if Drive throws it in their direction and lifts the Shift Justice Hunter Car placed within the Shift Brace three times.

In battle, the Justice Cage can be used to slam into targets, as well as a shield to protect Drive from incoming attacks. After trapping the enemy in the Energy Prison, Drive can execute the Full Throttle finisher JustiSmash (ジャスティスマッシュ Jasutisumasshu), which has Drive propelling himself around the enemy using projections of tires before he slides into them and destroys it with a powerful punch immediately after the cage is lifted. However, in the fight against the Open Roidmude, it's revealed not even the Energy Prison can keep the super lock breaker Roidmude contained. What Really Happened to the Robbery Event?

The Justice Cage can also be used in unison with Massive Monster's Monster for a variation of the Justismash Full Throttle. This combined finisher is achieved when Drive quickly transformed into Type Speed Monster and subsequently Type Speed Hunter, performing the attack to destroy Roidmude 005. Type TV-KUN: Hunter & Monster! Chase the Mystery of the Super Thief!


  • Kamen Rider Drive
    • Type Speed Hunter (Episodes 2, Secret Mission Type TV-KUN, Movie War Full Throttle, 11, 29)
    • Type Tridoron People Saver (Episodes 34, 37, 39)


Assuming Type Speed Hunter to end his fight with the Iron Roidmude, Drive blocked the Roidmude's attacks with the Justice Cage before destroying him and his Core with the JustiSmash Full Throttle. What is a Kamen Rider?


JustiSmash (ジャスティスマッシュ Jasutisumasshu) is Drive Type Speed Hunter's Rider Punch finisher, where after trapping the enemy in the Justice Cage's Energy Prison, Drive uses projections of Tridoron's tires to launch himself at the cage, then upwards and back, making a loop before sliding at the cage with a punch, the cage lifting seconds before Drive can smash into it, destroying the enemy.

Type Tridoron People Saver's Full Throttle is an enhanced version of the JustiSmash, where after trapping the enemy in the Justice Cage's Energy Prison, Drive uses the Ladder Expander to lift them into the air before he floats up and destroys both the cage and the imprisoned target with an energized punch.

  • During Type Tridoron People Saver's first use, its Full Throttle "finisher" allowed Drive to utilize all three of his Tire Specific Items at once for various purposes (the Justice Cage to imprison any nearly culprits and the Cure Quicker & Ladder Expander to assist any nearby civilians by healing those who are injured and grabbing those who are falling respectively).


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