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Just What is the Anima System? (アニマシステムとは一体なに Anima Shisutemu to wa itai nani ka) is the second episode of the Blu-ray miniseries Secret Mission Type TOKUJO. It was released as part of the Kamen Rider Drive Blu-ray Collection 2 on July 8, 2015.


As Hitomi stated, Prof. Odagiri plagiarized her research by stealing it from her computer for his Anima System, which allows its user to dive into cyberspace. One year ago, she actually prepared a medication that amplifies his heart reaction and thus killed him. But Shinnosuke distrusts this as no poison was found in Odagiri's body during the autopsy of his body and of course, Koya's confession of his crime as well.

At the Drive Pit, Rinna recreates the Anima System and puts it to maximum voltage to recreate the scene by using Shinnosuke as a guinea pig. However nothing happens, meaning that Koya wasn't at fault as well. Using the two suspects' testimony that the system allows the person to dwell in the internet, the Roidmudes are now suspected. Krim states that when he and Banno were working on that project, there was no involvement with network and cyberspace but Banno did secretly install a malicious program into their Cores. After the first three Roidmudes were created, they killed their creators, Banno and Krim, later mass-produced another 105 more Cores to be released on the internet to feed on negative human emotions worldwide and finally achieve their physical form of what would be called Roidmudes.

Go tries to interrogate Kyu into revealing what relation he had with Professor Odagiri. Kyu reveals that he only visited the professor for more advice on the internet, meeting him due to both being members of an SNS anime community. Shinnosuke visits Kusakabe and asks for more clues regarding Odagiri but is warned not to further indulge into this case or else anyone else would die. Shinnosuke receives a phone call and rushes into the Special Investigation Unit's office, encountering a suicidal Kyu whom reveals himself as Odagiri's killer.


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  • Answer to the question: This system is for users to travel in the Internet.


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